The Unique Artist Eye

Adam Sender’s unique Artist eye has given choosing art for his collection a quality all its own.

Contemporary art collectors looking to purchase a piece of his vast collection should be in awe of the fact that even at a young age Mr. Sender could enter an art gallery of a new or yet unknown artist, see the potential, and then choose the best piece of art in that collection. Artists in the early stages of showing the world their potential, and yet during his two decades of collecting art, Mr Sender’s would take the time to look over their work in the same way he would a well know artist.

Little is known about how Mr. Sender’s chose the art work in his collection, except that he chose well and each piece has significantly increased in value. One could envision that he would slowly walks past each piece of art until one caught his eye, stand back, and take in the balance of that piece. Maybe it was the way the light bounced off of a painting, or the shadows added dimension. Or simply how the colors balanced out each other.

One thing is clear, Mr. Sender’s chose what caught his eye – the entire work of art would have to speak to him. He could see in the whole a quality unknown or unseen by those trained to seek out great works of art. Years later these same pieces of art have increased in value well above what he paid for them.

Mr. Sender’s ability to both know what pieces will be desirable once a new artist is a known artist, as well as the eye to take in the entire canvas is the unique quality he brings to his collection. He is never afraid to take a chance on what he feels looks like a well executed piece of art.

Never one to go with the current trend, Mr. Sender’s collection is now much desired by the finest contemporary art collectors in the world. Just the 400 pieces being sold from his vast collection at Sothebys are expected to generate over 70 million in revenue, and benefit several charities. Many works of art from Mr. Sender’s collection are also being donated to art museums for the public to enjoy.

Purina Beneful: Keeping Dogs Healthy for Decades!

Beneful at was first introduced in 2001 by Nestle Purina PetCare Company. Since then, this particular brand has become one of the most popular brands of dog food that pet owners purchase. In fact, Beneful was considered as the fourth most popular brand of dog food during a survey conducted in 2012. This is particularly because the company takes dogs nutrition very seriously and does not sacrifice quality while keeping the cost low for consumers.

As of date, Purina Beneful offers several varieties of dog food to satisfy the different nutritional requirements of different types of dogs. Beneful at also comes in wet dog food, dry dog food, and dog treats to make feeding time enjoyable.

One of the most popular Beneful brand dry dog food is the Originals. These come in three different flavors: real beef, real chicken, and real salmon, and are enhanced with added flavors such as spinach, peas, carrots, tomatoes, avocados, and sweet potatoes. These particular types of dog food are formulated to satisfy the nutritional requirements set forth by the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Beneful Healthy Weight is another type of dry dog food offered by the Nestle Purina PetCare Company. This type of dog food is specifically formulated to help maintain a healthy weight in adult dogs and as such, ensure a long lifespan. Beneful Healthy Weight contains apples, carrots, and green beans to enhance flavor and supply the adequate nutrients necessary for maintaining a healthy weight.

For puppies, Beneful offers Healthy Puppy dry dog food to help them grow and thrive into healthy, happy dogs. The Beneful Healthy Puppy food contains added DHA to help support healthy development of the brain and vision in puppies.

As the name indicate, Beneful Playful Life is formulated for active dogs. This particular type of dog food contains more proteins than Beneful Originals to supply the necessary energy required for playtime. It is made with real beef, eggs, blueberries, and spinach.

Another popular type of Beneful dry dog food is Incredibites which comes in real beef and real chicken flavor. These protein-rich mini bites supply 100% of the nutrients necessary for a healthy, long life in dogs.

Purina Beneful Chopped Blends wet dog food are excellent for dogs that prefer extremely moist food. These particular food comes in beef, chicken, and salmon flavor. They also contain tomatoes, carrots, wild rice, peas, barley, sweet potatoes, spinach, and other fine ingredients that supply the necessary nutrients to ensure a healthy, long life for dogs.

In addition to several other varieties of Purina Beneful wet dog food, there are also dog treats for in-between meals. Some of these include Baked Delights Hearthfuls, Healthy Smile Dental Twists, and Baked Delight Stars.

Regardless of the dog’s nutritional needs, pet owners can always rely on Beneful to supply the necessary nutrition and also keep their pets healthy and happy.

Avoid Getting Doxxed with Status Lab’s Help

For years Status Labs has been the go to company for those people who need to optimize their web presence. Status Labs offers brand and reputation management for online customers who need that extra push to keep their digital presence on point. With so much of what we do now being featured on the internet, it is often worth it to keep companies like Status Labs on your radar. Unfortunately, with an increased online presence there is also an increased risk of having your data stolen. CEO Darius Fisher helped compile some helpful tips to keep your privacy safe.

Keep your social media secured.
Unless you are running a company page or a branded social media account, you probably want to keep all of your social media content secured. This means that you should go line by line in the privacy settings for your online accounts and make sure that your content is as restricted as possible. Keep your privacy settings to ‘friends only’ and check up on these settings every couple of months. Often times we’ll see social media websites unlock their users privacy settings every time they roll out an update.

Use the search engine on yourself.
Search engines are the roads of the internet and you need to make sure that you leave as little debris there as possible. So in order to find out just what people can see about you, log out of your Google accounts and clear your search cache. Now search your name or your company on the search engine and monitor the results that pop up. This is what the average internet user will see when they type your brand or name into their search engine. If you don’t like what you see at least now you can go ahead and try to take care of the issues. You can start by contacting ‘data hubs’ and requesting your content be taken down.

Status Labs is a premier company in the world of reputation management because they understand what needs to be done to keep your name clean. Contact their company or visit their Twitter page for a consultation and then decide which way you want to push your reputation. In this age of internet expediency, it pays to be aware of what your digital footprint says about you.

What to Do About Online Invasion of Privacy

In today’s social media heavy world, trolls-internet-based harassers are rampant. These underhanded individuals will gladly hack into your most private information, and use it against you. One organization that is the world’s top specialist at helping individuals and companies with this very problem is Status Labs. They have top experts trained to aid clients with image management and repair. In the past year, millions of users of Ashley Madison have desperately needed this kind of assistance.

The New York Post reports that 35-year-old science professional, John R., got the shock of his life when he opened an email with “You got busted” on the subject line. Like many others, John was informed that his “secret” Ashley Madison account had been hacked. This individual informed him that he or she now had all of John’s information from the online sexual affair site. He or she also said that John’s Facebook profile had also been hacked. This person threatened to leak all of John’s Ashley Madison affairs to all of his friends and family unless certain demands were met.

This demand was for the payment of two bitcoin (About $500) within three days. John was only one of around 37 million such victims. The hacking team that made the famous hack of the closely guarded Ashley Madison is called Impact Team. However, experts don’t think the blackmailers are even associated with Impact Team, but are just persons trying to take advantage of the situation. They also say it’s these blackmailers probably wouldn’t follow through with their threats since doing so would seriously open them up to being traced.

Status Labs says there are things people can do to protect themselves. One huge thing you can do is to remove your information from all of the data broker sites who collect your information and sell it to other people for a price. This is not a one-time deal. Since they are constantly renewing the information, you will need to do this data info wiping a lot and often. Unfortunately, this will cost you. Another big thing is to watch what you say on any social media site, whether or not it is set to private. There really isn’t any privacy on the internet, so make it as much so as possible.

Computer Sciences Corporation And Eric Pulier: Innovations For The Future

The Computer Sciences Corporation entered the field of IT technology early. Originally founded in April of 1959, the firm first provided programming tools to groups in need of them. By the 60’s they were providing writing services to some of ITs first major manufacturers such as IBM and Honeywell. Through the years, the company would do well for itself.

Today it’s an American Multinational Corporation. It provides IT services and professional services to those requiring them. The firm is currently headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia. It’s thought to have over 73,000 employees working in over 70 countries. In September 2009, CSC would become the major hardware vendor independent IT service provider with an operation still in the US.

Today CSC works closely with the government in the US. Some of its clients include various departments of the US Federal government as well as the government found at the state and local levels. They also work with non-government agencies. They have been on the Fortune 500 list since 1995. CSC ranked 185 in 2014.

They have three main service lines. The first is in the North America Public Sector (NPS). CSC remains one of the major IT suppliers for the US Federal Government since 1961. Some of these departments include US Department of Defense, intelligence agencies, Homeland Security, NASA and law enforcement. Their second line of service is in the area of managed services. Finally, it also provides for business solutions and services.

To remain at the top firms such as CSC must stay inventive, always searching for the next big step in the area of IT. In order to do so they must also use only the most innovative staff that they can. That indeed happened when Eric Pulier was made CEO.

Eric Pulier is a well-known entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist based in LA. Mr. Pulier was raised in Teaneck New Jersey and by fourth grade he had begun to write his first code. By high school, he had created a database service. From there he began to study at Harvard.

He would soon begin to create software that would benefit others. In 1991, he had founded People Doing Things. A company dedicated to health care, and education as well as other issues through the use of technology. It is hoped that Mr. Pulier will bring even more innovations to a field that is rapidly expanding and changing.

Lawyers in Brazil: Selecting The Best Lawyer For You

Facing a lawsuit or other legal problem in Brazil? Want to find a good lawyer in Brazil? When a legal problem occurs, it’s imperative to find a competent lawyer to help you. A lawyer can help by offering you legal advice, preparing your case and, if essential, representing you in court and other legal proceedings

Before having a consultation with a legal representative or lawyer, make notes about your problem and collect all of the relevant documents. This will allow you to provide your legal problem in the clearest and most organized way possible. It will likewise allow you to concentrate on examining the attorney’s response to your questions and your concerns.

Hire an attorney who specializes in representing individuals and businesses involved in legal dispute and litigation. This means, hiring a litigation attorney who is well versed in Brazilian law and court system and enjoys taking cases to trial.

And it is extremely important that you choose a lawyer that you’re comfortable working with. Having a lawyer that you can trust will give you confidence that you are in good hands. Having a seasoned and credible attorney on your side is a good idea, and can increase your chances of obtaining a desired outcome.

If your case involves a business issue, then consider getting a business law attorney. Business attorneys have thorough knowledge of the legalities in litigating a business or corporate law issue. An experienced attorney in Brazil will know the laws that impact operating a business or dealing with business related transactions in Brazil.

Always make sure you read the retainer agreement and find out the legal costs involved in litigating your case. Be sure everything is in writing, and signed by both parties.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a skilled and reliable litigation legal professional, concentrating on business law related cases in Brazil. He has been providing high quality services to businesses and individual clients, consisting of high profile people and corporations. He has an impressive list of clients, consisting of corporations, large companies, political leaders and other public figures.

Mr Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho puts in the time to research his clients and their cases. He pays attention to his clients and creates a defense strategy to mount strong litigation and representation. Ricardo Tosto is a highly respected member of the Brazilian legal community and his clients like him.

Everything You Need To Know About George Soros

George Soros is a Hungary native who was born in 1930 in Budapest. He has gone on to become the greatest investor, wealthiest man and hedge fund manager. Soros left Hungary in 1947 and went to England where he joined the London School of Business and graduated in 1952.His first job was an entry level job in a London investment bank. After working for four years he left for the United States where he became an analyst and investor manager at F.M Mayer. He worked for the firm for three years before moving to Wertheim &Co where he worked for four years. He finally moved to Arnhold&S.Bleichroeder where he worked from 1963 to 1973.He left the company to form his own hedge fund firm which he named the Soros Fund Management. His hard work ethic saw his firm grow and develop into a huge and respected firm that he later rebranded to Quantum Fund. He was involved in the day to day operations of the company and this saw him make yearly returns of over 100 % and excessive returns of 30%.He become one of the wealthiest people in the late 80s and he decided to slow down on the management of his company. He opened the Open Society Foundation where he donated large amounts of his money to various philanthropic causes. George is a political activist who is vocal on political and world issues such as education, political freedom and human rights. He has written books and given lectures on political issues and the role of the United States of America as the world’s super power. Soros has an honorary degree from the Oxford University which recognizes his role in the financial, political and philanthropic world. Soros has a unique investment strategy that has seen him make plenty of strides in his career. He has a knack for giving correct economic predictions that have seen him make high leverage currencies and Bonds. Soros knows that the financial markets are chaotic and he therefore observes the market for a short period before making a move. The pricing of currencies, bonds and securities are factors that are influenced by traders and human beings who usually make the decisions based on their emotions and not statistics and logic. This is proven by the fact that traders create the pricing according to what they are feeling at the moment disregarding the impacts their decisions will have in the future. Soros is an accomplished author with five books to his name four of which he has personally written. His first book the Alchemy of Finance was written in 1988.Soros on Soros: Staying Ahead Of The Curve was his second book which was published in 1995.He wrote his third book Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism in 2001 and his fourth book the Bubble Of American Supremacy: Correcting The Misuse Of American Power was published in 2003.Michael Kaufman did a biography on Soros in 2002 which was titled Soros: The life And Times Of A Messianic Billionaire.

Be Healthy with QNet

RYTHM- “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind” is a philosophy that QNet, an assorted marketing company holds close. They support different organizations including Rashid Centre’s programs for special needs children. They aim to promote and provide products that help their customers lead a healthy lifestyle. They take pride in the fact that their products are completely vegetarian. They are also against animal cruelty therefore do not test any products on animals what so ever.

The company, provides products for many walks of life. QNet currently offers products in the categories of energy, weight management, nutrition, personal care, home care, luxury and collectables, fashion and accessories, communication, holidays and education.

QNet takes its policies and framework seriously to insure the company is run appropriately. They value their customers. One way they show the customers value is their loyality program that makes it a win win. Customers not only get points for their own repeat business but the business of those they refer.

QNet is sells their product straight to the customers (direct sales) instead of having the big guys on the top making money off all the little guys that do the actual work (pyramid scheme).

With an open mind QNet is open to the ideas of their potential associates. They work with them through the process of turning an idea to a dream product.

Though they have had technical difficulties I am confident that QNet is climbing to the top with complete resilience. QNet already has already conducted business with more than 100 countries and counting. They have even branched out and started manufacturing in India which has very strict regulations. I love supporting companies that truly care about their customers and work hard to make a difference. Do yourself a favor and get on board and start making healthy choices by using QNet products today.

Purina PetCare Promoting Healthy Relationships Between Pets and Owners

Any pet owner has already heard of the brand name Purina. However, what pet owners might not know and understand is that Purina Pet Care on newscenter has done so much to strengthen relationships between the pet and the pet owner. This is one of the companies that understands that there really is a connection of love between the pet and their owner. As a result of this understanding, the Purina company has sponsored many programs in the community that help people understand and secure this pet friendly relationship.

One of the programs that has been received very well is the take your pet to work project. Purina PetCare hosted a day where they got employers to allow anyone in their employ with a pet to bring them to work with them. The dogs stayed in the office or surrounding area with their owner. As a result of this, the employee walked with the dog during breaks, fed their dog treats, pet their dogs and more. The result was a loving relationship which helped to secure a loving and very happy work day for the pet and the owner. This was a program that Purina was sure would have amazing results and it did. One of the many benefits was that overall, the employees worked very hard that week because of the happiness that was created by this bond between them, their pet and their employers.

Purina PetCare does so much more than just produce great food products for pets too. They also give food to pet shelters for those pet havens to offset the cost of feeding pets that are abandoned or can no longer be cared for. Purina is truly a company who cares for their pets and their owners beyond selling their high quality product for the all mighty dollar bill. This is great because in today’s modern world, people want to do business with a company that really cares and Purina is that company and they prove this to pet owners time and time again through they community reach. Regardless of what you know about Purina, you owe it to yourself and your pet to take a closer look and try their products. Both you and your pets will love them.

Kyle Bass’ Views Concerning the Global Impact of China’s Economy

Kyle Bass, the head of Hayman Capital Management, has an exceptional track record of correctly predicting the world economic cycles. Now, he says that China’s hard landing is in the offing. Here are some of his views concerning that.

China’s Financial Structure Undercapitalization
Bass says that a gigantic economy like China’s has the potential of rapidly burning trillions. He noted that most speculators target the $3.5 trillion rainy day fund hoping that it will withstand the crisis. He says that this is not true since the Chinese banking system used to be around 41 trillion RMB just eight years ago and it is currently 184 trillion RMB. The country has $31 trillion worth of assets in its banking system while its economy stands at $10 trillion.

The China Situation Will Hurt Just Slightly
The hedge-fund guru says that China’s hard landing will slow the global growth by more than 50 percent, but it will not trigger a recession in the US. He emphasizes that if a third of the world’s driving GDP decelerates it will not cause a harsh global economic recession. He expects that the US GDP growth will decelerate to about 1.5 percent. He predicts the US GDP to grow at the rate of a paltry 0.5 percent to 1 percent.
China’s Remedy

The business magnate is sure that the Orient economic giant will rise again. He expects China to print bonds. He notes that China has the resources to review banks and recover like the US did. He is confident that the crisis will not last long.

Kyle Bass Nature
Bass is an investor who survives a lot in his career. In 2006, he founded his Dallas hedge fund, Hayman Capital Management. Here, he made fortunes and featured in the global headline by correctly forecasting the 2008 subprime mortgage upheaval.

He is a superstar who was honored by Shyamalan in the year 2001. He surfaced from the woods to get nominated for his script, The Sixth Sense. Remarkable economic observers have labeled him as an economic wizard.