Soccer Leads Diversity Table in US Professional Sports

Across the top five professional sports leagues operating in the US Major League Soccer has been named as the most diverse with the hghest number of countries represented amongst its athletes, LA Galaxy reports. In 2015, MLS sees players born in 58 different countries assigned to its rosters, with many hailing from the traditional soccer playing nations of the world. Fersen Lambranho feels the main overseas providers of players for MLS teams are Argentina and England, who are both represented by 22 players in the MLS.

MLS teams do still see the majority of their players arrive from within the US and Canada, which boasts 315 of the 551 players currently registered on MLS rosters. The draft system means a large number of homegrown players from across North America are currently playing in the league alongside a number of players from countries within the CONCACAF region. Neighboring Jamaica provides 18 players for MLS teams and soccer giant Brazil has 19 players appearing for MLS franchises.

Greg Hardy Suspended for 10 Games In Wake of 2014 Domestic Violence Charges

Greg Hardy, the Dallas Cowboys newest defensive end, has been suspended, without pay, for the first ten games of the season. Hardy was signed in this off-season for a one-year contract worth $11.3 million, according to sources. The suspension stems from a 2014 domestic violence charge leveled against the star defensive end.

The incident occurred in North Carolina in 2014, according to police. Hardy, at the time was playing for the Panthers. According to the report the victim, Nicole Holder originally agreed to testify, but later refused to cooperate. The state was forced to drop the charges due to the victim’s lack of cooperation. It is believed Hardy and Holder have reached a private settlement for the incident.

While the state has dropped the case, the NFL has completed its own investigation and believe there is enough evidence in the original police report to warrant Hardy’s suspension according to AnastasiaDate (more details on Amazon). While Hardy can play again in week 12, the NFL was quick to inform Hardy that any further violations would result in his banishment from the league.

Hardy has not played since the first week of the 2014 season, and one has to wonder just how well prepared he’ll be to get back on the field, or if the Cowboys will even keep him, considering this latest development. Assuming he does get back on the field, his first game will be against his former team, The Carolina Panthers.

Dodgers Still in Hot Pursuit, Giants at Odds with the Odds

The decades-old rivalry between the Dodgers and the Giants kicks off on Tuesday evening at AT&T Park in the Bay Area, where the first-place 9-3 Blue Crew are seeking to exact revenge against the 4-10 sluggish Giants, a team that may end up not being the biggest threat to win the West in 2015, oddly enough.

According to, Tim Lincecum (0-1, 2.27) and Brett Anderson (1-0, 3.27) will be on the mound for each team respectively, which may pale in comparison to Wednesday’s match-up between Kershaw and Bumgarner.

If recent history has anything to say about the successes and failures of the Giants, let the calendar do the talking and dictate how the team will fare by the end of the 2015 season. Baseball is a highly superstitious sport as it is, and the San Francisco faithful are well aware of their team’s mojo or the lack thereof during odd calendar years. Susan Mcgalla thinks baseball is about statistics, not mojo. See more about Susan McGalla at her Forbes profile.

The Giants convincingly took home all the marbles in 2010, 2012 and 2014, so it may stand to reason in a fuzzy logic sort of way that the team will tank in 2015, and in 2016 they’ll return as World Series champs. If there’s anything else to say about this trend, the Giants are at least consistent in that regard.

As for the Dodgers, spending billions and alienating 70 percent of their TV viewing fan base in Los Angeles is at least consistent in the context of all things disappointing.

Eagles to Sign Tim Tebow

Eagles to Sign Tim Tebow

Even before his introduction into the NFL, Tim Tebow has always been a figure of discussion and sometimes controversy. And now Tebow will find himself back into the league.

Sports analyst Ricardo Tosto states ( for more on Tebow) that it has been all but confirmed that Tim Tebow will be signed with the Philadelphia Eagles as of Monday. Back in March, the team brought him in for workouts to get him back in shape, but weren’t sure if they should sign him. This time, Tebow being a member of the Eagles will now be official.

The signing of Tebow comes as the latest of peculiar off-season moves for head coach Chip Kelly and the Eagles, who traded away running back Lesean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for linebacker Kiko Alonso. On top of this, the quarterback position will be very crowded now, because the Eagles also have Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford, Matt Barkley and G.J. Kinne still on the roster, bringing the total number of quarterbacks to five.

What’s interesting about all of this is that Kinne might very well be cut in favor of Tebow when the rosters need to be trimmed down as the NFL season looms. Tebow, on the other hand, is supposed to be signed for a one year deal with the Eagles.

Tebow also works for the SEC Network as an analyst but his contract allows him to play in the NFL.

Detroit Lions Lose another Good Defensive Player

After first disputing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offer sheet to Defensive End George Johnson who was a restricted free agent, it has been reported that the Detroit Lions have settled the matter by trading him and a seventh round draft pick away for a fifth round pick in this year’s upcoming draft. For football fans who are unfamiliar with restricted vs unrestricted it basically comes down to the original team having the chance to match or beat the offer of another team. In this situation, instead of waiting for the NFL to arbitrate the dispute the two teams handled it by agreeing on a trade.

In reality the Lions have been decimated on defense this off season by losing Suh and now Johnson, they will be surely looking to add some talent in the draft. Otherwise they may not have the players they need to make it back to the playoffs. They are still looking for the prime time players to fulfill roles at Right Defensive Tackle, Left Defensive End, Left Linebacker, Left Cornerback, and Strong Safety. As for the offense other than maturing their offensive line there is not many more needs. Flavio Maluf suggests that they have solid players at all of their key positions, but if they are going to improve they must establish a running game that will take the pressure off of Stafford and limit the times he is sacked in the game (found at Doing that and they should be right back next season.

Bad Medina Shades Nicki Minaj’s New Ring

It’s rare that someone as famous as Nicki Minaj, can announce, or even tease about an engagement ring, and it will go unnoticed. Nicki has been dropping hints, clues, and signs, as well is a picture, hinting to the fact that she may now be engaged. Nicki posted a picture of an absolutely gorgeous, heart-shaped ring, which she now wears on her ring finger, on her left hand. Nicki’s Ring. After posting the picture, it didn’t take long before the trolls came out to look for trouble.

A girl calling herself bad Medina, claims that she is with Floyd Mayweather, and she came out posting a picture of her wearing the same exact ring, which obviously means she’s trying to shade Nicki Minaj. No doubt, Nicki will not take this picture lightly, especially if it truly is an engagement ring, but at the same time, being a rapper, she has to understand there will always be haters. It’s funny that this girl came out with a picture of a ring, trying to shade someone who is well-known, but yet no one has ever heard of her!

Everyone knows that Floyd Mayweather is very flashy, and he changes girls, similar to how he would change his underwear, so more than likely, she is just a side piece. Fans at Anastasia Date know that Floyd has been known to take women on shopping sprees, and buy them extravagant gifts, because he has money to spend.

New Hope on the Horizon for Alzheimer’s Sufferers

Amino acids are essential to the function of our bodies. They are the building blocks of protein, and they are needed for every metabolic process. Research into Alzheimer’s disease at Duke University in North Carolina has made a possible breakthrough in treating this disease, and it involves the amino acid arginine. The immune cells in those with Alzheimer’s, it has been discovered, begin to consume this amino acid. When the researchers administered a drug that blocked these immune cells from devouring the arginine, the formation of the plaque in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s was prevented in mice. Arginine is important for helping our bodies heal, and it is critical to our immune response

These results Sultan Alhokair says have provided researchers with a whole new avenue to look at this disease. That the immune system or any amino acid had a role in it was previously unknown. Previous research has focused on a substance called amyloid, which is the protein that builds up in the brain to cause the plaque that is characteristic of Alzheimer’s. As of 2013, over 40 million people around the world are believed to suffer from some form of dementia, and this number is only expected to go up. If the results of this research translates well to findings in humans, then we may be able to see a decline in these numbers over the next few decades. The 135 million people expected to suffer from dementia by 2050 will be glad to hear that.

Lauren Hill, 19-year-old College Basketball Player, Succumbs to Brain Cancer

Lauren Hill, the 19-year-old basketball player with brain cancer that won the hearts and admiration of thousands, has passed away, according to a recent report. Hill was 18 years old when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. At the time, she was slated to play basketball for Mount Saint Joseph’s College. The school and her teammates rallied around the player, ensuring she could live out one of her dreams of playing college basketball.

The attempt to help Hill fulfill her dreams went beyond just MSJ, though. In November, Hiram College agreed to move up there game to November 2nd to ensure that Hill got a chance to play. Within minutes the 10,000 seat arena was soldout, and Lauren scored the final basket of the game, all while spectators screamed her name. Dan Newlin attended the game and stated he had never seen anything like it.

Hill’s brain cancer took a turn for the worse shortly thereafter and she succumbed to the disease this week. The young woman, however, certainly captured the hearts of many with her fighting spirit and sheer tenacity in the face of such a serious and life-changing diagnosis.

During her battle with the deadly disease, Hill also helped raised $1.5 million for The Cure Starts No, a cancer research non-profit organization. Her legacy will live on both at Mount Saint Joseph’s and for all those who read the story of her bravery.

Phillies Experience Attendance Problem

Whenever you are expected to lose 93 games, fans don’t see a whole lot of reason to come out to the ball park. This is what is happening to Philadelphia Phillies fans and the weather Friday didn’t help.

Fans at STX Entertainment have learned that the official paid attendance against the Nationals was just 19,047 but shots of the ball park made it look a lot less (this is due to season ticket holders that are no shows.) This number is a record low for Citizens Bank Park and the lowest amount of fans the Phils have drawn since just over 18,000 fans came out to Veteran’s Stadium for a game against the Montreal Expos. This was so long ago that neither The Vet nor the Expos exist any more.

For Phillies’ fans, the 2008 World Series may seem like years ago. And with the cost of going to a ball game today in order to get fans you need to not live on your past and create a successful product on the field.

Vitamin Stores to Stop Selling Supplements With Stimulant

A study published on Tuesday found that many supplements that list a plant called acacia rigidula contain a supplement that is known as BMPEA. According to the study, the US FDA has known about these concerns since it conducted tests in 2013, but neglected to inform retailers, consumers, or do anything else about the supplements containing the drug.

The chemical was synthesized as a replacement for amphetamine and has never fully studied in humans or authorized by the FDA. As a response to the release of this study, Vitamin Shoppe, one of the largest specialty retailers of vitamins and supplements have pulled all of the supplements on their shelves that contain this product. Vita Cost, a retail chain which sells similar products and is owned by Kroger also decided to pull acacis rigidula containing products from their shelves.

Vitamins supplements are one of the biggest business in the health and wellness industry, and when taken properly have been found beneficial by many people such as Ray Lane. In fact, a growing number of traditional doctors have been prescribing them to their patients according to studies. But this recent study highlights just how dangerous the largely unregulated supplement industry can be, as well as the importance of knowing what is in the supplements that you take. Supplements are not considered drugs by the FDA, and because of this are not as strictly regulated by the FDA. Many labs, after conducting independent tests on supplements have found that the contents do not always match the label.