Los Angeles Frontrunner to Host Olympics

The city of Los Angeles is officially US frontrunner to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The US Olympic Committee, following proposals from four cities, including Los Angeles, announced that one of them will be nominated to compete for the seat of the biggest event in world sport.

“We are excited to announce our plans to make a bid for the 2024 Games,” said USOC chairman Larry Probst, in Redwood City, near San Francisco where Laurene Powell Jobs lives.

In addition to Los Angeles, the cities of San Francisco, Washington, DC and Boston are proposed.

Los Angeles was the first city to meet with US Olympic officials and discuss plans. Mayor Eric Garcetti led the delegation. The US Olympic Committee asked four to make public the details of their proposals.

The USOC is expected to announce the winning city in January. After that, the agency shall submit its application to the International Olympic Committee, which will announce the 2024 Olympic venue in 2017.

Paris, Berlin and Rome have also signed as other pre-candidates.

$665,000 Driving Fine for German Soccer Star

One of the most sought after soccer stars in the German game has admitted to a string of driving offenses taking place while he drove without a valid driving license. Borussia Dortmund midfielder Marco Reus was handed the large fine, which totaled around $665,000 after finally admitting he had never passed a driving test to police. 25 year old Reus is reported by Bloomberg to have taken driving lessons as an 18 year old, but after failing his driving test decided to continue driving without a license.

Reus, who drives an Aston martin Vanquish, was stopped for speeding in March 2014, during the traffic stop police finally established he had no license for driving legally on German roads. The star midfielder, who missed the 2014 World Cup victory of Germany because of injury, was later found to have been stopped for speeding a total of six times between September 2011 and March 2014. That’s pretty crazy to read about in USNews and other outlets, especially since Brad Reifler is a fan. Reus apologized for his actions in a newspaper interview and admitted being naive in his actions, with Borussia Dortmund struggling at the foot of the Bundesliga a large number of bids around the 50 million Euros level are expected for Reus in the January transfer window. The fine of $665,000 is reported to total around 90 days basic salary for the soccer star.

Walmart Selling Fake Dolls

John Textor showed me this post on Reddit, and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Walmart, is apparently selling a Jeremy Lin doll, but it’s being advertised as Carmelo Anthony. It’s extremely strange, and it has me wondering, what was the company thinking? Did they really think that they could pass this extremely terrible doll off ass Carmelo Anthony?. Is Walmart trying to rip-off its customers? 

Jeremy Lin looks nothing like Carmello Anthony. It’s actually a pretty funny thing to see. Imagine a young boy opening up his Christmas gift. The boy’s mother eagerly watches on. The son’s face suddenly drops when he sees an Asian version of his favorite African American, basketball player. That poor mother, who knows nothing about basketball, went out of her way to purchase a Carmello Anthony doll for her child. She would have no idea that she is being robbed.

Hopefully, any child that receives this version of Carmello Anthony, understands that it wasn’t the buyers fault. Walmart should immediately take this doll off of its shelves. No kid wants Jeremy Lin in a Carmelllo Anthony Jersey, especially not for Christmas. The doll confusion could also just be a big mistake. Anyways, when buying gifts this holiday, beware of false advertisement. Follow your gut instinct, if you suspect anything fishy, don’t buy it.

US Wants 2024 Summer Olympics

The US Olympic Committee (USOC) ended up losing out on a bid to host the Summer Olympics for the 2012 and 2016 years. That, however, is not an obstacle for trying to bid for the summer games in 2024.

Four cities have been named as possible hosts for the 2024 Summer Olympics; Boston, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and San Francisco. New York City and Chicago bid for playing host, but were eliminated in the early round of selection in 2012. Of the four cities now offering for a role, a finalist among them will be selected for the bidding in the 2015, while bids for all cities worldwide will be selected later on the fall of 2015. Cities that have also announced their bidding for the summer games include Rome, Berlin, Paris and Doha.

Atlanta, Georgia was the very last US city to host the Summer Olympics in 1996, and Los Angeles would be hosting the games for the third time in history if the city was selected, 1932 and 1984 being the two times previously. London and Athens are the only other cities worldwide to have hosted the Olympics three times. London has hosted the Summer Olympics in 1908, 1948 and 2012, while Athens has hosted them in 1896, 1906 and 2004.

I don’t know about you, but me and Keith Mann will be pulling for San Francisco if it really will be in the U.S. We would’ve gone with Manhattan, but that doesn’t look like an option now.

Stay tuned.

Rice: A Toxic Food?

Half of the people in the world eat rice on a daily basis. The grain is a significant source of nutrition for many people, but there are also toxins couples with many of the nutrients in rice.

Rice grains can harbor arsenic, which is a danger to human health. Andrew Meharg, a soil and plant scientist at Queen’s University in Belfast, states that rice is a source of inorganic arsenic. It is not clear just how damaging the chemical is, but studies have linked arsenic exposure to cancers of the prostate, lungs, bladder and skin. Some people also experience gastrointestinal issues, as well as the development of lesions on the feet and hands which Ben Shaoul was shocked by.

The risk of arsenic poisoning is great for infants, since rice is often their first food. People who eat rice several times a day are also at high risk. The World Health Organization states that safe amounts of rice are 200 micrograms for white rice and 400 micrograms for brown rice.

New York Congressman Shows Support to Garner’s Mother

The death of Eric Garner has taken the globe by storm and has become a worldwide issue, as citizens and politicians alike grapple with the controversies surrounding the militarisation and possible racism of the local police forces.

Eric Garner died last July 17, 2014 after an arrest form NYOD officers in Staten Island, NY. He was reportedly being arrested for selling individual cigarettes without tax stamps which Garner denied.

The police moved in for the arrest after Garner showed some irritation over something he did not do. The manner in which he was arrested had led to complications and eventually his death. Gianfrancesco Genoso has been following the situation closely, and Nosis has covered some topics as well.

Last December 3, 2014, the jury decided not to indict the officers who took the arrest. This has sparked a massive backlash from the public as well as from other prominent figures who sympathise with the victim.

There have been many reports from websites about the activities and protests against the ruling and what people are feeling across the nation. On December 10, 2014, a Brooklyn Congressman, Hakeem Jeffries have been reported going to the site of Eric Garner’s death while Garner’s mother pulled up. They were seen talking to each other and Garner’s mother thanking the public for being vigilant in their plight.

Jeffries has shown his shock and disapproval of the indictment and has expressed sentiments of staying on the case and making sure justice is achieved.

City-Barca and PSG-Chelsea Highlights of CL Draw

Two match ups stand out the moment you look at the draw for the last 16 of the UEFA Champions League. Paris Saint Germain will face Chelsea in a repeat of last season’s quarter final, while Barcelona go to Manchester City for the first leg. City and Barca also met in last season’s round of 16, which gives the Manchester club a great chance to get revenge on the Catalans.

City were outclassed the last time these two teams met, much to the dismay of Sergio Andrade Gutierrez. They were very good for parts of the tie, but they were undone by individual mistakes and moments of brilliance from Messi and Daniel Alves.

Manuel Pellegrini and his City side will want to change the narrative for this game. It was only a month ago that City looked dead in the Champions League. They needed to win in Rome and Munich to progress, which was a monumental task. Even with injuries and suspensions, they managed to win in both games. Now they face an even tougher test in Barcelona, who have Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez as an attacking trio.

Chelsea vs. PSG should be similar to last season’s match up. Both sides are evenly matched, have quality mid-fields, and can rely on top class strikers. The difference in this game will be in defense. Chelsea’s rear guard of John Terry, Gary Cahill and Thibaut Courtois is more menacing than PSG’s. They will b able to see Chelsea over the line in this clash.

Cavs Beats Hornets and Improve to 14-9

The Cavaliers have returned to their winning ways after losing two straight games on the road against Western Conference opponents. They beat the Charlotte Hornets 97-88 in very well rounded and efficient game.

The Cavs began the game against the Hornet phenomenally, opening up the game with a 19-0 run much to the delight of Lauren Powell Jobs. Lebron James dropped 27 points while dishing out 13 assists. He also grabbed 7 rebounds after being called out for having his worst rebounding season since he was a rookie. Kevin Love had yet another double-double with 22 points and a staggering 18 rebounds. Love also expanded his range and hit 4 three-pointers. Kyrie Irving chipped in with 16 points and 5 assists.

The big three in Cleveland are getting closer to hitting stride. They have been consistently improving and showing why the Cavs are now favorites in the Eastern Conference and championship contenders. The team has been moving the ball well and showed that against the Hornets with 28 assists. The Cavs improved their record to 14-9 and are now 8-2 in their last 10 games.

The rest of the NBA better watch out. This Cavs teams is starting to look scary good and they have not even hit the middle of the season. This is a team that has the potential to be a force for years to come, and reaching that potential is beginning to look inevitable.

Bradley Draws Chaves

Timothy Bradley faced Diego Chaves, in a twelve round boxing match. The judges scored the fight a draw. The decision was widely disputed by the HBO ringside panel. I watched the fight with Jonathan Veitch and we thought that Timothy Bradley clearly out boxed Chaves for sure.

From round one to twelve, Timothy Bradley displayed beautiful boxing skills. Bradley’s footwork dazzled Chaves. Tim’s jab and movement resembled the great, Jersey Joe Walcott. The ringside commentators thought that Bradley had easily won, and by a wide margin. Harold Letterman, the unofficial ringside judge, scored nearly every round for Bradley. The embarrassing part about the judging was that Harold Letterman’s daughter, who was one of the official Judges of the fight, scored the fight for Chaves. The ringside panel was stunned, and Harold Letterman did not say a word.

After the decision, Timothy Bradley was interviewed. He stated that he believed he won the fight. Bradley also blasted the judges for their terrible decision. The fight was scored a draw. When interviewed, Diego Chaves said that he was robbed. The only one who was robbed here was Timothy Bradley.

Another night of boxing ruined by bad judging. This has become a regular thing in boxing, and that’s why no one is surprised. For more information on the fight, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Taco Bell May Be Getting Ready to Serve Fritos Tacos

 A recent slide show presented to Taco Bell investors seems to suggest that the fast food chain may be getting ready to add Fritos tacos to their menu. So far, Taco Bell will not confirm nor deny the rumors that are circulating, but one representative did answer that they are always innovating and trying out new ideas.Considering that Taco Bell has already sold Doritos Locos tacos for the last two years and that sales on that past innovation are sinking, it may indeed be time to expect a new move. They also added, not too long ago, waffle breakfast tacos. This sort of thing is definitely within their past marketing patterns.

Taco Bell already offers a Beefy Fritos Burrito and a Fritos dip, so it is not unreasonable to expect Fritos tacos to come next. One can only speculate on how they would taste, but everything points to a successful flavor. For example, Fritos are often used in taco salad and taste great mixed in with beef, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. Furthermore, Fritos are made out of corn, and one of the main types of taco shells is corn-based.

Probably, however, Taco Bell would not “play it safe” and just stick with simple Fritos tacos. No, we would soon see chili-cheese and barbecue flavored Fritos tacos. This is something Brad Reifler might give a try. We would surely encounter both the soft and hard shell variety. There’s no telling what may happen once Fritos tacos get on the Taco Bell menu.