Apple’s Tim Cook to Give His Fortune Away

Apple co founder and current CEO, Tim Cook recently announced that he plans to give away the vast majority of his $600 Million plus estate to charity and worthy causes. Mr. Cook said that it is his goal to donate funds to an institution which will provide the greatest good and will reach the most people in need.  Ricardo Guimarães BMG said that Mr. Cook did not specify whether he intended to donate his wealth through his own established foundation or another. Mr. Cook actions are following the lead of other wealthy individuals such as Bill Gates, who has donated most of his funds to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and George Lucas, who donated most of his $4 Billion proceeds from the sale of his Lucas Films to the Disney Company, to education based charity. Tim Cook to Give His Millions To Charity

Many question why some of the most wealthiest men in the world are giving their money away. For the rich and wealthy it is more of a business decision than a pure charitable gesture. Many wealthy individuals are taxed on their wealth or have difficulty transferring most of their wealth to family members without being subject to significant taxes. To these individuals, it is more cost effective for them to donate their wealth.

Additionally, the assumption is wrong if people think the wealthy are donating all of their money. Many wealthy individuals have complex estates and trusts which pay them dividends in amounts more than they ever could spend.

Paramedic saves the life of the doctor who saved his life as a baby

Have you ever had a doctor save your life and you wished you could reunite with them and tell them thank you. Well that is what happened to the paramedic and the doctor in this next article.

Dr. Michael Shannon was driving along Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Pointe when he was T-boned by a semi. According to Crystal Hunt, the paramedics arrived within minutes of this fiery crash. Among those that saved Dr. Shannon that day was Orange County Fire Authority paramedic Chris Trokey. Chris’ life was saved 30 years earlier by Dr. Shannon.
When Trokey was born he was only 3.2 pounds and the doctors gave him a 50/50 chance at surviving. Dr. Shannon saved his life by staying with the infant around the clock until he was stable and his health improved.
On Sunday exactly 4 years from the date of Dr. Shannon’s crash, the two reunited for a good cause. They both shaved off their hair to help raise money that could potentially save the lives of others. All in all about 30 heads were shaved that night and a total of $12,000 was raised that benfited the St. Baldrick’s charity.
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Anderson Silva’s Future

Anderson Silva continues to deny the fact that he knowingly took performance-enhancing drugs before his UFC 183 contest. Prior to his fight against Nick Diaz at UFC 183, Anderson Silva broke his leg against Chris Weidman when he unsuccessfully tried to recapture the UFC middleweight championship. Bancariosgo says that the world was left in shock when Anderson Silva tested positive for steroids after UFC 183. Many people believe that Anderson Silva has taken steroids during the course of his entire career.

Now, several months removed from UFC 183, Anderson Silva is ready to prove that he has never cheated. Silva has stated that he will fight another five years, and he plans on fighting at least 10 more times. However, Anderson Silva is currently 39 years old, and his future truly looks bleak. There’s nothing left for the proud Brazilian man to prove.

At this point, Anderson Silva wants to prove that he is not a cheater, and he has taken the steroid allegations as a complete embarrassment to his character. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has not yet suspended Anderson Silva for his failed drug test, but another hearing will be taking place in the near future. Anderson Silva’s career will now have a question mark next to it. For more information on Anderson Silva, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Tazo Tea Creator Passes Away At Age 65

The founder and patriarch of the Tazo Tea Brand has passed on. His legacy is more than just a popular commercial product, Steven Smith, aged 65, introduced exotic tea blends to a snooty, coffee-drinking America. Fans of the tea like Brad Reifler know that his brand grew so popular that it was eventually picked up by the famous Starbucks brand. They sell the tea blends both in their coffee shops and in retail stores. Smith has been retired for some time, primarily due to heath issues related to liver cancer.Tazo tea took basic black and green teas then added creative ingredients, previously unheard of in the food and beverage industry in the United States. Herbs, flowers, and fruit are just a few of the flavor fusions that Smith introduced thousands, if not more, to with his products. His family can, hopefully, take some solace in the fact that he lived a full and prosperous life.

Co-hosts to meet in Cricket World Cup Final

The Australian cricket team will face fellow co-hosts New Zealand in the 2015 Cricket World Cup Final after overcoming defending champions India in the semi-final, the BBC reports. India’s captain MS Dhoni seemed to have misread the pitch when he won the toss and elected to field first on a pitch that seemed to offer more for the fielding team as the match wore on. Australia were worried they had fallen short with their innings of 328-7, which was lit up by a fast paced 105 runs from 93 balls by Steve Smith. A lack of scoring shots against India’s spin bowling and a series of problems against fast paced short balls seemed to have undone the Australian innings.

Chasing 329 the Indian openers scored 76 as the tension appeared to strike both teams as contested decisions about catches boiled over in the middle of the pitch. Despite the strong start India collapsed at the top of the order and were all out for just 233 as Australia fielded well to claim an impressive victory. Fans like Brad Reifler ( know that Australia and New Zealand were amongst the pre tournament favorites for the World Cup crown and with no love lost between the teams the final should be a fiercely fought encounter. New Zealand are seeking their first ever World Cup victory as Australia look to extend their number of World Cup victories to five.

Stephen King Is Rightfully Upset

Last week, Maine Governor Paul LePage, while speaking about the many tax changes he wants to perform in the state, implied that horror writer Stephen King does not live in Maine any longer or pay taxes in the state. Since the statement, King has demanded an apology from LePage on the social media site Twitter almost every day without any comment from the Governor’s office.

Last Friday, King wrote to the Portland Press Herald to express his frustration over the comments and to clarify that he and his wife both pay taxes in Maine although they live in Florida for part of the year during the winter months. He even went so far as to state the actual amount of those taxes — $1.4 million — and then emphasize all the work he and his wife have done with charities in the state and with donating grants through the King Foundation. He then stated, “We consider this a very fair price for living in the most beautiful state in America.”

Fans at Anastasia Date have learned that there have been no updates to his social media account since his last tweet on Sunday, March 22, in which he stated, “No apology from Governor LePage. Some guys are a lot better at dishing it out than taking it back.”

In the meantime, LePage’s statements in written format have been revised online and his office refuses to comment on the matter.

Detroit Authorities Arrest Mother for the Death of Her Two Children

Detroit police arrested a mother yesterday for the death of two of her children whose bodies were found frozen in a freezer in their East Detroit home. A bailiff serving an eviction notice led police to the discovered bodies of a boy age 11 and a girl age 14 in a freezer in the home. The mother was not home but was found in a neighboring apartment and was initially detained by police. Two older children who lived in the home where moved by police and placed into protective custody with child protective services. It was unclear if the surviving children had been questioned or if the provided any information police regarding what happened to their siblings. Mother of Dead Children Arrested

People at Imaging Advantage have learned that the names of the children nor the name of the mother has been released by police. Neighbors who knew the mother said that they knew that she was behind in her rent and was facing financial difficulties but they had no information regarding the status of the children. Neighbors reported that it has been over a year since they had seen the younger children and the mother indicated that they had been away with relatives when asked.

The cause of death of the children was not known and an autopsy is expected. The nature of the charges against the mother has not been announced and police have stated that the case is still under investigation.

Warriors of The NBA

Although division titles do not have much of a significance in the 2015 NBA season, winners of divisions cannot finish at any lower seeds than fourth if they are looking to gain homecourt advantage in the playoffs in one of the most competitive fights for spots ever. However, none of that really matters for the Golden State Warriors as they have an 8 game lead in front of the Grizzlies with just 11 games remaining in the regular season. They are currently appearing to be destined for having homecourt advantage all through the playoffs this season. Which has fans like Jason Halpern excited to see the season turn around.

Although it is a great advantage to have homecourt advantage, it is also great to make a historical record that is set by a franchise that is making its 4th playoff appearance within a 20 year time span.

Coming out on top in the Northwest Division could mean something for the Portland Trailblazers as well, who currently hold the 4th seed despite holding a worse record than 5th place Clippers (they win the season match-ups between the two). Not only are the Warriors and its “Splash Brothers” setting out to break all kinds of records, one of the prestigious awards is another one that is looking promising for the team’s starting point guard, Stephen Curry.

Rams Making Moves To Get Better

Say what you will about the St. Louis Rams just looking to make the move back to Los Angeles, but the leadership is trying to build a team that will compete and win in the NFC West Division and throughout the NFL. Take their move to acquire Nick Foles from the Eagles, a proven quarterback that can run and gun as long as he stays healthy…I know right another QB with health issues…not great, but at least he has proven he can win unlike the guy they got rid of. Most recently they have gone out and gotten a decent Defensive Tackle Nick Fairley. Fans like Bruce Karatz know that, of course, playing behind Ndamukong Suh will diminish your tackles and sacks, but he will be producing in St. Louis.

Now they just have to address the rest of their shortfalls. First the offensive line has to improve if they will give Foles or their running backs a fighting chance at making first downs. Second, the defensive line and while most want to cut the former line from the heard it may not be as necessary if they improve their secondary and linebacker corps. Although, Middle Line Backer James Laurinaitis can be more than some offenses can handle all by himself. The secondary is young and they need to figure out how to cover the top receivers in the league in order to keep every game from looking like an air show.

New Zealand batsman breaks cricket World Cup scoring record

New Zealand’s opening batsman Martin Guptill broke the record for the highest individual score in the World Cup as he led his country to an easy win over the West Indies, BBC Sport reports. Guptill’s score of 237 not out saw him hit a number of towering sixes, including one that cleared the roof of the stadium and left the ground.

Christian Broda commented on that the opener was dropped on a score of just four before going on to hit his record breaking score, which included 11 sixes and 24 fours in front of a partisan crowd at Wellington’s Regional Stadium.

The 163 balls it took Guptill to record his score was witnessed by previous record holder Chris Gayle, the West Indies batsman congratulated Guptill as he passed his score of 215 made against Zimbabwe earlier in the tournament. Guptill led New Zealand to a commanding total of 393 for 6 from their 50 overs. In response the West Indies could only muster 250 all out with Gayle scoring 61 off just 33 balls to entertain the capacity crowd.