Community Leader Entrepreneur and Executive Marcio Alaor

David Neeleman is highly recognized as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the aviation industry. David is now the new owner of the Portuguese airline Transportes Aereos Portugueses. Owner of the Barraqueiro group, Portuguese businessman Humberto Pedrosa and entrepreneur David Neeeleman recently formed a partnership of the Atlantic Gateway consortium, which is responsible in purchasing 61 percent of the Portuguese airline. According to Marcio Alaor, executive of Banco BMG, David has also founded two airlines in the United States, JetBlue and Morris Air and one airline in Canada called WestJet.

David Neeleman has had an extensive and successful career according to Marcio Alaor. David attended the University of Utah. During his stint at the university, David started his first job at a travel agency called Morris Travel. David began to advertise for a condominium in Hawaii, including providing airline tickets and travel packages and soon after, he received a call from Morris, inviting him to work with him in the travel.

In 1984, David founded his own airline called Morris Air, including flying to destinations such as Hawaii, Los Cabos, Orlando and Cancun. David sold the company for a whopping $130 million dollars in 1993. In 1996, Neeleman founded the airline in Canada, Westjet and in 1998, David partnered up with businessmen Clive Beddoe, Mark Hill, Donald Bell and Tim Morgan and founded JetBlue Airlines.

Marcio Alaor is a famous Brazilian and executive of the very successful bank Banco BMG in Brazil. Marcio is one of the key people who helped guide BMG to its rich success. He was directly responsible for the brilliant idea of offering the public auto loans. Marcio realized that the bank had to adapt its business strategies to the ever changing times. He first took a survey of several customers to see what their biggest concerns were and then orchestrated solutions to fit their needs.

On August 24, 2014, the food court ALAOR MARCIO DE ARAUJO was implemented by Marcio in Brazil. The food court was previously primarily used to store grain and now it is directly attributed to helping the unfortunate in Brazil. Marcio Alaor has had much success in his life, but certainly does not forget his roots and where he came from. Marcio gives back to the community every chance that he gets. In fact, Marcio Alaor received a plaque rewarding him with his efforts to give back to the city of Santo Antonio do Monte

The Information that You Should Know about the Daily Herald Dog Food News Article

In November of 2015, the Daily Herald did an article on dog foods. This article was about the sales in the dog food industry going up and how all of the companies who produce dog foods are starting to use real ingredients. More owners are wanting dog food that is more close to a dog’s natural diet. So, the dog food companies, like the Purina dog food company, are starting to make changes, such as using real food and also using better containers to keep the food fresher. With an increase of 45%, the dog food market is changing for the better. Real lamb and chicken are just some of the listed real foods that the companies are starting to use for their dog foods.


The brand of dog food that everyone knows by the name of Beneful is a very popular brand of dog food and a dog food line that was created by Nestle Purina Petcare. The Beneful line by Nestle Purina Petcare actually carries many different types of dog food, the types include dry dog food, wet dog food and dog treats. Having already been nominated as the 4th best dog food, Beneful has seen many customers and has had many customers who have highly rated their dog food.

Some of their products are even now starting to use Soy for a main source for the protein in the dogs food instead of meat. Meaning that all those vegan and vegetarian owners out there can finally have a dog food that is more towards their kind of diet. The Beneful line of dog food on PurinaStore has even won an award for the packaging uses for their products. With revenue coming in yearly reaching over the mark of 1.5 billion, it is pretty easy to see that many more customers are starting to enjoy the wonderful benefits of Beneful.

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Autism Rocks: Funding Autism Research Through Music

Autism Rocks is a charity founded by Sanjay Shah. The goal of the charity is to fund organizations such as the Autism Research Trust, which also funds and supports research being done about autism. The charity raises money through hosting private concerts in London. So far Lenny Kravitz and Prince have performed. From these two performance alone, more than 200,000 pounds were raised.

The charity would like to continue hosting concerts and also diversify their fundraising to try out different methods. These methods include everything from hosting concerts in a diverse array of cities, opening up the concerts to competition winners and releasing a compilation CD and the proceeds will go back to the charity.

Sanjay Shah started this charity to help his son. The doctors kept telling him there was nothing he could do to help his son and he was not able to do nothing. After sending his son to the best doctors and getting his son the best developmental team to help him, Shah decided the best way to help would be to advance research about autism. He donated money and was even on the board of that Autism Research Trust, but he still felt that was not enough. Then Snoop Dogg showed up at Shah’s home.

During a conversation with Snoop Dogg, an old passion re-surfaced. Before Shah had founded his company, Solo Capital, and before he had worked for numerous financial institutions as a successful banker, Shah had attended King’s College in London. During his days at King’s College, Shah thoroughly enjoyed promoting local concerts. Shah realized he could combine his passion for promoting concerts with his passion for helping his son. And Autism Rocks was born.

Shah teamed up with a local promotion firm in Dubai, Done Events, and got to work learning the skills and networking in the industry. In a very short amount of time, Shah was able to set up the charity and a private concert in London starring Prince. Through this, Shah is making a massive different in autism research.

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Jon Urbana Explores The Beauty That Fills Our Amazing World With His Blog Articles And Photoblogs

Jon Urbana is a former collegiate lacrosse player and graduate of Villanova University who currently runs the Jon Urbana lacrosse camp for junior lacrosse players in Vail, Colorado. In recent years, Urbana has emerged as a talented artist and blog owner with an amazing ability to take inspiring photographs and intriguing, short videos. He uses his brilliant eye to capture timeless images of food, abstract visuals, wildlife, natural landscapes, city skylines and more. Jon Urbana’s informative Twitter page touches on a variety of topics that range from politics to his newest music.

One of Urbana’s recent Facebook posts is a podcast that covers the way ancient Egyptians viewed their bodies as it correlated to fashion, makeup and jewelry. The podcast explores a U.K. exhibit, entitled Beyond Beauty Transforming the Body in Ancient Egypt, which features artifacts that were removed from Egypt during the golden age of Egyptian archaeology in the 19th century.

Another interesting blog podcast posted by Jon Urbana reveals some little known facts about the civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The post highlights King’s affinity for the city of Chicago during turbulent financial times. The podcast discusses how King rented an apartment in a dilapidated Chicago neighborhood in 1966, after he won the Nobel peace prize, to mobilize efforts to end poverty in Chicago and nationwide. The podcast revealed that King expressed radical ideas that included raising the minimum income wage by 60 percent, and he also called for the government to invest billions of dollars for poverty relief efforts.

With his FAA award in tow, Urbana has another interesting achievement that recaps the story behind the Oscar nominated film, Spotlight. Urbana takes us back to 2001 into the lives of the news team that relentlessly pursued the story about sexual abuse by some of the leaders of the Catholic church.

In addition to Jon Urbana’s Villanova stats and podcast blogs, he also posts a great assortment of photo blogs that exhibit his talented eye for incredible photos. Food lovers will enjoy a particular shot of a pancake tower that is draped in honey, sour cream and topped with bright red strawberries that are creatively placed on porcelain dishes situated on a rustic table against a white backdrop.

Another great photo that Urbana posted reminds me of the picture of Jon Urbana I found on his CrunchBase bio page, which is also seen at, his website. It’s a picture of a wooden bowl of freshly picked and vibrant blueberries that still have the stems and leaves attached to them. It explains why he began raising money for Earth Force this past winter and demonstrates a clear love for the environment.

The bowl of visually appealing blueberries was photographed with water dripping from them onto a wooden table that is complimented by excellent lighting and creative, photographic focus that seamlessly blurs the background of freshly picked blueberries that are strategically arranged on the wooden table.

George Soros Current Market Prediction In Comparison With The 2008 Market Crisis.

George Soros was recently invited to the economic forum in Sri Lanka. He took this opportunity to give a fair warning to investors. He asked investors to be more careful with where they invest their money due to the current market crisis. He goes on to link the current crisis to China’s move to change their growth model. He says that by China trying to shift its growth model, its currency value keeps going down. The effects of this currency devaluation is transferred all over the world. Thus poses a big threat to third world countries as they will see a rapid increase in interest rates. He says This is the same thing that happened in 2008 and brought about a world market crisis.

He anticipates that the global currency, stock, and commodity markets are the ones. The devaluation of the yuan leaves many people with doubts about the strength of China’s economy. The main challenge to this economy is whether it will be able to stand investment and manufacturing toward consumption and services. So far around $2.5 trillion has been lost from the value of global equities. Asia has experienced the biggest loss so far as difficulties in processing Chinese equities halted trade for a day.

Soros is known to be an accurate economic analyst and predictor. In the case the 2008 economic crisis, he had given out a warning before it happened. Before panel in Washington in September 2011, he said that this crisis might be more serious than that of 2008. As this crisis unfolds, China’s Communist Party seems to have a plan. It has the plan to increase the convertibility of the yuan by the year 2020. This plan will also see to it that capital controls are dismantled step by step. China has also made different moves to try and save its economy from crushing. Such measures include the move by People’s Bank of China to lower interest rates. Additional money has also been channeled into the economy to evade inflation.

George Soros is a very successful hedge-fund firm manager and owner. He is among the few managers that has seen to it that their firms have gained averagely 20 percent per year from 1969 to 2011. George Soros now has a net worth of around $27.3 billion from his business and personal properties as listed by Bloomberg Billionaires Index. He started in New York City back in the 1950s, and his luck came by in1992 when made $1 billion through investments. He had by then predicted that the U.K. would have to reduce the value of the pound. He is also a philanthropist who gives out donations through his Open Society Foundation. Through this Foundation, Soros pushes for a free, fair and just society where information can be accessed by anyone.


Making a Business Wikipedia Page for Your Company

Wikipedia is a site that you have more than likely used in the past. You can use this site to look up information on actors, celebs, historical events and even random people. What you might not realize is that Wikipedia is also useful for looking up companies and businesses, making it a wonderful marketing tool for those who own a company themselves. One of the problems with creating a Wikipedia page is that there are lots of guidelines and rules that you will need to follow in order to have your page published. This includes citing resources and also following an outline that is specific to the site itself. As a busy business owner, you more than likely do not have the time to devote to building your own Wikipedia page.

Thankfully, a site known as Get Your Wiki can do the Wikipedia business page creation for you. They have worked with thousands of business owners very much like yourself to create gorgeous pages that are published with absolutely no problems. What this does is provide you with an amazing page that you can feel confident in showing off. It will also help people to find out more about you as well as your history and services offered. If you make a Wikipedia page for your business, it is like having a free marketing tool that both markets and advertises your entire firm or corporation.

Now that you know how important it is for you to have a Wikipedia page, it is just as important for you to hire the pros so that they can do the page creation for you. Once you work on this, it is easy for you to get a variety of different clients through your doors. Hiring Wikipedia writers from the Get Your Wiki experts takes the ultimate guesswork out of using this service on your own and it is left in the hands of the experts who have done this multiple times for many other people in the past. For any business owner, having a Wikipedia page is one of the best things that you can do. You will notice immediately that it attracts people to your site where they will want to utilize your services or contact you for more information. Wikipedia is a great site to use, but it can be tricky to build your own page. This is why it is so vital that you look into hiring the experts who can help out.

FreedomPop Offers Cutting-Edge VoIP Technology for Mobile Phones

The Internet is a cheaper way to transfer information. Individuals, businesses and governments are encouraging users to transition to the World Wide Web for a couple of simple reasons: 1) Cheaper cost, 2) More options and 3) Access. FreedomPop is hoping to raise $1 billion to stage a global rollout of its hot new “Voice over Internet Protocol” VoIP platform.

“Why is the World Wide Web Cheaper?”

After World War II, Japan’s manufacturing infrastructure was completely decimated. Brand new automobile manufacturing plants in Japan were able to use the latest cutting-edge technological innovations to provide for lower overall costs. Japanese “Just in Time” concepts increased the efficiency of supplying parts to create the finished automobiles.

Instead of building large warehouses, as the American car makers in Detroit did, the Japanese set up a system where they would acquire their parts just moments before they were needed. The newest technology is usually cheaper than old technology.

“FreedomPop Offers Data Efficiency”

Traditional mobile phone plans are based on the operators purchasing minutes from the carriers. Some of these minutes are used, but others are wasted. The goal of FreedomPop is to offer more efficient usage of data to its mobile phone customers. This is based on VoIP, which only pays for the data actually used by consumers.

FreedomPop envisions the creation of “free global hotspots” around the world. It has been launched in the United States garnering 50% conversion rates and the United Kingdom reaching 45% conversion rates (at least 35% conversion rates are necessary to make the model feasible). FreedomPop still plans on a global rollout.

“Global Rollout May Cost $1 Billion”

The latest round of funding has raised $50 million along with $30 million (which included Intel) earlier for a grand total of $109 million. The goal for FreedomPop is to raise $1 billion for its global rollout. The initial goal is to roll out the plan to primarily European nations, including US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and others for 25 to 40 countries in the first year.

The potential is tremendous and traditional phone carriers are shaking in their boots. Lower mobile phone service costs and “free hotspots” is a can’t miss proposition.

Making a Name for Themselves to Provide Online Reputations to Their Clients

Status Labs is an online reputation firm that is committed to providing services that cater to a client’s public relations goals and/or marketing, whether it might be to increase their overall presence online, or to allow that their overall image becomes more accessible toward customers so that sales will increase.

There are different types of services that they provide. Through search engine optimization (SEO), teams use the best standards in order to make clients not only stand out from others when a customer makes a search for a service on a web browser. They take away any negative or inaccurate information, and proceed to make them positive and appealing to the consumer in mind. This is done by using key terms that accurately describe clients.

Other services that they provide include: Google suggested and related search management, which makes a positive image of the client’s company on Google; permanent link removal, which clear a client’s website from any false rumors or information that could be spread about them by using services that can remove links to information that do so; content automation technology, which strengthens a client’s overall brand by making it more appealing toward customers in areas such as social media; and others as well.

Status Labs is growing, and this has translated from its overall success and reputation and commitment to providing quality service towards its clients. At the end of 2015, total revenue has increased sharply since its inception about three years ago. This is contributed to their services, which are innovative and well-structured in scope. They also continue to keep a increased amount of clients that represent a number of industries. Their demand has allowed for more individuals to become a part of their prospective teams. These new employees represent the talent and quality service that Status Labs continues to offer.

George Soros – A Man of Many Predictions

George Soros is a man who loves to make bold predictions. It was only a few short weeks ago that the billionaire investor made news for predicting the global markets are headed towards a crisis similar to that of 2008.

This time around he is predicting the European Union is on the verge of collapse. According to Soros, European officials have handled the migrant issues all wrong. He was quoted as saying the European Union “is in danger of kicking the ball further up the hill.”

Soros believes Angela Merkel,the German Chancellor, is the key to getting the migrant crisis under control.

When the migrant crisis started to unfold, it was Merkel who made the decision to open the borders of Germany and allow refugees who had traveled from the Middle East, in particular those who came from Syria, to come into Europe and make it their new home.

This decision marked a sea-change in Merkel’s policy. In an interview with the New York Review of Books, Soros made it very clear he had no problem with the decision Merkel made. He actually welcomed it.

He also pointed out the fact Merkel also predicted the European Union was on the verge of collapse.

Soros has said on CNBC the one thing European authorities learned from the Greek crisis is how to muddle through crisis after crisis. Its a common practice often referred to as kicking the can down the road. Although in this situation, George Soros believes its more like kicking the ball uphill.

At some point a nation has to stand up and deal with their issues head on. That time has finally come for the European Union.

The good news is Merkel was able to accurately predict the potential devastation the migration crisis could lead to. The bad news is the prediction is quickly becoming a reality. The European Union needs to be fixed right now.

As for Soros, he believes the only people that can fix this problem are the German people. He said, “Now it’s time for Germans to decide: Do they want to accept the responsibilities and the liabilities involved in being the dominant power in Europe?”

A Close Call With Olympic Valley Incorporation

In an article published by Reno-Gazette Journal, Andrew Wirth stated that it has been a very rough four years for the north shore communities of Lake Tahoe. For the past four years there has been massive political and natural damage to Wirth’s personal company, Squaw Valley Ski. According to Wirth, the political issues along with droughts in and around Lake Tahoe, was nothing but a recipe for disaster. The incorporation that “could” have fallen on Squaw Valley Ski could take risen the residents taxes and decreased services in the area such as snow plowing and road maintenance. With these two services, residents could be put in possible danger for numerous accidents.

Andy Wirth has been the CEO at Squaw Valley Ski since August 2010 and has worked in the mountain resort/hotel industry for over 25 years. Alongside of Wirth’s long history with mountain resorts, he also holds numerous awards including the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award, Business Leader of the Year Award (Steam Boat Springs)and HSMAI’s Top 25 Minds in Hospitality, Marketing Lists and Traveling Sales. Wirth’s drive and motivation to become a professional within the resort business has taken him all the way to the top where he has become not only successful within the community and his career, but financially as well.

Because of the way Andy Wirth presents himself with professional and driven manor, he was given the opportunity to play a role on Under Cover Boss. On the show, Wirth played the role as a customer to see how well the business was run and what the customer service was like. Once he had his list written out, he put his plan into action. From there he helped the employees and their owner fix their personal flaws within the business, in hopes that everyone would learn to work together and give the customers what they pay for. A man like Andy Wirth has the potential to help thousands learn to run businesses properly and finance their funds and property with no hassles.