Nutrimost’s stolen promotional video lands Healthy Living in court

No one was available for comment from Healthy Living over the accusations of them stealing a promotional video from Nutrimost. The stolen video ended up on the Healthy living website can’, and that has landed them with a federal lawsuit from their rival, Nutrimost.

Nutrimost claims that the video stolen is from their website, and was changed only slightly by Healthy Living to be placed on theirs. Customer testimonials about the weight loss program were left on the video, as was comments from the author of the program, Dr. Ray Wisniewski. The only part of the video that was changed was the removal of all references to Nutrimost.

When being compared, the videos are virtually identical. The claims of how much weight could be lost(25 to 45 pounds in 40 days or less), and never having to exercise were clearly visible in both. In addition, there were the identical claims that users of the weight loss program never felt hungry, and they never had to use hormones, harmful drugs, or undergo surgery.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video.

Dr. Wisniewski, the principal of the weight loss program, says the program is safe for everyone and is monitored by doctors. Dr. Wisniewski practices “pastoral health” medicine, which incorporates science and spiritual health wisdom and understanding.

The video was kept up on Healthy Living’s website, despite receiving a cease-and-desist order. It was kept up for a while with the only change being a shortened version of the video. To date, the video has not resurfaced on the website.

Nutrimost has changed the way people lose weight. Their weight loss system will help a person lose 25-45 pounds in just 40 days. It is totally safe and doctor-monitored.

No exercise is required. There are no harmful drugs with this Nutrimost program. It’s safe and effective.

Nutrimost Recipes:

Makari Products and their Range of Face Care Products

One of the beauty products which sell in the beauty market presently are face products. The face is the part of the body that usually makes the first impression. It is also the part of the body that most women and men take care of. It is therefore important to get the best face products to ensure that the face is beautiful at all times. There are so many face products in the market that keeping up with the new additions is not possible. However, if you get the best product that works with your skin type, you should stick to it, especially Makari’s skin lightening creams.

If you are struggling to look for face product and you do not know which one to go with, try Makari de Suisse product. Their products are made from natural ingredients, mostly essential oils like castor and argan oils. These oils and other natural ingredients help keep the skin moisturised and they ensure that it benefit from the nourishing elements in them.

One of the face products offered by Makari de Suisse is the Day Treatment Cream. This cream has been bought and used by both men and women who want a product to use on a daily basis. The products not only act as a moisturiser but also a barrier between the skin and the sun. It puts up a protective barrier that makes your skin get protection from the rays of the sun which may be harmful to your health.

Another product which is sold by Makari de Suisse is the Pimple Drying Treatment. This is a cream which ahs helped most men and women fade their acne scars as well as reduce pimple breakouts. While doing so it ensures that the tone of the skin is also even. If you want to clear blemishes and other scars, you should try this cream.

For those who are looking for an exfoliating product, try the clarifying scrub by Makari de Suisse. They have designed it to help remove dead skin and how off your youthful skin at all times. Choose Makari products for a luxurious beauty care regimen.

Venezuelan Entrepreneur Danilo Diaz-Granados Found His Retail Niche In Miami

Visiting Miami is like visiting a country in South or Central American. Latinos control the city. The mayor of Miami is Cuban, and the 70 percent Latino population comes from Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Honduras. The retail business in Miami caters to the Latino population, but many of the retailers have overlooked one very important segment of that community. That segment is the wealthy Latinos that came to Miami to make money. But one Venezuelan entrepreneur, Danilo Diaz-Granados, identified the void in the retail market and did something about it. Granados, a graduate of Babson College, in Massachusetts, moved to Miami as an investment advisor for Firemen Capital Partners and he quickly developed a wealthy client based that liked his investment ideas. His clients also liked to spend money, but they didn’t like to shop.

After several conversations with clients, and after doing an extensive amount of research, Granados realized he could open a company that offered his clients expensive cars, designer clothing and shoes, as well as accessories in one place. He called his new venture Toys for Boys, and the company started doing business immediately. Granados discovered that his client based lived in Miami, but he was also getting orders from clients that lived in other Latino countries.

Granados continued to give investment advice, but he also started, Edge of Glory Films, a film company that documented Latino life in the United States and other countries. Granados was the director, producer, editor, writer, and on occasion, an actor in some of his films. Danilo’s life became a film, and he documented his experiences, so people in other countries could see the opportunities that exist in the United States.

Danilo Diaz-Granados calls himself an entrepreneur, and the people that know him use that term to describe him. But that word doesn’t describe what Granados has accomplished in the short time he’s been alive. Danilo is constantly reinventing himself through his businesses and through the people that believe in him. Diaz Granados is a true success story, and the end of his story hasn’t been written yet.

Sanjay Shah: the Successful Businessman and Philanthropist

Sanjay Shah Denmark and Usha are on a crusade of helping autistic people across the world by staging musical concerts through Autism Rocks, founded by Shah, an organization dedicated to raising autism awareness that also donates to scientific programs that investigate this condition.

For Shah and Usha, raising autism awareness is a crusade, especially since their child, Nikhil, suffers from this condition as well. They deal with this problem personally, and they know how devastating autism it is for people that suffer from this condition. Autism is a neurological condition that affects how people communicate and perceive the world around them, affecting peoples’ lives in every aspect. Many people with this condition cannot have functional lives, and it affects millions of individuals around the world. A cure has not been found for Autism, which is why the couple from Dubai is encouraging more research.

Shortly after Shah’s son was diagnosed with Autism at four, he founded Autism Rocks in 2014. He obtain the idea after he one day had a conversation with the rapper Snop Dogg, who was at the time in Dubai due to artistic endeavors. Autism Rocks conducts concerts starring famous musicians, such as Drake, Lenny Kravitz, and Tyga. All of the funds obtained by Autism Rocks go to the Autism Research Trust organization, which provides support to the Autism Research Centre of the University of Cambridge. Autism Rocks also shows artistic and athletic events.

Shah was born in London and has been living in Dubai for more than seven years. He started his career as a medical doctor and then moved into the world of finances. After his career as a doctor, he became an accountant and begin working for many banks in England. For instance, he has worked for Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, which are very prestigious businesses. Shah change plans when the recession started in 2009, which motivated him to start his own brokerage business.

He founded Solo Capital in 2011. Solo Capital deals with proprietary services, personal finance, and sports investments. Shah also founded Solo Group Holdings and Aesa S.a.r.l. Solo Group Holdings manages Solo Capital, and Aesa S.a.r.l is the parent company of Solo Group holdings. Shah is worth more than $280 million and owns many other businesses that are located in London and Dubai. Shah is a trustee at the Autism Research Trust. He has been a member for more than two years.


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Lake Tahoe Skiing – 3 Of The Best Ski Resorts In The Area

When you think of Lake Tahoe you think of skiing. This all started back in 1856 when John A. Thompson, also known as ‘Snowshoe’, took 60 pounds of mail across the Sierra on snow skis that were 9 feet long. Every since then skiing and Lake Tahoe have become synonymous.

If you are planning on taking a skiing trip to the area in the near future, here are 3 of the best ski resorts Lake Tahoe has to offer.

Sierra At Tahoe

If your goal is to experience authentic California skiing, Sierra At Tahoe is the place you want to be. If you are a beginner you will love the 100 acres of dedicated terrain. There are also four conveyor lifts that are for beginners only.

If you need help there are PSIA certified instructors that can teach you how to ski and ride. If you are a freestyler, the innovative terrain parks will keep your adrenaline pumping and the excitement flowing.

Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley became a household name after hosting the Winter Olympics in 1960. Since then Squaw Valley has been known as one of the most vibrant ski resorts in the world. The spirit of the resort is reflected in the views that will literally take your breath away.

The learning zones for beginners are very forgiving and are right in the midst of the beautiful scenery. Skiers and snowboarders with experience will love the varied bowls and trails. The terrain is progressive and you will never outgrow it.

Thanks to the consistent snowfall that lasts well into the spring, Squaw Valley is one of the few resorts to offer skiers an extended skiing season.

Alpine Meadows

Alpine Meadows is a thrill seekers paradise. This picturesque playground is a short 15 minute ride from the Squaw Valley ski resort. The lodges are chalet style and the hospitality is top of the line. At Alpine Meadows the skiing experience always comes first.

No matter what level of skier you are, there will be an exciting challenge awaiting you. And with over 2400 acres of trails, lifts and runs, you are guaranteed to never get bored.

Kyle Bass’ Market Predictions Seem Spurious

Try this on for size: Kyle Bass says China is most certainly going to have a debt-bubble collapse hit them in the next two to three years. He’s predicted this will happen with a forty-to-fifty percent likelihood by the end of 2016, and that it will cut 20% right out of America’s economy. But in the last several months, Bass seems to be backpedaling. In a recent article by Bloomberg, Bass reportedly said that if China were to devalue currency “materially”, then it would be one of the most historically exciting times to invest in Asian markets. How could that be the case if there’s an imminent financial implosion on the horizon? Here’s what Bass is basically saying, when one takes away all the financial lingo: “China could do good, or they could do bad.” That’s it. There’s nothing more or less to it; he’s just used his professional acumen to paint the picture with negative hues such that non-savvy investors yet-bearing capital may be manipulated into curtailing investiture. The end result will be an actual stock declination in China, but one that has been artificially induced by Bass. That’s what the evidence seems to suggest, anyway; and it’s especially telling evidence at that, when one has some foreknowledge of Bass’ previous career choices.

Consider Austin, Texas; where his hedge fund Hayman Capital Management is located. Hedge funds already bear the nickname “vulture” funds because they so often tailor their investments around dying corporations. Austin is known to be a liberal community nationally, and Bass regularly endorses a socialist leader. That’s right, Bass’ home country of Argentina is led by a woman called a despot by multiple writers. A socialist despot. Why? Because Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has defaulted Argentina two separate times from her poor leadership, and those defaults came in the space of just thirteen years. Now consider Bear-Stearns, one of the top five investment banks on Wall Street prior the 2008 Great Recession. Bass dropped a tip after his employment with them dissolved, and by the end of the weak J.P. Morgan-Chase was forced to buy them out. And that’s not to mention, CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which Bass uses to manipulate stock-drops at the expense of the infirm so he can short-sell and make millions. With these things in mind, his China tactics are almost certainly spurious.

Save The Ski Resorts And Listen To Andy On KCRW To Find Out How

I was tuning into the talk radio stations in the car on my way to work and i caught an interview on Press Play with Madeline Brand and Andy Wirth. This interview was all about the drought and how Andy thought it was going to affect the Lake Tahoe and Mountain ski resort areas.

During the interview, Madeline asked Andy about the driest year and how the ski resorts would be able to host skiers during the winter with a drought in progress. Andy was very fast to point out a few tidbits of information about droughts and the history of the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

He began speaking on the facts such as 20% less tourist because of 27% cut on water usage. Andy was watching the weather but he was not as concerned about possibilities as most of the other people were.

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holding, is always looking on the positive side of things. He told the reporter, Madeline Brand, that he was looking for the whole year to be profitable. He explains that Squaw Valley was sure to host other events during the year to help offset losses during the year.

Andy went on to say that he believes the ski resorts can still be profitable if they position themselves to take advantage of the years with good snow turnout.

Andy reminded the community that was listening that there were over 6000 acres that usually receive snow. Out of the 6000 acres, he expects to have at least 4000 covered in snow for the ski season.

Andy Wirth is one of the top professionals in the Lake Tahoe area. He is always defending and backing up the mountain area. Andy Wirth and wife reside in Truckee. His wife is one of the best in real estate law. She is very supportive and enjoys spending time in the mountains as well. Andy has a history working with wilderness.

He got his start working for the Rocky National Parks as a backcountry ranger. He also spent some time working to enjoy the back countries as a park ranger. Andy is one tough cookie. He survived a plane crash, he works for the wounded warrior project and enjoys ski diving.

He has appeared in shows such as “Undercover Boss” and he can be found working diligently on marketing the ski season.

Andy Wirth has been instrumental in helping restore the reputation for Squaw Valley. He is helping Nevada and the airport to recruit customers through fantastic marketing. Andy believes the ski season is not lost.

He is reminding everyone to reduce their carbon footprint and to clean up the area when visiting. This protect the animals and you from injuries and allows everyone to have a wonderful time.

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How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Keith Mann Shows Value Towards Education

Keith Mann has shown that he values education. He has raised $22,000 for a new school so that students living in low income communities are able to get a good education and go to college. The purpose of these funds is to allow people sponsor student testing at the new high school. The new school has been opened by the charter school for students to attend. This taking Uncommon Schools a bit further towards its goals to close the gap of achievement. Keith Mann is especially supporting this initiative because it offers students the chance to attend college. One thing that Keith believes in is giving everyone a fair chance.

Keith Mann is also an entrepreneur who values the efforts of students who think outside the box. He has set up a scholarship that is handed out to one student each year so that he could go to college. The scholarship is actually given out in a contest in which students are to write an essay that explains how graduating from college is going to help them achieve their goals. The student that wins the contest will be granted the scholarship. This contest is held out once each year.

One thing that makes Keith Mann very successful is that he is willing to look for new opportunities for profit. Among the opportunities that he has found was the hedge fund market. He has founded Dynamics Search Partners in order to deal with alternative investment firms. He also manages the firm on a day by day basis as the CEO. He offers plenty of services in assisting his clients. For instance, he is an expert in marketing. His clients learn how to put together a compelling marketing campaign that will attract more customers to the company so that they will buy their products and services.

Skout the New Way to Meeting New Friends

Skout has been available for download since 2009. However, not too long ago a promotional campaign was recently launched via the official iOS Facebook app. Currently, Skout is ranked number 381 in the Top Free Apps, number 319 in Top Grossing Apps and number 16 in Top Grossing Social Networking Apps. This app has over 3.5 million monthly active users and has an average of 42,000 new registered users every day.

Skout is a free mobile-social networking application that can be downloaded only in the Apple Application store. It was designed to enable users the ability to meet new people, make new friends and so forth. Just like other applications, users have the option of signing into Skout using their Facebook or email address. Once signed in, users will be required to populate their profile with basic information not to mention whether they are interested in men or women. Choosing either option will enable the program to customize the user’s experience by solely displaying other people the user might be interested in.

Once the user gets their profile setup, he or she will be taken to the main screen which shows a grid of people. The grid view will only show people who are online the same time that particular user is. This grid gives the user quick access to other user’s profiles when tapping on anyone’s profile picture.

While in a person of interest’s profile, a user is able to see that person’s latest posts, send virtual gifts, start a chat and much more. Like other social media applications, users are also able to leave comments or likes on a person’s last few posts directly from their profile.

Participating in activities on Skout will cost its users points which are purchased or earned via various ways, including interacting with advertising partners and persuading people to pay points to view backstage photos. The points earned can be spent on finding out who checked your profile, sending gifts and even sending a large number at of winks, known as the “Wink BomB”, at one time which are used to earn some attention.

Skout also provides its users with “Shake to Chat”. Shake to Chat was created to allow users to ability to start a random conversation with an anonymous stranger. On the other hand, the anonymous stranger is revealed after 40 seconds.

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MeetMe acquires mobile flirting app Skout for $55 million in cash and stock


Securus Determined to end GTL’s Misconduct

Securus Technologies provides cutting-edge civil and criminal justice technology solutions that enhance public safety and modernize the imprisonment experience. The company has an A+ rating from the BBB. It was founded in 1986 and the headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. There are branch offices in Carrollton and Allen, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Securus announced the release of several reports, facts, and revelations that highlight the misconducts and integrity breaches by an inmate communications provider, Global Tel-Link (GTL). According to PR Newswire, the first press release is already out and more are to come.

Richard A. Smith, the Chief Executive Officer, said that he is passionate with the work done by the industry since it ensures law enforcement and corrections and deals with inmates, their friends and families as well as the entire society. Mr. Richard spoke on behalf of the industry and he said the whole industry is offended when a carrier goes below the integrity levels that other carriers strives to maintain. The mission of Securus goes beyond making money. It is dedicated to serve all the clients with their best interests at heart, and using the right methods.

Securus will be releasing a series of press releases that review the systematic as well as potential wrong doings by GTL. The publications aim to make GTL act with higher integrity and will take a period of six months. The first release involves information regarding GTL when it was serving the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) revealed it.

According to the 17-page document, GTL had several wrongdoings.The four main crimes include; their clocks were programmed such that they added 15 or 36 seconds to the call duration, their telephone rates were higher than those permitted, charges were artificially inflated, and GTL doubled the clients’ bills. These actions were done deliberately with an aim to overcharge the clients. These malpractices resulted to an overcharge of $1,243,000.Mr. Smith said that conning customers is cancer in the industry and he cannot let it tarnish their work.

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