Tyson Chandler Hopes to Change Phoenix Suns Mindset.

Tyson Chandler is an elite defensive talent in the NBA, yet he is almost always on the move it seems. The 7’1 center has been with New York, Dallas, Charlotte, New Orleans, and Chicago so far in his career and now he is jumping ship over to the Phoenix Suns. Chandler is coming off of a strong season for the Mavericks, in his second go around, where he averaged 10 points and 12 rebounds with a PER over 20. As a free agent Dallas never made the committed push that Chandler had hoped and so he went with the money and signed a 4 year contract for $52 million in Phoenix.

The deal gives Phoenix an elite defensive presence underneath the rim while also restricting them financially stated Brian Bonar. We understand the need to transform team identity, but this seems like a big payday for a player that has been in the league for 15 years and is undoubtedly on the decline. Still, Chandler is an elite presence and will likely give Phoenix at least a few years of solid play.

While the Suns have been shuffling their roster (dealing Goran Dragic and Isaiah Thoams) the outcome doesn’t seem too different. Instead of Dragic/Thomas leading the backcourt minutes you have Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight. Chandler will join the Morris Brothers down low to complete the starting line up. While Phoenix should be fun to watch we don’t feel that these moves made them into contenders.

Dougie Hamilton Boston Smear Campaign

It happens in every city with every sport. When a beloved star leaves your favorite sports team of course you are not going to be happy about it. However, Keith Mann notes that it seems that whenever an athlete leaves a Boston team, the fans take to the media to vent their frustrations which comes off as nothing more than a smear campaign and this is evident in the case of former Boston Bruins defenseman Dougie Hamilton. Hamilton recently signed with the Calgary Flames for $5.57 million dollar contract over six years. The Flames acquired Hamilton last Saturday at the NHL draft and signed him to a deal on Tuesday.

Many have questioned whether Hamilton simply did not want to play for Boston or that things between the organization and him went sour. Hamilton would not say whether or not what happened but instead took the high road and stated that he was just happy that the was able to be traded to the Flames and signed two days later. Boston media however seems to have a different take on the whole situation. The Boston Herald has reported that anonymous assistant general manager in the NHL was quoted as saying that Hamilton’s teammates did not like him and that he is uppity. Hamilton stated that he really enjoyed his time in Boston and that he had a lot of fun in the locker room as well as made a lot of friends.

LeBron Eyes up Free Agency.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were a shell of a team when they made it to the NBA Finals and took two surprising games from the Golden State Warriors. LeBron had led the way, of course, but he had shockingly little help from his supporting cast. Of course we can blame injuries to Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, but James needs to see some supporting help from his role players too. Role players played a pivotal part of his success in Miami, and now he is guiding the Cavs FO to pursue free agent Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Mike Dunleavy Jr. is a three point specialist that can create space with the ball and even drive a little bit. He played for the Bulls the past few years and reportedly like to continue doing so. Dunleavy Jr. was a huge part of the Bulls playoff success in the past two seasons and he would make a ton of sense in Cleveland, spreading the floor and allowing James to make some big plays going toward the basket.

Right now Dunleavy Jr. is probably pretty low on the totem poll, however, as the Cavs need to make decisions on Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, JR Smith, Matthew Dellavedova, and Iman Shumpert says the National Bureau of Economic Research. Practically the entire Cavs roster is up for sale so it will be interesting to see who actually makes it back onto the team when the 2015 – 2016 season kicks off in a few months.

Phoenix Suns Aiming for Size in NBA Offseason

The Phoenix Suns have long been a run and gone team, dating back to when Mike D’Antonio coached Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire to run the floor every single night. Since then the mentality has stayed firmly in place and it has allowed guys like Eric Bledsoe to blossom into offensive stars. Now Phoenix wants to change their identity a little bit and all rumors are pointing toward them aiming for size in the NBA free agency that is coming up.

Phoenix has played small ball for years and the abrupt change may kind of surprise teams. After all, at one point Phoenix was running three guard rotations: Isaiah Thomas, Goran Dragic, and Eric Bledsoe all at once. Now sources say that Phoenix will put everything on the table to try and lure LaMarcus Aldridge or Kevin Love to their roster. While neither big man has been attached to the Phoenix franchise, there is some pretty good incentive to consider it.

The Suns are a great place for offensive minded players to go, especially for those that want to increase their counting stats says Lime Crime. A guy like Kevin Love could easily go for 30 every single night with the way the Suns play. Aldridge has put a priority on becoming ‘the man’ and in Phoenix he would take that role the minute he walked into the door. Phoenix also has the best medical staff in the NBA, which is huge for big men who have some injury concerns.

Breaking Bonds – The U.S. Oversight on Military Dogs

Soldiers and their dogs have a unique bond. Such was proof at the funeral of fallen Navy SEAL Officer Jon Tumilson, where his dog Hawkeye would not leave the side of his casket.

Now it’s been found there is no bill in place that ensures these American military dogs will retire on U.S. soil and be able to reunite with their trainers stated Kevin Seawright. The Military Working Dog Retirement Act of 2015 would ensure these loyal dog heroes would have arranged and paid for transportation back to the United States.

Dogs are trained to sniff for roadside bombs and other explosive or dangerous devices. They sacrifice their lives just like our soldiers, so their care should be just as important. Not only do the soldiers and handlers form strong bonds with these dogs, but they save hundreds of lives yearly through their training.

As it stands now, the dogs are retired in the country in which they are serving and adopted out. Kudos go to Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon for introducing this bill. It will save much heartache and stress when the handlers or soldiers try to get their dog home where they can retire as a pet and military veteran.

The Best Visual Search Provider

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Portland Preparing for Life After Aldridge.

Last season the Portland Trail Blazers set the tone in the Eastern Conference as they went 51 – 31 in route to taking the Northwest Division by 6 games. The Blazers didn’t really have any other success to speak of as they were knocked out of the postseason in the 1st round in 5 games against the Memphis Grizzlies. For the past six years or so LaMarcus Aldridge has been the franchise player that Portland set their goals around and for good reason. Last season the man led the team in points and rebounds while providing solid defense. Now he is likely leaving the team.

There are a couple of reasons as to why Aldridge is bouncing from the team and most of them have to do with winning reports Susan McGalla. Portland realizes that Aldridge cannot lead their team to a championship no matter how good he is. That’s just now how the NBA works anymore. You need to have great wing talent and a superstar guard in order to compete in this fast paced NBA. They have the guard in Damian Lillard.

Aldridge probably realizes that Portland will be stuck in the realm of ‘decent’ and feels like he can get further along by jumping ship. With ‘franchise players’ at a premium and contracts set to skyrocket there is no reason why Portland wouldn’t want to go test the market and see what is out there for him.

The Big News for Coffee Lovers

Bulletproof Coffee – Have You Tried It?
What’s the deal with Bulletproof Coffee? For starters, it’s a trend that has taken off like Haley’s Comet. Bulletproof Coffee isn’t your father’s coffee. It’s a multi-purpose beverage that is full of flavor and boosts energy, while helping to curb appetites. That’s a lot for a coffee blend with irresistible ingredients. If you haven’t tried Bulletproof Coffee, you’re missing a drink that is the favorite of busy business people need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up and athletes who get a burst of energy before a game. Bulletproof Coffee has even caught on with celebrities. It’s like a buttery, creamy coffee latte.

Bulletproof Coffee – A New Taste Sensation
Most people can’t get through their morning without coffee. At work, coffee lovers begin the day with their first cup; have a second cup mid morning, another at lunch and two or more by day’s end. Bulletproof Coffee is a new taste sensation. By adding unsalted creamery butter that’s grass fed and oil with medium chain triglycerides, to an upgraded coffee blend, the result is a healthy drink that boosts energy and curbs the appetite. The reason Bulletproof Coffee is a new taste sensation is that it combines two flavors most individuals love best: coffee and butter. Not just any butter, either. This butter is made from cream from grass fed dairy cattle. This amplifies the flavor, richness and purity of the butter. Some coffee lovers get creative and add pungent spices like cinnamon, nutmeg or cardamom or a touch of cocoa powder. Others give it a twist of orange rind to maximize the flavor. The ardent Bulletproof Coffee lovers just like it brewed dark and strong.

Bulletproof Coffee au Lait
It’s possible to create your own recipes using Bulletproof Coffee to serve to your family or special guests. For example, steam milk until it is frothy and add to brewed Bulletproof Coffee for au Lait. By adding a dash of almond or anise flavoring to milk before steaming, it has an Italian nuance and is a great ending to a dessert course.

Bulletproof Irish Cream Coffee
It’s easy to create an Irish cream coffee with Bulletproof Coffee. The ingredients are a blend of chocolate syrup, condensed milk, heavy cream and whiskey. Add to the Bulletproof Coffee for a real treat. At the office, keep a supply of Bulletproof Coffee to perk up mid morning loss of energy.

Rob Gronkowski Plays It Safe with Salary.

‘Yo Soy Fiesta’ will endorse numerous jerseys with Rob Gronkowski’s number on them before the stud tight end hands up the cleats for good. Rob Gronkowski, the most famous and talented of the NFL Gronkowski Brothers, has never tried to hide from the fact that he likes to have a good time and his good times often cause him to become the unruly focus of a reserved New England Patriots organization. With that being said, apparently Gronkowski knows when to ‘grow up’ as well.

According to Brian Torchin, Rob Gronkowski revealed in his new book, “It’s Good to be Gronk”, that he hasn’t spent a single cent of the cash he has earned from his NFL contracts. Gronkowski has played over five years of NFL ball so far and racked up at least $10 million in contracts, with his best earning days still in front of him. Gronkowski claims to be living completely off of his endorsement money from his brand name. Gronkowski is all over the television now thanks to his hyper marketable personality and his extreme good looks.

Gronkowski pointed out that he doesn’t “do drugs, drive drunk or break the law” and that he’s just looking to have a fun time while he still can. Gronkowski also included an excerpt that illustrated his wacky relationship with Coach Belichek and how it somehow works out even better.

Go get ‘em Gronkowski, we need fun players in the NFL.

Thirty is Not Just Another Birthday 10 Questions You Might Have


Turning thirty is a big step; a huge step; not quite as big as 40 and miles away from 50, but 30 is a step towards maturity in your life. You could be starting a career or a family, but typically in your 30s, things are beginning to take a little shape from the outstanding 20s. And you know what happened there.

Here are 10 questions you may be asking yourself if you are turning 30 this year via Visualize.me.

1. Is this the job I thought I would have at 30? I know I can make a career out of washing cars, and I want a raise.
2. Will I ever have enough money to buy some property? And, if I run away to an island, do I tell my mother?
3. Is it still acceptable to have a roommate? Will I have a roommate until I’m 40?!
4. Is it time for me to learn to cook?
5. Where did these neck wrinkles come from? I have 23 different bottles of cream to cover it.
6. When did all my friends get married?
7. Do I need a 401k? What age do I get a retirement plan?
8. Really? Do I have control of my life?
9. Should I take up a hobby? I like making French toast.
10. What does a 30-year-old look like anyway? I’m wearing my short-shorts. Live life!

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