Fastest Boxers Ever

Boxing is a sport that requires an abundance of physical attributes in order to be successful. As Dr. Jennifer Walden ( knows, speed is by far one of the most important things that a fighter can have. Over the course of boxing history, there have been some fighters that possess blinding speed. There are three fighters that stand out to me in terms of speed.

Muhammad Ali is the fastest heavyweight of all time. Ali possessed incredible footwork and cat-like reflexes. He could put a four punch combination together while moving around. Muhammad Ali’s blazing speed often gave his opponents major problems.

Next on my list is none other than Roy Jones. Roy Jones is by far the fastest middleweight of all time. Roy was so fast that he could jump in and out with a knockout punch. Roy Jones is the only man in history to hold a middleweight championship and a heavyweight championship. Speed was the main key to Roy Jones’ success.

Manny Pacquiao is the final boxer on my list, and he is possibly the fastest fighter of all time. Pacquiao can throw a ten punch combination with blinding speed and superb power. Manny Pacquiao is not only a fast puncher, but Pacquiao has incredibly fast feet as well. His combination of speed and power has made Pacquiao one of the best ever.

For more information on boxing, visit Yahoo! Sports.

BRL Trust Makes Investing Simple

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When you are investing your money with BRL Trust, you will be assigned a broker that will help you move your money all around. You can ask them for advice that is going to help you make the most money, and you will be able to get them to do most of the work for you. They will make all the trades for you, advise you when you need help and report to you how all your investments are doing. This is a much better way to make money on the markets because you are not putting forth all the effort. BRL Trust is paying the broker to help you make your money.

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Start with the South American markets, but make sure that you are using BRL Trust to invest all over the world to make more money to increase your nest egg and personal financial security.

The Recovery Of Matt Harvey

When Matt Harvey started coming back from Tommy John surgery, the Mets decided to bring him along slowly. They wanted him to recover fully before they used him again, and that is a good thing. They are willing to wait for him to get better so that they can use him when he is fully healthy. Most people think that they can bring people back from the surgery the way Tommy John came back. He was a great pitcher after the surgery, but that does not mean that other people will come back from it in the same way.

Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG ( know that when we are looking at pitchers like Harvey, we need to remember that there is very little room for error. There is no way to know for sure if they are going to be at 100% when they return. However, we can ensure that they are healthier if we simply invest a little time in making sure that these players are cared for. They need to go slowly so that they are not injured further, and they need to be given the full attention of the medical staff so that they an say when they are ready to come back to the game.

Frank Mir’s Last Chance

Frank Mir was once the greatest UFC fighter on the planet. Mir became the Heavyweight champion of the world when he beat Antonio Nogueira, in 2008. Frank Mir was on top of the world, but he did not stay there for long. Former WWE champion Brock Lesnar defeated Mir at UFC 100. Lesnar took the title, and sent Frank back to the drawing board.

Several years removed from his glory days, Frank Mir has decided to give it one more shot. He believes that his current 4-fight losing streak has nothing to do with his skills. The advantage Mir believes that he has been over-training for the last couple of years. Frank decided to try testosterone replacement therapy. The TRT treatment did nothing for him, and he would continue to lose.

Frank Mir decided to visit a doctor, and it was evident that he had been training too hard. Mir admitted that he would train until his body was dead. Training too hard can actually be detrimental to a fighter’s success. The body requires rest, and Frank Mir was not getting enough of that. Now, Mir believes that he can turn back the clock.

Frank Mir will be taking on Antonio Silva in the main event of UFC Fight Night. The fight takes place on Sunday, February 22. For more information on Frank Mir’s struggle, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Igor Cornelsen Grows His Business

Banking in Brazil is similar to banking in the United States and other major countries in the world. However, there are always small differences and variables that need to be understood in order to properly take advantage of the financial system inside of the country. For anyone who is interested in moving to Brazil, wants to conduct business in the country or is simply looking to expand upon their current investment practice, they can do just this with the assistance of Igor Cornelsen. Igor Cornelsen is one of the top bankers in all of Brazil and he can share in on some valuable insights to anyone who wants to pursue potential opportunities in Brazil.

For starters, there are 10 major banks inside of Brazil. For anyone who is coming form an external location and wants to invest in Brazil, it is necessary to seek out these larger banks. The smaller banks are designed more for local financial savings and investments but typically do not have all of the resources required for the larger companies who wish to invest with property or other aspects of Brazil’s infrastructure. Now, all of this could change of the ministry of finance ever decided to make alterations to the banking system, but due to the strong connection and influence the banks have over the minister of finance. Due to this, there is most likely not going to be any true change from what is taking place currently.

Outside of just understanding the quality of the banking system, it is also important to realize that Brazil also trades a considerable amount with China. In fact, China is the primary trade partner, so most of the importing and exporting done with Brazil does intact involve China. This is no small feat as Brazil is beyond just the larger economy in South America. It is also the sixth largest economy in the entire world, which is what makes it such a powerful country to trade with. Now, China does receive sanctions, often from North America and Europe, due to certain trade practices, especially with its handling of North Korea. Due to this, it can have an impact on how Brazil interacts and trades. So, for anyone who is looking to bring their money into the nation, knowing how to trade is not the only aspect to keep an eye on. Monitoring Chinese relations is also extremely important to watch.

No One Confident In Cutler

The new GM and coach of the Chicago Bears were given every chance in the world to give Jay Cutler a vote of confidence, and they did not do it. The team is one the hook for a lot of money to Cutler, but it appears that they do not want to have anything to do with him.

He is a good player, but he is kind of a curmudgeon on the field. We have seen him show off his stank face, and he has even shown his poor daddy skills. However, the Bears cannot really afford to cut him loose. He will find another job, and they need to see if they can make it work with him. He is not very old, and he has the support of Brandon Marshall. That combination alone is something that could make the Bears very good, but we may not know if they get rid of him.

Now is the time for the Bears to make up their mind, and they need to stop waiting. Cutler is richest and his wife is gorgeous. He has everything he needs, but they just need to decide if they want to have him without stringing him along.  Sponsors like LatinLawyer are looking for more though.

The Leafs Still Disappoint

The context of the thing does not matter so much as the team matters. The Toronto Maple Leafs have been a disappointment for decades at this point. They have not been able to win a championship in generations, and they are not looking like they will be any good any time soon. You have to wonder what they are thinking in Toronto, and many fans think the team does not care.

Fans like Marc Sparks know that the players have spoken out to say that they do care, but fans who have suffered for so long have no choice but to think that the Leafs will never get better. A famous video of a lifelong fan breaking up with the team went viral on YouTube a few years ago, and the team is having issues with attendance.

When the Leafs allowed their team to sit in the doldrums for this long, they became the Cleveland Browns of hockey. They are not going to get any better, and it would be hard for a fan to be convinced otherwise. I cannot blame any fan for thinking the team does not care, and I think we should simply let it be. The Leafs might be a lost cause right now.

Jason Giambi Retires From MLB at 44

After spending 20 years playing in the MLB, Jason Giambi has announced that he will be retiring from baseball and that he will not return for the 2015 season.

Giambi spent two decades dedicating his life and career to playing professional baseball and has accrued many fans while doing so. The former Cleveland Indians player just turned 44 years of age recently and he has decided that he had done all that he wanted to do in the league.

According to an article written on Yahoo! Sports, Giambi completed his career with 440 home runs, 1,441 RBI’s, five all-star baseball game selections and the 2000 MVP award under his belt. Giambi is hoping that eventually he will be able to enter the Baseball Hall of Game in Coopertown, but that is still a little farther away from now and will be determined later on down the line.

For fans like Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG, it seems that just because Giambi’s playing days are over, he may be starting a new career in management or coaching. There are speculations that he might go down that route later on, but it also sounds like he might take a break from the sport to be a good dad. Overall, it is without doubt that the world hasn’t heard the last of Jason Giambi, and fans and admirers wish him luck in his future underachievers both with and without the great sport of baseball.

NHL Loses Alumni Montador

The National Hockey League lost a former player on Sunday, Feb. 15th, 2015. Steve Montador was found dead at his home in Ontario, at the young age of 35. The cause of his death is not yet known, although based upon the scene when they arrived, they do not currently suspect any foul play was involved in his death.

Montador started his NHL career as a free agent with the Calgary Flames said Cabral Garcia. He played with the Calgary Flames for three seasons and even made a Stanley Cup Finals appearance with them in 2014. Fans like Jaime Garcia Dias are very upset about the news.

HE went on to play with five different teams over the course of his career. He played 571 games in his National Hockey League career. He ended his career while playing for the Chicago Blackhawks during the 2011-2012 season. The Blackhawks released a statement upon learning of his death expressing their condolences his family and their sadness for his passing.

The Buffalo Sabres, another team that Montador played for, also released a statement. It seems that Montardor was both well respected and well liked on the the teams that he played for. He was well known during his time on the ice for his passionate playing and his love of the game.

The league is sad for the loss of this young life. More information about his passing will be released as it is discovered. His family has not yet released any statements to the press.

Clint Bowyer Has A Point

Clint Bowyer has a point, and that point is that the NASCAR higher ups are not allowing teams to race safely at Daytona. I remember when you would watch qualifying, they would run the Twin 125s and they would run the race. Fans at Rocket Fuel know that, now, the sport has gotten so big that there are too many races leading up to the 500. Find more on Rocket Fuel on Wikipedia. The Daytona 500 is going to be popular whether we like it or not. There will be over 200,000 people at the race, and it will rake in money like you cannot believe.

Adding exhibitions and extra qualifying races is not going to make the sport more popular. It is also not going to make the sport safer. There has been so much work done on safety that it is hard to imagine why teams would be sent back out on the track after they have spent all their time working on the cars. The drivers are not safe when they are put in this position, and they are not going to be able to run the race properly when we get to Sunday. Clint was right, and the France family needs to figure out how to fix the problem.