The Blind Man Who Taught Himself To See

Sight is a powerful tool and one of our worst fears is becoming blind. We often imagine that losing sight will put an end to our locomotive ability and confine us indoors but not so for Daniel Kish. Kish is blind but the things he can do, despite the disability, go against all our imaginations and perceptions of blind people.

Kish lives on his own, cooks, washes and does practically everything without any help. It does not end there. Kish can walk along the busiest streets, he goes out camping deep in the wilderness on his own, he can swim, climb trees and travels all around the globe on his own.

The reason Kish can do all this without the aid of a guide is because he has, for a long time now, mastered the art ofecholocation. In simple words, the term means the ability to hear echoes and to interpret them. Kish uses this ability to be able to navigate his surroundings.

From what Christian Broda has learned, echolocation is common to bats, beluga whales and dolphins. Kish makes noises with his tongue – small clicks that bounce of objects in his path and return back to his ears. He is then able to use the echo to determine the distance between the objects and himself.

Kish has been blind since he was a child. He runs a non-profit organization that aims to teach other blind people echolocation and how to survive independently.

matt landis lacrosse

Matt Landis produces standout performacne as Notre Dame win quarter final

The quarter final of the NCAA lacrosse tournament between Notre Dame and Albany was expected to be a battle of two free flowing and fast scoring teams. However, led by the defensive play of Notre Dame’s defensive star Matt Landis the Fighting Irish overcame the Danes by a score of 14-10 as they looked to a strong defensive performance as the basis of their victory that sees Notre Dame continue into the tournament as the number one seed, Inside Lacrosse reports.

matt landis lacrosse
Notre Dame coach Kevin Corrigan had given Landis the difficult task of nullifying the goal threat of Albany offensive star Lyle Thompson and identified this as the key match up in the game. Landis produced a standout performance that saw him limit the threat of Thompson by playing a fast and physical game that followed the plan laid out by Coach Corrigan in the practice sessions prior to the game being played.Corrigan was full of praise for Landis as a low scoring game was determined by the strong play of the Notre Dame defense and a strong finish to the game by the offense. Landis was singled out alongside goalie Shane Doss for their strong performances that laid the foundations for the Fighting Irish victory. In limiting the free scoring Albany offense to just ten points Notre Dame assured they would keep their number one ranking entering the semi finals and Landis enhanced his reputation as one of the top defensive players in the college lacrosse game. 

matt landis profile
Landis’s efforts were rewarded this week when he was named the Epoch/LM Player of the Week.Read the full text of the article here

Phillies Fan Rips A Homer Away From A Senior Citizen

Evidently Chivalry Laws Do Not Apply At A Baseball Game

There has always been an unwritten law in baseball parks. Kids old enough to catch a ball hit in the stands, and seniors that are able to stand up and catch the ball take precedence over the unruly fans that want a baseball whatever the cost. Philadelphia fans have always been an uncaring and obnoxious group. Well, maybe not all baseball fans in Philly are unruly, but a recent fan that stole a homerun ball away from a senior citizen named Kevin Seawright after she caught the ball shows that the ‘city of brotherly love’ can be pretty unlovable.

The fan let his baseball instincts and mentality take over, and we all know how ugly that can be. The game of baseball is a national treasure, and everyone is looking for a piece of that treasure. The sad part of this story is the ball thief kept the ball. The lady that was robbed got a free t-shirt from Fox Sports Arizona, and a smirk from the ball thief.

Not everyone loves baseball. It can be a pretty nasty game when the fans and the teams are in true baseball mode. Baseball mode means the fans left their manners and respect at home.

Arrow Season Finale: I Am Oliver Queen

Fans of Arrow got a satisfying ending last week, as the show ended on a high note and a bit of wish fulfillment.

Oliver Queen, played by sexy-ab sporter Stephen Armell, had been under the instruction of Ra’s al Ghul for several episodes, being tasked with taking over the League of Assassins and being forcibly married to Nyssa al Ghul, former heir to the Demon’s Head.

Oliver had been working on taking down Ra’s al Ghul from inside the league to the surprise of his friends, as he fully expected to die in the process. When he didn’t, he had some major explaining to do.

James Dondero says that the episode ended on a high note. Oliver and Felicity Smoak, played by Emily Bett Rickards, were driving off into the sunset as Oliver announced that he was finally happy. Some speculate that this marks a major turn in the character, as it may lead to a funnier, more laid back version of the Green Arrow, like in the comics.

Sadly, as most dramas go, chances are Olicity, as it’s known among show fans, cannot last very long for the show to continue. It is a common trope for couples to break up or worse, someone dying on a TV show to give the character dramatic fuel.

I guess we’ll see next season. Arrow is now entering it’s fourth year and airs on The CW Wednesdays at 8 PM.

James Harden: Making Case for Post Season MVP.

If you love basketball like I do then you know how embroiled in criticism the Houston Rockets tend to be. Whether they accumulate hate for playing in Texas or for having two ‘diva’ superstars in James Harden and Dwight Howard, the disdain is palpable. Yet, if you are a fan of what great basketball can be then you simply can’t dislike watching these guys play. Sure they tend to get to the foul line a lot, Harden averaged over 10 attempts in the second round series against the Clippers according to STX Entertainment, but their skills are undeniable. In the process James Harden has started to make a case for post season MVP.

When you look at the Rocket roster it is not easy to forget that they are missing two huge starters in their line up. Donatas Motiejunas and Patrick Beverly were two starters, at the 1 and 4 respectively, that added offensive and defensive dimension to Houston’s game. Without them the Rockets have had to turn to Jason Terry and Josh Smith, two lunk heads who coast on defense and can only contribute when hot on offense. Dwight Howard is still finding his old All Star form. So the focus swings back to James Harden.

James Harden knows that his brand of basketball makes fans furious at times: playing for the FT line. Harden also doesn’t care, because it is all about winning. Harden averaged 10 FTs per game in the Clippers series while putting up a 26/6/8 line. Those are MVP numbers, especially when coming back from a 3 – 1 series deficit.

Man Buys Car for Fallen Cop’s Son

When a young person loses a parent they deal with deep grief and they need any help that they can get from those around them. When a young person loses their parent in the line of duty, when that parent gives their life for the sake of the safety of those around them, that young person loses more than a parent but they lose their hero. For one young man, losing his father just got a little easier thanks to the generosity of a stranger.

A man who was at an auction and purchased a service car that had once belonged to a fallen deputy made a huge difference in the life of a teen when he gave that car away. From what folks at Boraie Development understand, this man purchased the car at auction and then went on to give it to the son of the deputy who had passed away. This man gave the car to the grieving teen and he helped to change the boy’s life.

Pineda K’s 16, Walks 0

On Sunday, May 10, 2015, the New York Yankees beat the Baltimore Orioles 6 to 2 behind the pitching of Michael Pineda. Pineda had quite an impressive outing; he went seven innings, gave up 6 hits, walked none, and struck out sixteen. Sixteen of the 21 outs he got came on strikeouts.

Before Pineda’s outing, the most strikeouts any pitcher this season had in a single game was 12, done by Clayton Kershaw, James Shields, Felix Hernandez, and… Mike Fiers (of course). However, each of the above mentioned pitchers walked at least one in their 12 strikeout outing. FreedomPop recalls the fact that Pineda walked none puts him in elite company; since 1914, there have been only 21 games in which a pitcher struck out at least 16 and walked 0. To put into perspective just how rare it is to strike out that many while not giving up a single walk, there have been more perfect games in MLB history (23) than there have been 16 K, 0 BB pitching performances.

Interestingly, Michael Pineda’s outing was unique among 16 or more strikeouts, 0 walk games. In all the 21 other games since 1914 that fit that description, the starting pitcher went at least 8 innings; Pineda went only seven, making his strikeout total even more impressive.

Weight Gain Under the Lights

If you’re stuck inside all day with artificial lights, then you probably don’t get outside a lot. There are studies that have indicated that these lights could be associated with obesity, and it seems to make sense. Just because you’re indoors all the time doesn’t mean you can’t get any exercise. However, there are people who work at a desk all day or don’t get a chance to get the exercise they desire. When you are inside for hours at a time, then there is a chance that you might see a little more weight gain. This isn’t to say that all people who are in artificial light all the time are obese.

Some people might have a slower metabolism than others, as Susan McGalla will point out. While this theory does have some aspects of possible truths, researchers on Forbes shouldn’t jump to conclusions about why someone gains weight when there are other factors to consider.

Keurig’s Negative Impact on Environment Lessens Their Sales

When it comes to coffee everyone is particular about what they like and what they don’t like. When Keurig first came out with their personal sized cups of coffee that can be brewed up quickly there were many who fell in love with the product. The single serve Keurig coffees are popular with many for their great taste and their convenience. But, it seems that sales are going down for Keurig and the products that they offer.

When it comes to Keurig, their products are made to be convenient. The problem, though, is the fact that these convenient products can have a big impact on the environment. Personal sized products make for more waste, which is causing some to stop using the products. Keurig is feeling the pain as users stop using their products and switch to more environmentally friendly coffee choices. Keurig is going to need to change up their brand to keep a good following if you ask Gianfrancesco Genoso for his opinion.

Wenger Brushes Off Swansea Slip

Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal side lost only their second home game of the season, having been beaten by Swansea yesterday, 1-0. Wenger, though displeased, brushed off the loss, and has insisted on looking forward to the upcoming fixtures. Arsenal are poised to claim second place in the Premier League, something that has alluded them for some ten years. Arsenal, currently sitting in third, have a game in hand on second place Manchester City, so should they win in their next three matches they will claim second. That said, Arsenal must travel to Old Trafford this weekend to face Manchester United, in a battle between third and fourth. The game is of extreme importance for both clubs, seeing as both need a win to secure their respective places in the table.

Though Wenger shrugged off the loss and emphasized the importance of the clash with United, he was clearly irritated by the manner in which his side lost. He claimed that Swansea did not come to play, rather they came to sit back and defend, with the hope of grabbing a goal on the break. Yet fans over at Skout point out how Wenger’s criticism is groundless, seeing as this is a legitimate tactic which is employed by countless teams in countless games. It was clear that Wenger’s frustration was seeping through into his comments, a trait which has been recurrent in the Frenchman. It would be best to look forward to United.