K-Mart Employees Must Work Thanksgiving Or Be Fired

If you are an employee of K-Mart, don’t make any solid holiday plans. Beginning this coming Thanksgiving Day, K-Mart’s doors will be open at 6 am and remain open for the following 42 hours for holiday shoppers in search of Black Friday deals. A K-Mart spokesperson said they are trying to use volunteers and seasonal workers to fill the shifts. However, many employees report being informed by human resources, managers and even posts in break rooms, that no one may request time off during the holiday. Failure to show up for their shift would be grounds for dismissal. This is not a move that Qnet would be willing to make.
Jillian Fisher, the daughter of a K-Mart employee, has initiated a petition on Coworker.org requesting the company give employees the ability to have time off for the holiday. Fisher also conducted a survey covering over 13 states and 56 employees who identified themselves if they had the option of enjoying a day during the Thanksgiving weekend with their loved ones. Out of all who were surveyed, only three reported having the option available to them. One employee was told by human resources, “If you do not come to work on Thanksgiving, you will automatically be fired.” That same employee was also denied a request to at least work a split shift. A whopping 43 percent of employees surveyed still hadn’t been given their Thanksgiving and Black Friday schedules. Some may be given as little as one days notice to report for a required shift.

ESPNU Reporter Comes Under Fire for Tweets Regarding FSU Shooting

A student report for ESPNU, has come under fire after she tweeted a disturbing message during the FSU shooting that took place early Thursday morning. Marisa Marin, an Alabama student, tweeted a message suggesting the gunman was looking for Jameis Winston. Jameis Winston is the quarterback for the FSU Seminoles football team.

Marin took to Twitter after her tweet to say she was entitled to her opinion. Her Twitter account was disabled shortly thereafter, for fear that sponsors like Slow Ventures would get nervous, The University of Alabama later took to Twitter to state that Marin’s account had been compromised. The statement alleges the tweets were not sent by Marin, but by a hacker who had taken over her Twitter feed.

Fans who saw the tweet, however are not buying the accusation. Several other Twitter users, not associated with ESPNU or any particular college also made jokes pertaining to Winston’s involvement in the FSU shooting. Days prior to the incident the man identified as the shooter, also sent out a tweet pertaining to Winston and rape allegations that swirl around him.

Jameis Winston is one of the most famous FSU athletes in history, both for his athletic prowess and the controversy that swirls around him. Rape allegations have cast a shadow on the young stars career, and could potentially play a role in his draft eligibility. Winston was also involved in a point shaving scandal. The NCAA is investigating those allegations, as well.

NHL Blue Jackets Defender, Jack Johnson files Bankruptcy

27-year-old Jack Johnson, of the NHL Blue Jackets was forced to take extreme measures, and file for bankruptcy because even though he earned more than $ 20 million during his career, he has no more money.

A series of dubious and risky loans are causing financial problems for the defender, through no fault of his own.

“I would say that bad people led me down the wrong path, said Johnson. Now I have people around me who will help me resolve this situation. This is something I should have done long ago. ”

According to sources, these bad people are none other than the player’s parents, Jack and Tina Johnson. This news shocked many, including my friend Mark.

In 2008, after Johnson had broken the ties that united the powerful agent Pat Brisson, it is his parents that he has given control of its finances.

After the Blue Jackets defender has signed a seven-year contract worth $ 30.5 million with the Los Angeles Kings in 2011, his parents took out several loans at extremely high interest rates, from questionable sources.

They borrowed at least $ 10 million in his name and against his future earnings, buying cars and property.

According to documents submitted to the court, his parents bought a the house without his knowledge. Borrowings and accrued interest, have led to several lawsuits against Johnson.

Also according to bankruptcy papers, the debt of Johnson would be between $10- 15 million.

“Zoolander 2″ May Be in the Works

The success of Dumb and Dumber To, the sequel to a movie almost twenty years old, may have given new life to other projects that have been long in development—it seems that Zoolander 2, based on the 2001 comedy directed by Ben Stiller, may finally be getting off the ground as well.  A few months ago, Will Farrell (who played the villain in the original) revealed that he was involved in a read-through of the script, and word has it that Academy Award winner Penélope Cruz is in the process of signing up as well.

The original Zoolander starred the titular ditzy fashion model, who becomes involved in a battle with Farrell’s evil fashion guru, Mugatu. It is not clear what the new film would be about, but Andrew Heiber says Stiller had previously claimed that a sequel would take place in real time and have Zoolander realize he was no longer relevant in the world of fashion. Is that still the case, or have ideas shifted over the years? It is also not clear what new character Cruz might play.

Stiller’s career as a director took a hit last year with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, opinions of which are somewhat divisive. Could a return to his old hit help him win back the other half of the crowd? We’ll have to wait and see.

Misconstrued Republican Ideas: A Proper Response

With bated breath, Immigration Reform will come into effect one way or another. Republicans are about to explode, according to an article from The Daily Beast. Sergio Lins Andrade shared this article with me on Facebook. The Beast reports that President Obama’s action to give legal status to over five million undocumented immigrants goes against the wishes of many Republicans in Congress. Congressional Republicans have it wrong: they should rejoice over signing of this executive order.

Foremost, Republicans should rejoice at this executive order’s arrival because the immigrants will now have to pay taxes, and paying those taxes will be enforced. The IRS will collect more in revenue, and the government’s debt will decline. Reducing the debt has long since been a centerpiece of the GOP’s agenda, and many of new legal immigrants will have a patriotic ferment towards this country, encouraging them to do their part in society: this includes paying taxes.

Secondly, Republicans should applaud this proposal because this is country was founded upon immigration. Immigrants bring with them the ideals and customs of their home country, thus adding to the melting pot that is the United States of America. Additionally, most immigrants are willing to work, and have a strong moral compass. They are willing to rise above their difficulties to create a better life for themselves and their communities. Once communities rise to greatness, nations rise.

This Executive Order is what America needs to reinvigorate itself.

Buffalo Fans Shoveling Snow For Bulls Game

The Buffalo Bills are in need of a few good men, and women. According to reports, the team is offering $10 an hour, plus free tickets to Sunday’s game against the Jets, to anyone willing to come out to the stadium and shovel the field. This story was first shared with me via Facebook friend Darius Fisher.

Ralph Wilson Stadium, where the bills play is located in Orchard Park, NY. The region reported five feet, five inches of snow through Wednesday morning and was expecting at least another foot by the time the storm relents early Friday.

Vice President of Operations and Guest Experience, Andy Major, said the team is confident they will be able to host the Jets on Sunday, November 23rd, but they’ll need a lot of help to get it done. Acording to Major, it takes about 3 days for the crew to prepare the field when a single foot of snow has fallen. Because the stadium is now buried in five feet of snow, they’ll need community support to get the job done.

Experts suggest that there are about 220,000 tons of snow that will need to be removed from the complex. The field will also need to be inspected and prepared for the safety of the players. One the field is dug out, the parking lots and concourse will need to be dealt with as well.

Equipment is being brought in from Rochester and Syracuse for the job, and Major expects a 24-hour a day effort from volunteers and crew that will be working in three shifts.

Terrorist Attack Kills Four in Jerusalem

The enduring battle between Israeli and Palestinian troops has taken its tool among soldiers and citizens alike, and the latest tragedies provide a dismal outlook for the upcoming weeks and perhaps months.

Four people were killed last Tuesday when two attackers from East Jerusalem entered the synagogue and attacked worshippers. The attackers were armed with guns, knives, and an axe.

According to reports, two of the victims were actually foreigners. One is an American and the other is British. They were praying when the incident happened.

The victims’ nationality has not been confirmed. The attacked had occurred in Kehilat Yaakov. Furthermore, reports also state that men who were responsible of the terror attack shouted Allahu Akbar before attacking.

People then predicted that attackers were Muslim individuals from Palestine. People began to panic and police immediately arrived in the crime scene.

Jerusalem is very controversial because there are a lot of states such as Palestine and Israel claiming that Jerusalem is part of their territory. It is actually one of the oldest cities in the world.

Several conflicts or disputes happened because of territorial claims in these states. Jerusalem is a small city but it affects the whole world. My friend Susan McGalla tells me that the reason is that it is considered holy city of Roman Catholic. Several people would go to Jerusalem for prayers and sightseeing. I’ll be sure to keep Susan updated on this story, many of the executives at American Eagle are concerned for family and friends.

Anonymous Publicly Taunts KKK

The vigilante group Anonymous has taken control of the KKK’s Twitter accounts and servers in an effort to keep the hate group offline. After the KKK began distributing pamphlets threatening the use of “lethal force” on protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, Anonymous released a statement warning the KKK that they would declare cyber-war if they did not desist. The KKK responded poorly by threatening to expose over 9,000 members of Anonymous through use of their “ace-hacker.” Anonymous quickly acquired the KKK accounts and began to release KKK identities through the use of the hashtag #HoodsOff.

On Monday, police officer Frank Ancona told The Daily News, “Sounds to me like a bunch of kids in their mom’s basement whacking off.” Anonymous exposed Ancona as the leader of the Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK.

Creating a second Twitter account, the KKK began to threaten the vigilantes with contacting the FBI. Not amused, Anonymous quickly took control of the new account, which gave the hacktivist group complete control of the KKK’s social media sites. KKK websites such as ikkkk.com and TraditionalistAmericanKnights.com have also been compromised, being taken offline for over 20 hours at a time.

The KKK began issuing pleas to its members for donations to help fund the computer security required to keep Anonymous from sequestering their sites. The KKK, long thought to be an outdated society, is clearly not capable of handling computer security or public relations. Thanks to friend of the site Christian Broda for contributing with this news tip.

LaGarrette Blount looking for work again

Disgruntled Pittsburgh Steelers running back LaGarrette Blount has been released from the team. Blount was not pleased with the lack of playing time behind starter Le’Veon Bell. Blount was so displeased that he took it upon himself to leave the field earlier in the Monday night defeat of the Tennessee Titans. One can certainly see why Steeler coach Mike Tomlin stayed with Bell since he ran for 204 yards on 33 carries. Yet the Blount situation had been brewing for weeks as many have reported internal issues with Blount and the Steelers. Fans like Ken Griffin see this as a positive move for the Steelers. Cutting Blount should assist Bell in furthering his career the right way. Blount and Bell both were cited for marijuana usage during the preseason, and was thought to be a bad influence to the younger running back.

LaGarrette Blount’s career is checkered including playing for four teams in five years. Last year was one of his more productive for the New England Patriots, and the Patriots do have a rookie presently carrying the load. However, neither the Patriots nor Blount will want to reestablish their prior relationship. The Patriots have a stable of running backs and Blount will want the lion’s share of the workload in this stage of his career. Many teams could use Blount for the stretch run, yet expect the Denver Broncos to be a team interested, since Ronnie Hillman and Montee Ball are both out for a long period of time. In addition, former Patriot defensive back Aqib Talib is playing for Denver, and undoubtedly will certainly put a plug in for his former teammate.

Junior Seau Among Hall of Fame Finalists

Former San Diego Charger linebacker Junior Seau was announced on Tuesday as one of the 26 finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If selected the 12 time Pro Bowl selection would become a member of the 2015 Hall of Fame Class to be inducted in August.

Junior Seau was a defensive stalwart during his time in San Diego and was widely regarded as the best line back to suit up in the 1990s. He was in headlines in 2012 after he committed suicide by gunshot. It was later discovered that Seau had been suffering from chronic head injuries and brain damage suffered from his years in the NFL. He would be one of the few modern day Hall of Fame players to be inducted posthumously.

Fans and family of Seau prefer to remember the star for the way that he carried himself on the field. He was a beloved icon in San Diego and had quite a few career highlights and will be remembered fondly.

Other players who are up for consideration include Kurt Warner, Kevin Greene, Marvin Harrison, Charles Haley, Jerome Bettis, Isaac Bruce, Time Brown, Torry Holt, Terrell Davis, Roger Craig, Karl Mecklenburg, Ty Law, Mick Tingelhoff, Kevin Mawae, Joe Jacoby, Mike Kenn, Will Shields, Morten Andersen, Orlando Pace, Darren Woodson, John Lynch, and Edgerrin James. Also up for consideration are coaches Jimmy Johnson, Don Coryell, and Tony Dungy as well as executives Ron Wolf and Bill Polian. Keith Mann is hoping that at least a few of his favorites will get the call. It is always an honor to be recognized as one of the best.