How Reputation Management Can Help to Grow your Business

Whether your business is established or emerging, you should understand how reputation management can impact on the growth of your investment. PR disasters and stellar online reputation can bring a business down and may have long lasting effects if not handled carefully. This is what online reputation management takes care of to allow a business to recover from a tainted image. Below are some of the ways through which online reputation management can help your business to claim a better position in the market.

Social media management
You’re likely already using several social media platforms, either for business or personal use. While social media can be perfect for marketing your business, a single mistake like a comment or photo that irks followers can deal a huge blow to the business. In such a case, you need online reputation management to clear the PR nightmare caused by the mistake.

Third-party website management
Even if you are up to speed with technology, some outsiders can find a way to damage your reputation. There are several review sites and platforms that allow one to create a blog in minutes, and these are some of the sites that may be used to submit false information about your business. Online reputation management will monitor any activity of this kind so you will always be prepared to handle any scandals before the information is shared with many people.

Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization is the application of techniques to rank content higher in search engines. The reason this is necessary is to increase the trust level since popular websites are likely to be offering reliable products and services.

Better reputation
Better Reputation is an online organization that offers online personal reputation management services to help businesses perform better. They promote different sources of your business to popularize a story while earning the trust of the audience.

Better Reputation offers 100 percent free quotes, which are non-obligatory and open to anyone looking for online reputation management services. They have a trained and experienced team of experts who deal specifically with managing the reputation and presence of businesses online.

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How SEO Can Strengthen Your Online Reputation

Kate Hudson and Fabletics’ Casual Cool

Kate Hudson is a well-known film actress who seems to do it all. Although she spends a lot of time filming, she also spends a lot of time running a fashion line called “Fabletics.” She talked to Marie Claire magazine about her upcoming “athleisure” dresses that are set to take the active wear world by storm. Hudson and the rest of the Fabletics team (Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler) work hard to design and manufacture clothing that works for people who are simultaneously active and fashion-focused.

The starlet told MarieClaire that her athleisure dresses are inspired by women who like to move their bodies. She also told the website that these dresses are appropriate for a wide range of events. Women can wear Fabletics‘ athleisure dresses to meet their parents for evening meals. They can wear these dresses to hang out with their closest buddies. They can wear them for any reason they want. She also stated that the dresses are suitable for women who are constantly searching for comfortable attire. Women who have trouble finding apparel that can make them feel at ease can reap many benefits by wearing Fabletics’ athleisure dresses. These dresses strive to make women feel good. They’re the total opposite of restrictive. Full interview at

Fabletics is a division of a popular fashion subscription firm that’s called “JustFab.” Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are both also involved with JustFab. They’re actually the company’s founders. Fabletics differs from JustFab in that it concentrates primarily on active wear. JustFab, on the other hand, offers shoppers a bigger range of styles. Fabletics’ produces clothing for women and men alike. Women can turn to Fabletics to manage all of their dress, top, leggings and shorts requirements. Men can turn to Fabletics to manage all of their shorts, jackets and sleeveless top requirements. Fabletics’ choices in clothing go much further than those specified items as well. Shoppers can essentially find anything they need through Fabletics. The brand’s active clothing has a breezy, airy feel. Fabletics creates clothing in all colors, too. People who are fans of muted and subtle colors and tones can depend on Fabletics’ suggestions. People who are fans of colors that are much more dramatic and noticeable can depend on Fabletics’ suggestions as well. Many individual Fabletics’ items appear in numerous different colors, too. People can sometimes choose between melon, black or white versions of the same exact pieces of clothing. The range of available colors is extensive. See:

People who are fans of Hudson’s legendary style can also benefit from Fabletics shopping experiences. The company’s website, for example, features a section that’s titled “Kate’s Picks.” These selections can help people who feel motivated by Hudson’s cool, chic and easygoing fashion vibe.

Making Waves With Your Investments

Each year that passes people close to retirement are always looking for different ways to invest as they get older. U.S New’s and World Report stated an alarming fact, that each year individual would need 75% to 80% of their currant salary, if they are to make a comfortable living. But, the questions for people who are close to retirement, is how can they save enough? This thought is scary at best for most. As he said in the original interview with PRNewswire.

Sam Tabar who is a graduate of Oxford University and Columbia Law School, touched on a few points that may help. He is also a lawyer and an important career achiever. He has worked with Bank of America Merrill Lynch Asia Pacific division, where he worked as a director and a Capital Strategic. He has also held a position with Skadded, Arps, Slater, Meagner & Flom. A law firm that is located in New York City. He brought a lot of his knowledge and expertise to this firm, while he counseled clients on investments. So with all his experiences of saving and making money, most people are glad to listen to his advise.

Tabar warned that Commodity Investment which is on everyone lips, must be done with caution.He advises that investors must do a lot of research, because these investments tend to change so quickly. In other words they are so unpredictable. Although it’s a good opportunity to make money, with the right one. Sam Tabar has seem too many investors go overboard just to make money quickly and then lose it.

There are other investments that one can make, not only trading or mutual funds. One can invest in people who are starting up a business who don’t have enough capital. A great way to make some extra money. This seems to be a trend that is catching on. Tabar himself has made many investments, one of them is THINX. It is period proof underwear that protects ladies from leaks. They can be worn all day and are reusable.

He reminds everyone to do some intensive research before doing any type investing. Just to save a lot of heartache in the long run. Don’t put everything on just one stock.  Read the full story at the Examiner.

Bonnie The Samoyed Loves Beneful Dog Food Because It Keeps Her Healthy

I have always made it a priority to make sure that my dog only gets the best of the best whether it be her dog food, toys, or even her treats. For this reason, I decided a long time ago that I would put her on Beneful dog food because I have heard nothing but great reviews from Wal-Mart customers and recommendations about Beneful. My dog’s name is Bonnie and she is a Samoyed. Bonnie is like a big white fluffy snowball at first glance but she is the most friendly and playful dog out there due to the type of bread she is. Bonnie loves Beneful dog food just as much as any other dog out there who eats it does. I like feeding Bonnie nothing but Beneful because unlike other dog food’s Beneful makes their dog food meals with real meat such as chicken, beef, salmon, lamb, and turkey and also puts a good variety of vegetables in all of their recipes to provide their furry customers with a well-balanced diet. I not only buy Bonnie Beneful dog food but I also buy her Beneful dog treats. The type of Beneful dog treats []  that I buy for Bonnie are Beneful dental twists and baked delights hugs. Bonnie won’t eat any other treats except for Beneful dog treats and also won’t listen to what I say unless she can clearly see that I have a Beneful dog treat in my hand. As for the type of Beneful dog food that I feed Bonnie I currently feed her Beneful originals In the salmon flavor and Beneful playful life every other week or so. Like her treats Bonnie won’t eat any other type of dog food except for Beneful and I’m glad because if she did she wouldn’t be nearly as happy or healthy as she is now on Beneful. Beneful is the reason that Bonnie is as healthy as she is and the reason she has energy each and every day. Beneful is also one of the main reasons why I can afford to buy Bonnie nice toys to play with due to the simple fact that I save a lot of money buying Beneful on Amazon instead of other dog food brands.




Designer’s Delight: How Fabletics Redefined Workout Clothes

Good health is an important goal for most people, which makes it imperative to eat healthy and exercise. Eating healthy is easy enough and can be quite tasty. But there is a downside to exercising, and it boils down to the kind of workout clothes available to women. An article at The Clothes Maiden spoke about the awful choices that women have regarding workout clothes. But there is a solution, which is Fabletics.

So What is Fabletics?

Fabletics is the brain child of the actress Kate Hudson and the team behind JustFab. Both Kate and JustFab understood that many women who were not happy with the workout clothes available to them. Many women felt that the workout clothes available did not allow them to express themselves. Women were calling for something different, and Kate answered their call with Fabletics.

Fabletics clothes line contains styles that you can workout in as well as shop in. The clothes are made with both natural and synthetic materials that help wicker off sweat. This will help keep you dry. The clothes high-quality design and fabrication ensures that it is ready for intense workouts as well as day to day tasks. These materials also ensure that the clothes feel comfortable. Remember that these clothes were also made to accentuate your body, which should make women feel good while wearing Fabletics on

Fashionistas Love the Line

It seems that designers and fashionistas understand how special the Fabletics line really is. Yes, the clothes are very functional, but what really stood out for fashionistas is the fact that it is so versatile. All the lines bring something special from floral prints to geopatterned items. Not to mention the fact that Kate Hudson approves certain looks every single month to help women who just want a little inspiration.

Still, the point of this line was not to tell women what to wear but rather let them be inspired. Many of the pieces you might find, like the Malva look or the Dahlia look, could be mixed and matched to suit your particular taste and style on

It is clear to see just how special this clothes line really is, especially since all the items are relatively inexpensive. This was another thing that Kate and JustFab wanted to make sure of. Everyone deserves to be pampered with high-quality and stylish clothes, even if they do not have a fortune to spend.

Brad Reifler Discusses the Film “Money Monster”

Money Monster was released for viewing at the theaters just last month on May 13, 2016. A crime, drama, and a thriller movie, “Money Monster” is a fictional movie that takes its setting in Wall Street. Directed by Jodie Foster, the movie has a superstar of cast members like George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

With the recent release, Brad Reifler, the Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital, had a discussion about the movie “Money Monster”. He shared with Reuters the three major problems in Wall Street that many small investors often face.

1. Fees

There is no guarantee that an investment will be successful; everyone knows that. That is often the reason why we trust these investment management firms to take care of the portfolio and increase the asset. Even with these services, there is still a risk since, as mentioned before, there is no guarantee of success.

However, the brokers for these firms, regardless of their success in the market, still come out with profit as many firms charge fees for their service, regardless of the portfolio’s performance.

2. Access to investments

Non-accredited investors are “limited to what investments they are allowed to participate in.”

3. Stock Market Risk

“Due to the limited investment options given to non-accredited investors, most of the investments that the non-accredited investor is involved in are correlated to the stock market.”

About Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is the Chief Executive Officer and the Founder of Forefront Capital, LLC, an investment management firm. The firm focuses on managing “customized portfolios and hedge funds” for investments in public equity market.  Follow Brad on Twitter @BradleyR, and read more about him on CrunchBase.

Digital Marketing Agency White Shark Media Offers Free AdWords Evaluation And More

Since you own a business, who would you trust with your AdWords campaign? Most business owners have no clue who to trust or what to do to make sure that their AdWords gets them the results they are looking for.

It is for this reason that White Shark Media is showing everyday business owners how to get the most out of their AdWords by offering a free evaluation. This evaluation helps business people to understand how to reach their goals without getting slapped by high fees and other factors. White Shark Media has managed around thirty six million dollars in ads last year alone.

It is super easy to get an evaluation at White Shark Media. If you have an AdWords campaign running or even if you don’t, that is fine with the experts at White Shark. They will show you a proven way to get more traffic to your web page using the powerful method of AdWords.

These experts use a video chat process where you will get to see their computer screen and see and hear everything they are doing on their end. This results in a better understanding of your campaign and how they can help you achieve the results you desire. Read more:

About five years ago White Shark Media was a tiny agency that was making a name for themselves. Now, five short years later, they are a leader in their industry. The company has experienced rapid growth and with that rapid growth came some growing pains that helped the company to be in a much better place for their customers. Read more: and

For example, they have listened to their customers and found fixes to every issue that the customers talked about. They have improved the way the company communicates with their customers. They have monthly calls, phone systems with a direct extension so you can reach a real, live person and better optimized campaigns.

They are willing to help with your search engine optimization even though they don’t sell you a SEO service as a product. Their highly qualified representatives will help you to improve your SEO. The company also helps to make sure that your questions get answered by making sure that representatives are in touch with your ever changing needs.

White Shark Media has even partnered with a company to help you keep track of not just your AdWords campaigns but, all customers that come in over the phone. They use Marchex to provide call tracking so that your business can track all of your stats and customers.

Qnet’s Partnership with Sharp to Sell the Qnet-Shark Air Conditioner.

The Shark Corporation, a Japanese internationally leading manufacturer of electronics, has combined forces with Qnet to market the Sharp-Qnet Plasma Cluster Air Purifier, which they jointly own. Shark’s primary industry is located in Abeno-Ku, Osaka. The promotion and selling of the air purifier will be done through Qnet’s registered and highly efficient e-commerce system. According to Mr. Kishalay Ray, who serves as the President of the Consumer Business section of Sharp Business Systems India Private Limited, Qnet has been inventive and fruitful with their health and lifestyle products for several years. It is, therefore, appropriate to team up with the company in marketing and selling of the Sharp Air Purifier. The newly formed partnership will make it possible for the product to penetrate the market through the Qnet consumer network, which is made up of very many individuals who trust products from Qnet. Qnet India’s representative believes that the partnership will greatly benefit the two companies. Qnet will now have a new commodity for its customers in the company’s list of products that observe healthy living policies. Qnet Limited was started in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and a few business minded friends, who wanted to create an enterprise that would change people’s lives through marketing. The company’s headquarters are in Hong Kong, but it has units in India, Iran, Egypt, and Turkey. Most of its products are consumed in Thailand, Taiwan, United Arabs Emirates, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Ivory Coast and Rwanda. Qnet uses multi-level marketing plans and direct selling to distribute its products. The company had different names for the 16 years that it has been active before being called Qnet, and these include QuestNet, QI Limited and GoldQuest. Qnet currently sells a wide variety of products, which include home care, personal care, fashion accessories, luxury, weight management, energy boosting and nutritional commodities. Qnet does its business with an aim of improving the lives of people across the world. The company gives people an opportunity to start a business with a small overhead whereby they work as its Independent Representatives. The payment plan depends on the volume of products that a representative sells together his or her network, which is usually arranged in a binary design. The company operates by strict vegetarian rules, and all is edible and consumable products area strictly made with vegetarian ingredients. It also advocates for a healthy lifestyle and creates awareness on causes and control of lifestyle conditions such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Wengie — a personable blogging figurehead!

YouTube “Beauty Blogging” sensation: Wengie is an informative and thoroughly entertaining figurehead in her rapidly growing niche media genre. A video posted by Wengie in December of 2015, titled: “Boyfriend Tag ♥ Wengie” is a heavily viewer-suggested, twenty minute long, production featuring Wengie’s boyfriend and fiancé: “Max”.
The video opens in a familiarly colloquial manner, creating an instantaneous comfort for the audience to enjoy the tastefully blended awkwardness of Wengie’s observably shy boyfriend’s first-ever appearance on her now famous YouTube channel. The two sit upon the foot of a bed in a perfectly, professionally lighted bedroom, thus generating a deeper comfort for viewers.
In essence, Wengie’s video productions exhibit a personalized artistic flair of quality-controlled professionalism and broad relatability for the viewer. The video purposefully takes itself less than seriously as to create an atmosphere of improvisation, despite the nuanced details revealing the thoroughness of planning for each video Wengie creates.
The video progresses with Wengie utilizing the literary device of “apostrophe”: addressing her viewers directly despite the clear lack of a live audience. She is a professional and executes apostrophe fluently, while it is clear that she must lead her shy boyfriend in the direction of using this device. Editing is minimal in the video; therefore, a sense of authenticity is added to the progression of the video as it views naturally and unscripted.
Content for the video relies on Wengie’s vast presence on major social media platforms. In this specific video: Wengie answers numerous real, fan-generated, questions regarding her relationship with Max to a depth of near familiarity as if Wengie’s video productions serve as a window into her personal life and each and every one of her viewers embodies a dear friend or relative.
Wengie’s introduction and conclusion to this video are strong and personalized based on her history of specific information regarding viewer interaction; therefore, it stands to say that repeat viewers and/or subscribers to her channel receive a sense of personalized greetings at the opening and closing of each piece of content Wengie produces. This strategy is used effectively and Wengie displays her own genuine passion for her profession and ensures a solid, infallible connection with her returning viewership.


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Securus Releases Apps for Smartphone

Securus has made a lot of innovative changes in the law enforcement and communications industry. Because of Securus, people are able to keep in touch with any family members or friends in prison. Securus has released an app for both Android and iOS devices so that people can download the apps and us them to keep in touch with their loved ones. There has been a total of 65,000 downloads from both Android and iOS apps. The Android app has gained 60,000 downloads within 6 months. The iOS version for Apple devices have been released to almost 5,000 downloads within a week.
Securus has been involved with the communication aspect of prisons. The company has worked in order to provide some of the best solutions for prisons, law enforcement, and other institutions. Their site is like Vimeo, which allows people to sign up for services that allow them to keep in touch with their loved ones that are on lock down. Securus also has designed devices that will help inmates learn how to re-enter the outside world. After all, most inmates are in prison temporarily. Very few are on death row. Therefore, they will eventually be released from prison in order to resume their life in the outside world.

The technology in prison could be used for educational purposes. According to the PR NewsWire, inmates can also use Securus systems in order to help learn a skill that will rehabilitate them for their return. It also makes it easier for them to find employment. This is one of the more helpful ways to make the world a better and safer place to live. If people can be redirected while in prison, then they will have something to live for which is positive. The technology provided by Securus definitely provides a major improvement to prisons throughout the nation.

Visit and learn more about this amazing app!