Bernardo Chua Is A Smart Business Man

Bernardo Chua is a man significantly involved in direct sales and founder of two companies, Gano Excel, and Organo Gold. He was born in the Philippines where Ganoderma is popular a favorite herb. Ganoderma is a type of mushrooms that grows on logwoods in most Asian regions. It is mostly popular in Asia and has been since ancient times. Bernardo is responsible for introducing Ganoderma to the world mainly in North America. Ganoderma is popularly regarded as a herb, and he supplies it to the rest of the world with coffee, tea, and other products. He ventured into direct sales when he realized it was the best ways to grow his business and make it successful.

Chua is one of the majorly successful businesspeople from his region. He has received several awards including; the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry, the National Shoppers Choice recognition of his company as a top direct selling company, Direct Sales Company of the Year Award and National Consumers Quality Award 2014. He founded Organo Gold where he is the Chief Executive Officer and works with the best organic Ganoderma producers ensuring he provides the best quality at a reasonable price. LinkedIn reports Bernardo is also always developing his products via research to keep ahead of his competitors.

Bernardo founded Organo Gold to expand the Ganoderma products from the Asian market to the rest of the world, according to GoLifePro. He saw a business opportunity of introducing Ganoderma products to other regions of the world and took it. Organo Gold is based in Canada with over a million distributors worldwide. Using direct sales Bernardo developed and managed to grow Organo Gold to a point it was ranked 55th on the list of largest direct sales companies in the world. Other than just marketing his products he also conducts education forums to consumers and potential customers on the benefits of Ganoderma. This helps give customers a clear view of the herbal qualities of Ganoderma and what to expect. The products are also thoroughly tested before being allowed for distribution. Constant research, consumer education, and thorough testing have helped maintain Organo Gold ahead of its competitors.

Bernardo Chua has apparently made the right decisions from the start of his business. Each stage has contributed significantly to his huge success showing he is a smart business person. Introducing Ganoderma to the world was his best move as Ganoderma products are growing popular on a daily basis.  Follow his continued journeys through Bernardo’s Facebook.

Hunger in Venezuela a Growing Problem

In a recent article, My Space explains the growing food crisis in Venezuela that appears to be out of control right now. Since Hugo Chavez rose to power in Venezuela, the country has adopted socialist policies that have done more harm than good for the people in general so far. President Maduro has extended the socialist policies of Chavez and has turned the country into a failed state.
Expert Danilo Diaz claims that one of the major issues that helped President Maduro rise to power was hunger in Venezuela. He promised the people that there would be no more food shortages because the government would be in control of setting prices and rationing food supply. While this seemed like an appealing prospect at the time, the government has certainly failed its people. In a recent poll, about 87 percent of Venezuelan participants answered that they do not have enough food to feed themselves and their families. Although having no internet to use facebook is a major issue right now, food shortage is only part of the problem. The country is also experiencing a record drought, which has caused a huge energy crisis. Because Venezuela relies on hydro-power for a large portion of its energy needs, the lack of water has left many people in the country without power and businesses without any way to operate for the foreseeable future. Venezuela is an example of widespread failure of socialist policies that harm the people they were supposed to help.


The Ground To Ground Gondola By Andy Wirth

Powder Magazine is reporting that Andy Wirth has created a plan for a gondola that is going to go from the base of Alpine Meadows to its sister resort. The Squaw Valley has many great lodges, but the Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley lodge have been sitting on two sides of the same mountain since they both opened. Read more: Update on CEO Andy Wirth and his letter

They were brought together in a merger, and now Andy Wirth wants to join them so that guests do not have to drive from one parking lot to the other. The gondola is going to go from ground to ground. The gondola will help people go from one side of the mountain to the other, but it is going to spit them out on the base of the mountain on both sides.

People who are trying to enjoy both sides fo the mountain can park their car on one side, and they can ride the gondola back and forth. It is important to remember that Andy Wirth has been trying to unify and unite the Squaw Valley tourism industry as much as possible.

Andy Wirth was involved in the merger of the two resorts, and he wants to make them into one gigantic resort that anyone would love. Someone staying on the Tahoe side can get to the Squaw side easily, and the same thing is true in reverse. It is very important for the tourism in the area to make the resort an easy place to go, and Andy Wirth knows that he is going to increase the number of visitors in the skiing season.

It is also important to remember that Andy Wirth wants to bring prosperity to the people of the Olympic Valley by bringing in more visitors. His lodges are one of the biggest employers in the area, and he is hoping that the gondola is going to be the perfect thing for people who want to try out the lodges on either side of the mountain.

Bringing more visitors to the Squaw Valley will help with the economic situation, and the publicity for the gondola will sweep across the country with Andy Wirth’s help.

You can also learn more about Andy Wirth:

How Do You Treat Those Who Block Your Path To Success?

In a rugby match, the goal is making a try which is never a walk in the park. Everyone has a financial goal which can be likened to a try in rugby. You need to get the tips on how you can reach your financial goal just like ruby players need to have the skills to dodge the opposition players on their way to make a try.

You should note that that your path to your financial goal is never easy. In real life situations, when someone offends you for no reason, you either take the option of retaliating or diffusing. The first option tends to be automatic while the second one is contemplated. This is exactly what you have to do before reaching your financial goal.

You face many people every other day who challenge your path to success. What you do with these people determines whether your goal will be a reality or will remain a dream. Think of this: You are one of rugby players in a team donning blue shirts and your opponents are in red. If you want to make a try it will be quite easy as your teammates will help you do so. But what if you are the only player in a blue shirt against a team in red while the other players in your team are neutral on which side they are playing for. You can choose the option of taking it solo on your way to make a try. Will it be easy? What if you talk to the neutral players to put on blue shirts and to play together with you? Wouldn’t that be easier to make a try?

These are the dilemmas we face every day. It is important to understand that there are some people who can be of help even though they seem not to be supporting. How we treat them will determine the outcome. Criticizing them will just deepen the opposition and they will block your way into making a try.

VTA Publications is a private limited company based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. The company was established in 2012 as a non-fiction publisher providing its customers across the world with exceptional information products and services.

VTA Publications provides this information both physically and digitally. It usually offers information related to financial and economic fields. The company has a group of experts from different parts of the world who provide the company’s customers with cutting-edge information.

Queens of Drama Show Review

The new reality show, Queens of Drama, which debuted on the Pop network this year, has caused a huge splash in the world of reality television. The show follows the lives of 6 former soap opera stars as they write, produce, and pitch a new network television project. The show is one of several attempts at creating a reality television series around the lives of present or former soap opera stars. After the success of the reality show, Dirty Soap, which followed the lives of several soap opera stars including General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms and Kelly Monaco, television executives began to become aware of the market for soap star focused reality shows. Since then, several shows have been produced using this theme, but Queens of Drama has gained enough traction for sustainability.

The reality show follows former soap stars Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Harris, and Hunter Tylo, and Donna Mills. Crystal Hunt, who is best known for her roles on Guiding Light and One Life to Live, is revealed to be a sweet and sassy woman with a friendly personality and a easy demeanor. This demeanor is often put to the test by the antics of certain villain-like personalities like Donna Mills, who is shown in the series as a manipulative has-been actress. Crystal Hunt responds to harsh and unfair treatment in a way that is extremely gracious. She does, however, reach her limits with this treatment and, along with her fellow cast mates and friends Chrystee Harris and Lindsay Hartley, begins to confront disturbing behavior on the show. In one instance, wrote Crystal is involved in a attempt by the women to take credit for the hard work which they have helped to complete. Donna Mills is confronted in this instance about her constant attempts to completely credit herself with the work.

Crystal Hunt may have developed her generally calm demeanor during her childhood, where she spent her childhood participating in children’s beauty pageants. During these pageants Hunt told her Facebook fans she was taught to develop an appropriate stage presence and to be friendly and cordial to her fellow pageant friends. Crystal’s pageant talent was acting, and she went on to develop a prominent acting career, especially in the soap opera industry. Crystal gained a starring role on the hit soap opera, Guiding Light, and later earned a leading role as Stacey Morasco on ABC’s hit soap opera, One Life to Live.  Check out her acting reel on YouTube, which showcases elements of Crystal’s entire body of work.

Beauty Tools That Are Vital for 2016

According to The Clothes Maiden, there are some top of the line products that are must-haves for those interested in maintaining their beauty and style. Some, like the Tangle Teezer brush, help with hair shine and minimizing breakage, while other products on Heels, like VITL greens, is part of a great nutritional regimen. Let’s look at these products to be aware of what we should be getting this year.

The FOREO Luna Play is a powerful tool to help prevent skin breakouts and exfoliate the skin. This tool, with silicone touch points, can reach difficult places and has pulse technology. Another excellent product is VITL greens, which is a powder you can put on anything you cook. Infused with kale, flaxseed, goji berries, and green tea, it is an excellent way to boost energy naturally. The Braun Beauty Silk-Expert uses pulse technology to lighten and thin pesky hairs, eventually erasing them completely. It is a great tool on Twitter for those with dark hair that needs attention. True Organic of Sweden’s Undercover Agent deodorant is another must-have, with rosewood and cyprus essential oils. It is without synthetic aluminum and uses organic materials to make sure you smell fresh all day.

JustFab is an online subscription retailer that caters their products to each individual’s personality and style. Members receive the top-of-the-line looks all the way from Los Angeles based on their interests. The magic begins with in-house design team of JustFab, who sketches potential products and creates them from scratch. From there, the products are made and finally make it to the favorite girl with bohemian style in your life, or maybe your sporty friend who loves the Athleisure look. It is a global company, with offices in Europe and North America. For a monthly fee, women who love fashion get their first picks of the kinds of clothes they would like, right off the presses and brand new.

William Skelley and the Future of Real Estate

Founder and CEO of iFunding, a leading crowdfunding platform for commercial real estate properties, William Skelley has been named a member of the “Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.”

The association is by invite only, and organized by Micheal Stoler, Madison Realty Capital’s Managing Director. Stoler is also the host of “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report,” which chronicles and discusses the real estate business as it affects the tri-state area, which has been running for 15 consecutive seasons. This will coincide with an annual dinner in New York City ad the Columbus Citizens Foundation. Apart from Skelley, the dinner will include seasoned realtors from Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, the Carlyle Group, Kushner Companies and Cushman and Wakefield.

Skelley gained the attention of many through his business model that used the increasing popularity of crowdfunding. Quickly, iFunding gained prominence to become one of the most recognizable names in alternative investments for real estate businesses. Under Skelley’s time as CEO, iFunding has headed more than 40 real estate projects that utilizes more than $250 million in funds.

This hasn’t been Skelly’s first time operating in real estate. Prior to founding his own company, Skelley ran a boutique bank that managed $2 billion in real estate transactions that lead to additional hundreds of millions of dollars in finance.

Skelley’s apparent expertise in this market has also led him to be invited by Stoler to be featured on an episode of the Stoler Report in the Spring of this year. He’ll be focused on examining the evolution of commercial real estate and the means by which it gets funded.

William Skelley got his start with Rose Park Advisors, a hedge fund started by Dr. Claton Christensen of Harvard business school. The experience there helped him succeed in real estate. Skelley is the sole founder and Chief Executive Officer of iFunding, a crowdfunding platform for real estate development, making it possible for more people to take part in purchasing multi-family residences, condominiums, apartments and buildings, while also providing business opportunities to form projects around retail installations, malls, business offices and many more. Skelly’s funding method has great appeal to traditional investors who are interested in quality real estate with a reduced investment and thus reduced risk. What iFunding does is oversee the deals through conceptualization through to completion, maintaining a constant flow of communication between the company and the investors, providing oversight and transparency.  See more updates on the company, and Skelley himself through Twitter.

U.S. Government Issued Coins Through The US Money Reserve

High quality gold, silver, and platinum coins issued by the United States government are very popular on However, access to these coins can be a challenge. Many people who are interested in high quality coins issued through the U.S. government look for third party providers. One of the most well known of the third party providers is the US Money Reserve, which is also known as The United States Gold and Silver Reserve.

Coin veterans who wanted to make a difference in the coin industry established the US Money Reserve. Some of the most important goals they set for the organization were to provide excellent customer service, build a high level of trust concerning the organization within the coin industry on, and provide expert advice regarding high quality coins.

Since the establishment of the US Money Reserve, the coin veterans have seen the company accomplish the important goals that were initially set. In addition, the US Money Reserve has become one of the largest distributors of U.S. government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins in the world. People of all levels in the coin industry use the services of the US Money Reserve. There are various reasons why people use the US Money Reserve, several of the most popular reasons are:

1. Whenever new U.S. government issued coins hit the open market, the US Money Reserve gives current clients instant notification so they are aware of the new coins entering the market.
2. The US Money Reserve provides a 100% money back guarantee to all purchasers of any United States government issued silver, gold, or platinum coins purchased through the US Money Reserve.
3. The US Money Reserve provides actual physical coins to the people who purchase U.S. government issued coins.
4. The US Money Reserve continuously provides clients access to high quality U.S. government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins.

The US Money Reserve has become one of the most popular ways to purchase high quality U.S. government issued coins. In an industry where people constantly deal with problems concerning high quality coins, the US Money Reserve provides a reliable resource for people interested in purchasing coins.

The US Money Reserve is an active participant social media. The company can be found at the following locations:
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The information provided in this article was originally presented on Gold News Network. The information can be reviewed through the link displayed US Money Reserve.

Sanjay Shah’s Solo Capital Is Making Big Profits In The Business Industry.

Sanjay Shah can be described as an exceptional business person, and philanthropist basing on what he has managed to achieve in this to fields do far. He is the owner and founder of a world-renowned hedge fund firm Solo Capital. This firm is based in London and has established a good reputation of making successful bets on the European sovereign debt markets and marking a fortune out of this. Recently, from the profits, it managed to make from its correct prediction it has managed to pay its biggest shareholders a lump sum of dividends. Sanjay Shah, who has been its chief executive officer for quite a while, received the lion share of the dividends. He was awarded £27m worth of dividends for that financial year.

Solo Capital was able to make a huge profit this past year that it decided to award its 18 top executives with a bonus amounting to £92 million. The chief executive officer of Capula Investment Management – one of the firms under Solo Capital – Yan Huo was given the responsibility of distributing the bonus. This firm’s profits have increased rapidly recently with most of its income in major investment sectors having doubled. The unique investment pattern of Solo Capital is what has brought so much success for this firm. It has managed to record double profits from £69.5 million to £135 million generally in all the sectors. Its current operating profits also significantly increased from £57.7 million at the beginning of the year, to £92.6 million at the end of the year. Sanjay Shah was also awarded another £19 million by his Solo Capital, from the profits of other companies under its management.

Sanjay Shah was one of the biggest earners in the business industry. His Solo Capital firm continue to break into new business markets day by day and has been very successful in the recent past. This firm majors its services around the finance sector and offers a variety of financial services to its clients. The clientele of this firm is inclusive of high-end investors, institutional investors, large international cooperation’s, multinational agencies and governments. Solo Capital offers financial services such as proprietary trading, financial consultation and management of professional sports investments. This firm further engages in equities and securities exchange, derivatives and commodities trading, human resources advisory, investment performance advisory, sports investment business representation and sports talent acquisition.

Sanjay Shah has retired from his roles in management at Solo Capital and currently pursues his personal interests. He is chasing his philanthropic passion which is dedicated to autism awareness and research. After his time at Solo Capital, he founded Autism Rocks charity to help him in his autism mission. He raises money for this charity through celebrity attended music concerts where the funds collected are channeled to fund anti-autism projects all over the world. He also is very passionate about his son, Nikhil, who was diagnosed with autism at age four.

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The BMG Bank, Brazil

This bank is a financial institution that is privately owned by the Guimaraes family in Brazil. This family had had a close involvement in the Brazilian economic industry from the year 1930 when it first established a commercial bank that was offering products to institutions and individuals. BMG core business was a consumer and wholesale financing and by then it was the leader in the market in financing light and heavy vehicles. Ever since 1980, this bank has continually concentrated on providing payroll loans and is now the benchmark for this types of operations. BMG signed an association of agreement in July 2012 with Unibanco S.A which was aimed at offering commercialization and distribution of payroll loans in Brazil and by that it formed a joint venture that is now called Bank Itau BMG Consignado S.A. this two institutions have signed the agreement to bring unity to the two businesses and to bring a keen focus to the payroll loans at the combined undertaking. BMG contently owns 40% of the voting and total capital stocks while its business partner holds the remaining 60%.

Company Profile
This bank was established by the Pentagna Family and has the operation for over 80 years of concrete performance. It is a bank that is up for credit, and offers solutions for both institutions and individuals through the products like financing medium and large businesses, payroll credit, and used vehicle financing. It has created a nationwide brand for its solidarity in the country’s economic growth over the years and is now a brand that is known nationwide. The bank has historically worked with the highest credit portfolios, and that is something that has been a conservation of the credit policy. Credit decisions are normally taken collectively through a credit committee that is structured and designed to meet the intelligent demand of the bank in a responsible and efficient way. BMG has a great human capital, and the bank considers that as one of its main assets.

BMG Business Strategy
The bank is aware of its profile and it constantly seeking the profitability of its products by the means of quality customer portfolio and credit. The following pillars are foremost in supporting its strategy:
Profitability: The bank focuses on the growth of loan portfolio in a way that is sustainable and attractive to the continuity of business.
Operational Efficiency: The bank has an efficient company structure that is focused on cost control the bank the has a scalable network of that enable interaction process communication and optimization in its sales network.
Human Capital: The bank is aiming to build high-performance squads talented to forming schemes that make winning teams. Teams that enjoy working with the bank and serve esteemed customers with diligence.

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