Christopher Cowdray: World Class Hotel Executive

Christopher Cowdray is an internationally admired hotel executive. Under his skilled leadership, many hotel chains around the world have been able to expand and far better serve the needs of his customers. He has continued to maintain his commitment to excellence and the provision of hotel services to customers who expect the best possible service when they travel for business or pleasure. His work around the world has helped hotels prioritize the needs of their customers and figure out how best to create an experience that meets their needs and wants.

Mr. Cowdray is a native of the country of Zimbabwe, a country located in Southern Africa. After completing his initial basic education, Cowdray went on to attend classes at Columbia University in the New York City borough of Manhattan and earn a degree from their business school. Using the extensive training he gained at this famed institution, he was able to spend the next few years working at various hotels around the world to expand his full understanding of the hospitality industry. His experience took him to places such as Africa, as well as Asia and Australia. He also worked in other areas of the world such as the Middle East and the counties of the United Kingdom.

At present he has over three decades of experience in the hotel business that have led to many kinds of leadership experiences. Cowdray has been appointed to managerial positions that include all kinds of hotels around the world. While working in the United Kingdom, Cowdray was appointed to be the managing director at London’s Claridge’s, a world famous hotel. In 2004, Cowdray was appointed as the general manager at another famous London hotel, The Dorchester Hotel. He was given a leadership role as the chief executive officer of highly admired The Dorchester Collection in fall of 2007.

In 2013, Cowdray’s leadership in this field was recognized by his peers in the hotel industry. He was honored at European Hospitality Awards where he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. His peers were happy to applaud as he accepted the European Hospitality Award that was designed to help honor his numerous achievements in the hotel community and in providing a leadership role in the entire industry. His work with the Dorchester collection was acknowledged by his peers as they saluted his leadership skills in bringing continued high standards to the chain’s many customers.

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