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Alejandro Betancourt’s Contributions to the Investment Strategies of Hawkers

Hawkers enterprise started as a store shop for a couple of pairs of sunglasses. The company has grown over the years, making undeniable changes in its marketing and investments structures, which has mainly contributed to being an international business. It is today an outstanding enterprise in the eyewear industry.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has made a tremendous impact throughout his work life and has transformed the company from small regional sellers to incredible heights. Under his leadership, it has sold its eyewear in more than fifty nations and makes over one hundred million dollars in its sales annually. Since its inception in the ninety’s, the company has sold approximately five million pairs of sunglasses.

According to the strategy facilitated by Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, it was important that the company keenly considered its target market, which in this case was the youth. The young generation, especially those in their teens, have a constant desire to belong. They not only wanted to appear casual but also recognized as good-looking. In the summertime, the sunglasses provided them with their ultimate desire, a stunning look that no one would ignore’.

The idea became the company’s selling point of view, which worked perfectly for it. Again, the wise Alejandro Betancourt Lopez realized there was a gap in physically accessing the target market. It was then he organized Hawkers to start their sales online. So far, the company has developed a vast media presence with over seven million followers on Facebook, 1.7 million on Instagram, and 190-Twitter followers.

In 2020, Hawkers released H20, a new range of environmentally friendly eyewear. The contents first comprise frames, lenses, and packing biodegradable containers. It will also use several components made of recyclable materials, including plastic containers extracted from the ocean dumpsters. The firm can now provide contact lenses and spectacles apart from shades. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is also a productive leader through increased sales across Europe, the USA, and Australia at its Madrid headquarters.

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