Andrew Lazarus Preserves the Heart of Newcastle

Andrew Lazarus, the owner of the renowned Sydney Hotel, The Sebel Pier One Sydney Harbour, has just revealed his latest acquisition.

He has purchased Newcastle House in Hastings Street, which was built in 1888, and is one of only three buildings that survived the devastating earthquake of 1989.

It is a significant addition to Newcastle’s heritage area.

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The Sydney-based billionaire purchased the property from Chris Eather, who had saved it from demolition in 1989 and restored it as a modern office facility.

In an interview with The Manly Daily, Lazarus said he was impressed by the renovations done to the historic building.

He is now planning extensive work on both the exterior and interior of Newcastle House, including a complete refurbishment to its exterior and a renovation of the old ballroom and various rooms.

He is also planning to add a lift, install new stairs, and increase available floor space in both wings of the building.

He told reporters from The Manly Daily that he had been looking for something like Newcastle House for some time now saying it was “the only building in Newcastle” with a similar facade to The Sebel Pier One Sydney Harbour.

He went on to say that he intended to make it a “showpiece of the city” saying he was going to restore it back to its traditional look and wants people from all over the world to see what it looks like without modern additions.

In his words, he wants it to be like a “mini Sebel Pier One Sydney Harbour.”

Who is Andrew Lazarus?

Lazarus was born in 1949 in the town of Kojonup in Western Australia.

As his family was struggling with financial difficulties, he left school after year nine and started working odd jobs including at the merchant navy.

As he continued to work his way up the corporate ladder, he eventually became a successful businessman and CEO of Andrew Lazarus & Associates.

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