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Asot Michael is the Future of Antigua

At a time when honesty in politics is a rare quality, Asot Michael is a new hope. Asot Micheal is a rising star and the future of Antiqua and Barbuda’s leadership.  He’s a third-generation Antiguan with a family-wide background in public service. He’s an MP of Antigua and Barbuda, from the Saint Peter Constituency, and is a member of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party. For the better part of three decades, Asot Michael has worked his way up through government service. Eventually, he served the administration of the Honorable Lester Bryant Bird in multiple capacities. Among these were the Special Administrative Assistant and Chief of Staff. His commitment to public service led to greater roles in government leadership.

Asot Michael also served as Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister. In this role, he supervised the direction of public works and communications among many others. Asot Michael also has a background as an advocate for small businesses, which makes up much of the nation’s GDP. His leadership has been focused from the beginning on positive change for the community. And change is coming swiftly. His contributions to the improvement in many aspects of society have made him the shining future of Antigua and Barbuda. The time has come to believe in hope again. He has contributed directly to the improvement of many of his constituents. Men like Asot Michael will bring improvement to the lives of all Antiguans. The future will remain bright for many years to come!