BeachBody Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Carl DaikelerCarl Daikeler is a hero to those who want to be fit, but want to do it their own way. His career started with the production of NFL halftime shows. He moved on to producing infomercials, and it was this industry that shed light on a topic that would become his life’s passion. He quickly noticed that nearly all the products he made infomercials for were related to fitness.

After considering why there were so many infomercials for fitness solutions, he came to understand that the gym might not be realistic for some people. Nobody wants to be shamed or embarrassed to exercise, but that could easily happen to a person who’s obese. People who are busy with a career that requires long hours and individuals who have kids might not be able to get to a gym on a regular basis. From those realizations, BeachBody was developed.

Originally, the BeachBody program consisted of about 10 workout videos that were 20 to 40 minutes long. It didn’t take long for the series to soar. More options were added, including intense workouts and introductory workouts with Pilates and yoga. Celebrities joined the program, and interest rapidly grew. BeachBody on Demand began in 2015. It allowed subscribers to access the hundreds of recorded workouts from any Wi-Fi-enabled device. OpenFit, the program’s app, was launched a few years later. Participants can do live workouts from the app.

Carl Daikeler is also interested in nutrition, which is why he and a co-founder developed Shakeology. They noticed that the typical American takes in too many calories but too little fiber. The usual American diet also includes too much sugar and fat and too little protein. Shakeology delivers 16 to 17 grams of protein per serving. The protein is available in a vegan formulation or a whey formulation.


Shakeology also contains a significant portion of an adult’s recommended amount of fiber. Eating enough fiber helps a person stay full and promotes digestive wellness. Shakeology’s vitamins and minerals promote overall health and well-being. The shakes facilitate weight loss, especially when a person combines them with the workouts.