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Bobby Kotick is the Activision CEO, and the program’s purpose is to educate on game development. In the past, gaming was considered a man’s activity, but according to recent research, the number of women and children playing games is rising. They play from their phones and tablets. Activision’s CEO is excited about the formation of Level Up U, and he sees great potential in the company. He believes excellence comes from views, talents, voices and respect for the culture.

Level Up U’s purpose is to educate game players about the basic skills required. In partnership with Tad Leckman, who has a wide experience of 20 years in game development, they will teach game engineers for a two-week period how to develop a game. The participants will be treated with great respect and dignity during the process.

Bobby Kotick has formed other organizations like Call of Duty Endowment. Its purpose is to assist veterans in the United Kingdom and the United States in finding high-quality jobs. Over the years, it has put many veterans in good-paying jobs, becoming the largest funder of veteran employment. Bobby Kotick felt pity for veterans who struggled to find employment after serving the country because of the stigma associated. The Activision CEO decided to use the proceeds for veteran employment opportunities.

Activision CEO feels like women are the future of the gaming industry. Women believe that games make their mom days easier. Gaming has created great social connections among people of different ethnicities and backgrounds. Women specifically play games on their mobile phones more than on other platforms.

Activision acquired Vivendi games in 2008. Since the merger, the gaming platform has grown to be inclusive and welcoming while ensuring the well-being and safety of gamers and employees. Bobby Kotick believes that successful leadership is building lasting institutions. Employees play a major role in a business; therefore, choosing the right ones is greatly important. Follow Bobby Kotick’s Twitter to see more details.