Making a Name for Themselves to Provide Online Reputations to Their Clients

Status Labs is an online reputation firm that is committed to providing services that cater to a client’s public relations goals and/or marketing, whether it might be to increase their overall presence online, or to allow that their overall image becomes more accessible toward customers so that sales will increase.

There are different types of services that they provide. Through search engine optimization (SEO), teams use the best standards in order to make clients not only stand out from others when a customer makes a search for a service on a web browser. They take away any negative or inaccurate information, and proceed to make them positive and appealing to the consumer in mind. This is done by using key terms that accurately describe clients.

Other services that they provide include: Google suggested and related search management, which makes a positive image of the client’s company on Google; permanent link removal, which clear a client’s website from any false rumors or information that could be spread about them by using services that can remove links to information that do so; content automation technology, which strengthens a client’s overall brand by making it more appealing toward customers in areas such as social media; and others as well.

Status Labs is growing, and this has translated from its overall success and reputation and commitment to providing quality service towards its clients. At the end of 2015, total revenue has increased sharply since its inception about three years ago. This is contributed to their services, which are innovative and well-structured in scope. They also continue to keep a increased amount of clients that represent a number of industries. Their demand has allowed for more individuals to become a part of their prospective teams. These new employees represent the talent and quality service that Status Labs continues to offer.