ClearObject, Cloud Technology

ClearObject and their IBM ELM Managed Services

ClearObject is an IoT solution integrator that offers IBM ELM Managed Services to their clients. The IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management toolset frequently requires a specialized team to manage it, however, it takes a lot of time and resources to hire a full IT team, and it can take away in-house resources that are better spent on their own areas of expertise. ClearObject offers services that can help circumvent hiring challenges, assist in-house resources, and 24/7 monitoring.

Hiring for IT is challenging because it is a competitive field. Both filtering through candidates and enticing them to your company costs time and resources. With no guarantee that you will keep candidates as they are likely receiving multiple job offers. But businesses that hire ClearObject no longer need to worry about hiring a full in-house team.

In-house IT teams often consist of a few specialized professionals whose time and resources are better spent on their areas of expertise. The IBM ELM Managed Services offered by ClearObject takes the workload away from in-house teams so they can do what they do best.

In-house IT departments also do not have the resources to monitor their IT operations 24/7. ClearObject’s Managed Services come with 24/7 monitoring as IT operations do not stop when in-house IT departments clock out for the day.

ClearObject’s IBM ELM Managed Services can circumvent hiring challenges, allow in-house IT departments to work where they are most effective, and monitor IT operations 24/7 so businesses can rest easy knowing IT operations are working correctly.