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Data-driven Decisions is the Secret Weapon Haroldo Jacobovicz Uses To Attain Entrepreneurial Success

Haroldo is one of the information technology gurus ever to exist worldwide. He is an entrepreneur based in Brazil, the country that brought him to this world, raised, educated, and gave him a platform to put his passion and talent into action.

What motivates Haroldo Jacobovicz is seeing how his entrepreneurial calling has been easing the lives of many individuals by offering turnkey solutions to challenges faced by their enterprises. The Brazilian-based entrepreneur took a civil engineering course at the college level, but a passion for the power of how IT can transform business made him develop technology companies.

Before funding any company, Haroldo Jacobovicz comes with a strategic plan to ensure it will offer solutions to various information technology challenges. So far, Jacobovicz has three companies, the largest being Horizons Telecom, established in 2010. For the ten years it has been operational, it prides itself in joining the league of big telecommunication companies in the country.

Horizons Telecoms is very prominent in Brazil and utilizes 100% fiber connectivity, multi-point redundancy for stability, and modern machines. Last year, it gave birth to Horizons Datacenter, living proof of its steady growth, intending to help corporations and businesses with cloud capabilities and amplified connectivity. Haroldo Jacobovicz is also the owner of the e-Governe Group.

Haroldo is an enthusiastic researcher and reader, an aspect of his that has helped him be ahead of the market for it keeps him informed of what is happening in the IT industry that is data-driven. To bring ideas to life, Haroldo Jacobovicz gets more information of any idea from the people in that field, thus making decisions from the data collected.

The Horizons Telecom originator is creative, a problem-solver, and has a strong work ethic, thanks to his parents, who instilled these valuable traits in him. On top of these values, choosing the right target market, a lesson learned from his first company, Microsystem, helped him maneuver through the industry to becoming one of the Brazilian respected minds in IT.