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Data Systems International; DSI Global Is A Leader In Inventory Control

Data Systems International” or “DSI” launched a cloud solutions system that allows distributors and manufacturers the best system to watch their inventory. It will allow a greater control structure because it is a real live version that reflects factual analysis. Here are the specifics.

The new Cloud Inventory increases productivity by offering the most accurate depiction of the inventory available at any given time. The supply chain is visible at all times. This provides access through a cell phone that provides a dashboard for ease of use. Imagine opening an app that has everything needed out, live in the field. Work will be more efficient.

DSI Global has more than 40 years of experience in tracking and management of inventory. Now, this system will be improved. It’s adaptable to many fields of service. It can be used in the medical field, engineering, construction, and utilities. Workers can connect in this live feed of data to be more productive for their customers and clients. It evolves as the company does. It works for more companies than ever before. The cloud changes everything in this industry.

DSI has released this at the perfect time. It is needed for the supply chain of medicine and vaccines for Covid-19. This breakthrough technology for inventory control in the cloud is one of the largest improvements in the industry. Revenue will increase as visibility provides the answers each employee needs, right there in the field.

The gross margin return will provide access to all available inventory to get the best prices for the supplies they need. Workers won’t need to wait to get the feedback days later. Many don’t realize how much that means. The people that use this cloud-based technology do understand. They depend on it daily. Refer to this page to learn more.


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