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Forex Trading By IM Academy

The world is changing, and people no longer go to the office to earn an income; they can sit in the comfort of their homes and make money online. IM Academy is an online education institution that has a mandate of teaching foreign exchange trading. The organization is planned to offer leveraged live interactions supported by a comprehensive library of the app-based and pre-recorded library that helps to teach its students. In 2013, forex trading experts and entrepreneurs Christopher Terry and Isis Dela Torre established the online trading school to assist individuals with a passion for learning the skills.

IM Academy was established to offer accessible and interactive online learning to those interested and ready to use the skills gained to trade online. Since its foundation eight years ago, IM has expanded and has recorded over 225000 subscribers who have benefited and continue to benefit from its educational products and services. The corporate structure of the education facility now involves several affiliates’ bodies in some of its international markets, registering legal bodies only where there is a tax advantage or where the groups provide risk management.

IM Academy is registered in New York City, where its Head Office is located. The forex education facility prides itself on always being in the lead in forex education. The company works remotely and can save money for office space, travel, and cooperate real estate expenses, thus hiring skilled experts regardless of their geographic location. The model has allowed the academy to position itself so that it operates efficiently and without interruption despite the covid-19 pandemic.

IM Academy has learning modules known as academies; the modules consist of four learning products well explained on the IM website; new clients can only access through referrals by other customers or an IBO. The school has also developed GoLive interaction content video modules that consist of a series of informational videos followed by interactive golive seasons. The academy continues to offer the best and most affordable forex trading education.


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