Haroldo Jacobovicz, Technology

Haroldo Jacobovicz and His Contributions to Brazil’s Economy

Brazil as a country is renowned for its significant contribution to the field of technology. It has also managed to help Brazil thrive in the industrialization sector. A key factor contributing to its fast growth in the economy is the number of firms it harbors. One of these firms is Horizons Telecom in Curitiba, a top-notch telecommunication company with a great reputation. Several factors are contributing to the tremendous rise of the Horizons Telecom firm under its chief executive officer Haroldo. They include high-quality equipment, the multipoint redundancy that has brought stability, and a 100% fiber network.

The Horizons Telecom company was established in 2020 with Haroldo Jacobovicz as its co-founder being in charge of overseeing company operations and ensuring every operation within the company is streamlined. The firm’s main reason for being established is to offer organizations and businesses enhanced connectivity and cloud capabilities. According to Haroldo Jacobovicz, success calls for the following values: consistency when dealing with challenges, perseverance, and determination, to name a few. All companies co-founded by Haroldo Jacobovicz have managed to offer lasting solutions to problems encountered by a number of firms in the tech field. It is a fact, clear and concise that several firms have risen because of the impact of Haroldo on the tech industry in Curitiba.

Besides entrepreneurship, Haroldo also ventures into investment and mentorship programs. As a mentor, he has managed to lead several young, established and upcoming entrepreneurs to heighten and achieve their goals. He is also a great participant in the analytical-data-driven sector. In one interview, he made it clear that during his free time, he loves looking for opportunities, creating ideas, and bringing ideas to the table to be brought to life. He talks of the importance of being aggressive in looking for entrepreneurial opportunities. He explains that he saw a lot of opportunities in information technology which has brought lasting solutions to the field of tech.