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Heath Ritenour Explains the Right Way to Grow a Business

Success is never complete for any business, no matter the milestones that it conquers and how big it becomes, as there is always more room for it to grow. Heath Ritenour is among the most recognizable names in the insurance sector over the last decade, thanks to his excellence in taking an already successful business and making it more prosperous. This enterprise is the first-class insurance brokerage firm, Insurance Office Of America, which he became the CEO of in 2008. Recently, Heath did an interview where he talked about the right way to grow a business.

Work with experts

The IOA CEO and president pointed out that any business leader with the ambition to grow their business to have lasting success should start by hiring experts into their team. Additionally, they should also commit themselves to become experts in the field that their business is in. He pointed out that a company with high-level experts as its team of staff and business leaders means that it is better positioned to avoid or overcome challenges that come its way. Heath Ritenour pointed out that moreover, it will have a much easier time innovating, and these innovations will enable it to solidify its success.

Building long-term customer relations

This insurance industry guru said that the value of building lasting customer relationships for any business chasing more growth and success could not be overstated. These relationships enable a company to generate sales continually, and thus it’s able to maintain its prosperity. Moreover, with each newly acquired client, the business gets to advance its success. Heath Ritenour said that creating long-lasting client relations gives an enterprise the rare opportunity to grow organically. This organic growth provides the company a solid foundation for its success, meaning that it’s better placed to survive hard economic times and other challenges while maintaining a reasonable degree of its prosperity.

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