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Inventory Control Is Within Reach With Cloud Inventory

Cloud Inventory is a sophisticated piece of software that aims to change the way companies think about inventory. By allowing distributors and manufacturers to track their inventory in real-time, the software provides 100 percent inventory visibility. Many firms will benefit from the software solution because it gives them control over their inventory and processes. In addition, it allows for real-time inventory tracking regardless of the location, whether on the field, in transit, or in warehouses.

Aside from monitoring, the system includes a feature that allows businesses to verify inventory authenticity by tracking raw materials, work in progress, and finished goods. The solution is extremely scalable, allowing organizations to grow and adjust to supply chain demands without the need for extra software.

Cloud Inventory includes an insight dashboard that makes it simple to track and enhance the supply chain. Drag and drop, flow charts, and a low-code platform are all included in the solution, allowing for on-the-fly scaling. Essentially, DSI invested heavily in making the solution flexible.

The simple arrangement reduces operating costs by preventing the requirement for highly skilled and expensive programmers or developers. Aside from Cloud Inventory, Data Systems International also provides another product, Field Inventory Management, that gives businesses complete control over their inventory operations. Real-time order issuing and tracking of tools, inventory, and labor are all possible with the Field Inventory program. In addition, to provide organizations with full support, the solution can be linked with other systems from other software providers.

According to DSI CEO Mark Goode, the software solution is meant to solve some of the significant difficulties that have arisen as a result of recent supply chain interruptions. As many organizations battled to have real-time access to their inventory, Goode points out that maintaining control of their supply chain has been a topic of many boardroom debates. See this page for additional information.


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