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Isidoro Quiroga Creating A World Of Success

Isidoro Quiroga is a Chilean businessman known for his successful career in the local and international markets. He is the CEO of a family holding group known as Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín S.A. He is a successful leader in industries that include agriculture, energy, mining, real estate, olive oil farming, wine growing, and exporting.

Isidoro’s accolades continue as a fruitful owner and manager as exemplified in his participation in the salmon/fishery industry. For example, he was tested when he took over a Chilean salmon company when an infectious salmon virus nearly destroyed the industry.

Isidoro led the company through this near reputation-destroying storm and came out on top. In that same year, he led the Chilean fishing industry into being one of the leading global markets, as it continues to stand tall today.

Quiroga has surmounted many hurdles, but he always comes out on top due to his willingness to foresee business opportunities and to manage them to prominence. It is his motto to not give up. For this reason, he is one of the most successful businessmen in Chile.

In 2021, Quiroga has created another business milestone. He sold California’s Enphase Energy Company for a profit of $819 million, netting a profit of around $735 million. He purchased Enphase Energy in 2018 for about $84 million.

He turned that investment around by selling it for ten times more than his original purchase. Enphase Energy specializes in the manufacturing and design of residential energy solutions.

As his past management skills have proven, Isidoro Quiroga is a leader whose fortuitous corporate eye is turned toward California’s Silicon Valley. This location is a technological haven whereby Quiroga is setting his preeminent entrepreneurial visions and his management acumen.

Isidoro Quiroga can always see the future in fortuitous investments around the world. Since Isidoro’s rise to business fame since he graduated as a Commercial Engineer from the University of Chile in 1974, he has become a shrewd global business force to be reckoned with.