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 Kevin Seawright’s Guide To Buying A Home

As the founder and vice president of RPS Solutions LLC, Kevin Seawright is an expert in the process of buying a home. His company buys, renovates and then sells affordable housing in the greater Baltimore area. He founded his company in 2015 after working on a variety of community-based initiatives and for city governments. You can follow Kevin Seawright on twitter.

Kevin Seawright says the first thing to do when buying a home is to learn your credit score. When you have good credit, you have better options. Mortgage lenders also look at a homebuyer’s debt-to-income ratio, total debt and other financial factors. If you have a low credit score, work on improving it before trying to buy a home.

You should choose the right real estate agent. A good one will be experienced and able to lead you through the entire process of buying a home. Don’t choose an agent because it’s a family member or friend who just got licensed as an agent. Look at reviews of agents and how many homes they close a year.

Kevin Seawright said it’s very important to buy a home that costs less than what you’re approved for. This will give you room in your budget to fix things and make improvements to your home. Unlike when you rent, you need to directly pay for a new AC system, a leaky roof and so on. You don’t want to be in a situation where too much of your money is going to your mortgage payment.

He also says to buy a home warranty package. These defray the cost of repairs around the home. You can find reviews about home warranty providers online, such as at Consumer Advocates and the Better Business Bureau. Kevin Seawright says you can get a lot of protection for your money by shopping around. To Subscribe click on the link: