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Larry Baer SF Giants CEO Speaks On The Way Forward For The Giants

Larry Baer has seen better days when it comes to recruiting players for the season. And has always had a perfect team to help him; whether that team consisted of Brian Sabean and Bobby Evans or recently Farhan Zaidi, they have always worked together to get the best players for the team.


Whether that was Zack Greinke or Bryce Harper, searching for great talent is never an easy deal. However, Larry Baer, who is also no stranger to the nine-figure deals or 200 million dollars payrolls, feels that the team will have to be flexible this time around when it comes to finding talent.


Searching for Great Talent


The Giants CEO further added that even the good old days at Oracle Park were great because of the homegrown talent in the area. He also spoke about the current financial situation and how it will force entrepreneurs to learn to be flexible in achieving their company goals and objectives.


In being flexible, the SF Giants CEO spoke about the coming season and how the best players for the league were not even in the league yet. He also took this opportunity to talk about the farm system.


The Giants CEO also said that developing players for this season will be very tricky. The present circumstances place them at a disadvantage, seeing that the players will not go through the main channels of playing at the minor leagues.


However, the SF Giants CEO said the company seeks to do right by the players, the sport, and the company despite the setback. He says that as they work on getting players, they want to recruit players smartly, showing respect to players both in the team and those coming in from the minor leagues.


In that regard, moving forward, a talented group from the minors will be coming in sooner rather than later. Where they are here, Larry Bear added the Giants should be in an excellent position to supplement its roster during the season. Read this article for more information.


About Larry Baer


Larry Baer is the visionary who joined the team in 1992 and worked to mobilize a new ownership group and spearhead a sale negotiation to keep the Giants in San Francisco.


Following that great move, he, later on, became the chief operating officer of the team four years later in 1996 and eventually the organization’s CEO in 2012.


During his tenure, the Giants have won the World Series Championship and the World Series Title.


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