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Laura Mcquade's Role In Planned Parenthood

Laura McQuade is the Executive President of the New York-based Planned Parenthood. The 1970-born community leader, Laura McQuade, took charge of the organization in 2017. McQuade studied in three different institutions. First, at the University of Colombia, where she studied Historic Preservation. Later at the College of the Holy Cross, Laura studied Political Science, B.A. Then, she attended Yale University for International Relations.

As Planned Parenthood keeps expanding its boundaries, Laura McQuade ensures it continues championing comprehensive health care for every American citizen. McQuade is ensuring the smooth running of the organization despite numerous challenges. Currently, several states have upheld abortion bans.

Laura McQuade has maintained a good record in her endeavors. She is always busy spearheading the improvement of the health sector’s management. Her leadership prowess and undoubtedly character will continue to re-envision and transform Planned Parenthood.

Through the efforts of Laura McQuade, several like-minded affiliates have agreed to merge with Planned Parenthood to press more for improved healthcare. The deal will allow Planned Parenthood to have more negotiating power with the government. With her in charge of Planned Parenthood of Greater New York, the deal is likely to have over $110 million in its first-year budget. The new chapter will see the organization aid over 200,000 patients every year while employing more than 900 employees in the new 28 health centers.

According to Laura McQuade, the amalgamation of the institutions will also provide a better negotiating power with the numerous commercial players and partners in the larger health systems. The deal primarily aims at improving sexual and reproductive health care.

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