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Meet Matthew Fleeger, The Dallas-Based Gulf Coast Western CEO With Multiple Successes

Matthew FleegerWhen it comes to the oil and gas sector, Matthew Fleeger Dallas is a distinct and dignified figure. The businessman is an industrious entrepreneur whose sufficient knowledge in marketing and finance has poised the company for success. The entrepreneur, who owns several companies, is a champion of success. Gulf Coast Western, a family company, is among the entities. The Dallas-based oil and gas company is a fruit of his ambition and hard work. Fleeger’s aspiration to pursue his entrepreneurial pursuits is a special one. He ventured into the commerce world later after completing his higher education at the Southern Methodist University in the U.S.

For up to seven years, the entrepreneur hopped from one job to another, hoping to obtain expertise in his specialization. His leadership skills attracted several executive positions. Even when he took over an entry-level place, he would rise to leadership positions within a short duration. Fleeger worked for numerous Texas-based firms before hopping into Gulf Coast Western. At Gulf Coast Western, the leader proved fruitful, but his entrepreneurial properties always pulled him to pursue his path. Fleeger would later incubate a business idea that bore MedSolutions, a medical waste management company.

He threw his whole stamina to MedSolutions, leading to the firm’s success. Fleeger stayed in MedSolution’s position as its CEO for 14 years. It was engaging but fulfilling to see the company rise to success. In 2007, Fleeger sold MedSolutions to Stericycle for a whopping $59 million. His move was geared towards returning to the family business, Gulf Coast Western. Gulf Coast Western was eager to have him back. With his expertise, he was the best candidate for the CEO post. He accepted the position with the sole aim of expanding the company’s clientele territory.

Matthew Fleeger

Loaded with almost a decade of experience, Fleeger is optimistic that the company will reach greater heights. Fleeger points out that to be productive, you have to work hard. His time with the company begins at 8:45 a.m. The entrepreneur spends the first hour planning for the day and addressing priority and critical matters. He then proceeds to tackle the day’s itinerary.Matthew Fleeger Dallas is excited by the innovations and ingenuity in his country. As an entrepreneur and a leader, he knows that advanced technology helps a company catch up with the emerging trends.