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Robert Bull’s RoyaleLife Starts Home Exchange Program To Help Struggling Retirees

As the world leaders continue to find the best ways to battle the coronavirus pandemic, entrepreneurs around the world are also trying to breach the gap. Robert Bull, one of UK’s highly-sort entrepreneurs has come up with a program dubbed Home Exchange Programme (HEP).

Robert launched the program recently through his RoyaleLife firm, which for the past several years has championed for the wellbeing of retirees. The program has had a great impact to those that have already embraced it.

According to Robert Bull, the program’s mastermind, HEP has many benefits. Robert says that unlike living in storey buildings, which pose safety and security issues to the retirees, now those that the program is designed for will enjoy a less risk life. Because bungalows have a single storey, retirees will have no problem scrambling for space with others as opposed to other buildings. Besides, bungalows don’t have stairs thus no worries for the retirees.

In addition, Robert Bull says that the program enables retires to get more cash. According to Robert, the RoyaleLife HEP makes it easy for retirees to get a new home of their choice without necessary digging deeper into their pockets or equity to get the needed money for the new house. On this, Robert Bull adds, “Instead, the program gives retirees back part of the money, which would be needed otherwise.”

Regarding the quality of life for the retirees, RoyaleLife’s program has either built or bought houses for its customers in gated communities. Thanks to the secure gates, fenced perimeters, and latest gadgets and equipment fritted in these bungalows, the houses are the best any retiree would ever get throughout the United Kingdom.

With these and things in place, retirees will be able to do things they wouldn’t do when living in their homes. Besides, the closely built bungalows make it easier for retires to have friends of their age, making it easier for these oldies to do things their way.

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