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Robinson HelicopterFrank Robinson, born in 1930, was well and responsibly brought up in Carbonado, Washington. In the family of four children, Robinson Frank was the last born yet responsible. He is acknowledged for his prototype VS300 helicopter that won popularity and fame on the Igor Sikorsky Settle Intelligence platform. Since his childhood, he had a passion for exploring aircraft, deciding to venture into it as a professional career. He enrolled at the University of Washington pursuing his BSME degree. In 1975, he completed his course; he got crowned in 1957 fr5om the famous University of Wichita.

In 1957, after his studies, he got a slot in one of the aircraft companies, Cessna Aircraft Business, where he exploited and put his skills and knowledge into practice. He primarily majored in the CH-1Skyhook helicopter. Reports indicate that he worked at the Cessna Aircraft Business for three years before shifting to Umbaugh Operation, where he served for a year. The two firms play a significant role in improving his skills and expertise in aircraft operations. Besides the mentioned firms, Frank Robinson was also actively involved in the aircraft operations of the Kaman Aircraft company. While at Kaman firm, his area of major was on the rotorcraft kind, gyrodyne. He also worked at Bell Helicopter for two years, recording positive results. Frank’s favorable reputation in his career got him listed as a tail rotor expert.

Robinson Helicopter

Frank was also part and parcel of operations of the Hughes Helicopter firm in 1969. Hughes 500 helicopter is a highly competitive program that is in high demand in the helicopter industry. He, however, decided to resign from the company. Later, Frank then decided to launch his airplane firm, Robinson Helicopter, at Palos Verdes Premises. The firm began by launching an R22 prototype. The plane was launched in 1975. The assessment period was three and six months. After which, it was given the FAA certification. After launching its first R22 model of helicopter, Robinson Helicopter firm got ranked as a civil helicopter selling firm. Since being founded it has always recorded a positive reputation and good results.