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Ross Levinsohn Has Been an Important Figure In His Field

Ross LevinsohnOver the course of his career, Ross Levinsohn has worked for major companies such as HBO, CBS and Fox Sports One. He also founded his own venture capital company, which helped dozens of technology startups reach their full potential. Today, he is the CEO of Sports Illustrated and Maven.

Levinsohn Has Overseen a Variety of National Publications

While with the Tribune Company in 2017, he was in charge of digital content for publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun and Chicago Tribune. During his time as CEO of Guggenheim Digital Media, he was in charge of trade publications Adweek and The Hollywood Reporter. As the top executive of Maven, Levinsohn is tasked with ensuring that hundreds of brands have consistent access to the publishing tools that they need to succeed.

Ross Levinsohn Almost Got a Chance to Restore an Online Search Giant to Glory

In 2012, Levinsohn was the interim CEO at Yahoo, which was attempting to regain market share that it had lost to Google over a period of several years. When he was given the position, it was expected that he would become the firm’s leader on a permanent basis. However, the company would choose to go in another direction, which resulted in Levinsohn leaving the organization.

Sports Illustrated Gave Him an Opportunity to Turn a Struggling Brand Around

In October 2019, Levinsohn was hired by Sports Illustrated to help the magazine find its place in the digital content landscape. Over the past 18 months, he has been able to help reestablish the publication as a quality source of information for sports fans.

Maven Hires Ross Levinsohn In August 2020

During the summer of 2020, reports indicated that there was a rift between Maven’s founder and members of its boards. In June of that year, it was reported that James Heckman was likely going to step down from his role as CEO. Several weeks later, the publishing company named Ross Levinsohn as his replacement.