Ross Levinsohn Leads Sports Illustrated

Ross LevinsohnSports Illustrated Magazine is one of the most iconic brands in publishing, but it was experiencing financial difficulties until only recently when Ross Levinsohn took over leadership of the publication. Ross Levinsohn has a long history of success in publishing, and he has worked with many famous brands including Yahoo and The Los Angeles Times.


Ross Levinsohn has been able to turn around Sports Illustrated Magazine and has made it profitable through a variety of initiatives. To start with, he has licensed the famous magazine name so that it can bring in money to the parent organization. Furthermore, he has put up a pay wall so that the magazine’s online content is no longer free. These common-sense measures have gone a long way to help bring in badly needed funds.

Furthermore, Levinsohn has restructured the organization to make it more efficient. Essentially, he’s gotten rid of the the old apparatus that was in place to support a publishing model that no longer exists. This is what Levinsohn does because he is an expert at helping brands flourish where the internet and publishing meet.

About Ross Levinsohn

Levinsohn earned a degree in communications from American University, and he immediately entered the world of publishing after college. He soon distinguished himself as someone who could lead a media organization well because of his arsenal of old-school journalism skills coupled with a profound understanding of how the internet affects how people consume information and read news.

When it comes to leadership, Levinsohn is all about listening. He puts a great deal of time and effort into hiring team members, and he takes their input and feedback very seriously. Before he makes critical decisions, he asks questions and listens carefully to what people around him have to say, and, after doing his homework, he acts swiftly and decisively.

He is very comfortable with all the latest communications apps and software, but he also uses pen and paper to write himself reminder notes and keep himself on track. He likes to work early in the morning before there are distractions.