Human Resource Director

Tajuna Sharpe The Human Rescource Director at The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation

Tajuna Sharpe is the Human Resource Director at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation. For the past three years, she has been able to work with and manage a diverse group of people in her position. She loves her job and loves working at The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation because there are significant opportunities for advancement within the company. With so many possibilities available, it’s essential to ensure that you have an arsenal of skills that will allow you to climb your way up the career ladder quickly.

Tajuna Sharpe has had a lot of experience with various industries and companies that have taught her how to be a valuable asset in any position she is working. She always keeps learning new and exciting ways to work efficiently and avoids common mistakes. One thing she is passionate about is professional development. She believes that developing people’s talents will make them highly effective in their current roles and allow them to advance quickly within the company or move into different, higher-level positions.

In January of 1992, the State of New York sent a Request For Proposals (RFP) for constructing 3,000 market rates and 800 low-income housing units on Roosevelt Island.

At this time, Tajuna Sharpe was working at The New York City Housing Authority and overseeing all new development. She received this RFP and decided to respond with a group proposal for the island’s growth to be called “The Island Company.”

The development of Roosevelt Island started in 1991. The island was initially intended to be a development that offered low-income and market-rate housing, but this soon changed to creating a community that had the same feel as Coney Island but on an island. The city would also provide some funding for improvements to Coney Island, which would incentivize people to go there.

The development of Roosevelt Island has been a unique opportunity for many people interested in working with the city to create something new. The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation is a unique project that raised the necessary funds for the initial stages of development. Tajuna Sharpe believes that projects like this are valuable because they provide excellent opportunities for professionals and others to learn about different ways to work, manage resources, and creatively think outside the box.