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The Charitable Legacy of John Ritenour

Motivated by his earlier experience of seeing many families struggle, John Ritenour has committed himself to philanthropy throughout his professional career. Remaining at the helm of a company he had started, he certainly did not forget where he came from; his desire to give back to society led him to create an insurance company. It has also seen him leaving a legacy in philanthropy. His major philanthropic undertakings include the Insurance Office of America Corporate 5k and the IOA Foundation Inc.

Insurance Office of America Corporate 5K

In 1995 Insurance Office of America teamed up with Track Shack, a company that coordinated a community 5K. IOA signed up as an affiliate and later became sponsors of the event called the IOA Corporate 5K.

As the Florisda’s largest 5K event, the IOA corporate 5K offers a day of competition and camaraderie of more than fun and games. The corporate, through the events, has managed to provide thousands of meals and raised funds for numerous local charities such as the Christian service Centre and the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. He has been an irreplaceable contributor to the IOA corporate 5K event success.IOA Foundation Inc.

When starting his company, John Ritenour focused on treating insurance producers as independent business owners. Insurance producers could earn ownership in their own company, and with this, he managed to create a whole generation of entrepreneurs. The Insurance Office of America has been giving back to society via the IOA Foundation Inc. The foundation has been at the frontline of numerous local charitable functions.

The foundation has had charitable collaborations that focus on education, health, social services, mentoring, and financial empowerment. It also primarily aims at helping children from the time they are born up to their college level.

The Insurance Office of America believes in success because they give back and not giving back because they are successful. Since the taking over of Heath Ritenour as the CEO of the company, John Ritenour has had more time to continue giving back to society.

Learn more about John: https://medium.com/@johnritenour