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Tim Murawski’s Role in Medical Device Innovation and Sales

Tim Murawski is a legendary salesperson and leader in Chicago. After graduating from Illinois University, this investor joined the working group to make a living and create a better world. He has served in top positions for different companies ensuring that he brings out the best in them (Businesswire).


His Experience

As an expert in science and cut edge technology, this leader has helped develop advanced programs and technologies, making work easier for physicians. He has also sold these products worldwide to create a better world. He currently works at Augmedics as the Chief Commercial Officer. Tim Murawski ensures the company remains in operations providing advanced technologies. Previously this leader served at Mazor Robotics for a few years but gathered diverse experiences.



At Augmedics, Tim Murawski plays a vital role in providing surgical image solutions. He has selected a team of experts to help make all dreams a reality. During his tenure, this company raised $36 million to develop reality surgical solutions. For Tim Murawski, such investments have improved the quality of life as people can access advanced surgeries in Illinois and other parts. 

Having graduated with a degree in sales, this investor manages all risks involved and creates a sustainable market to sell all developed products. In addition, he has learned how to balance his social and professional life by gathering the experience needed in augmented reality, medical devices, sensors, and general health care. Such skills help Tim Murawski continue hitting the headlines for his continuous contributions. He is creating a history in the medical sector each day with progressive inventions. Besides inventions, Tim has helped companies grow at a high rate creating more job opportunities and advanced medical devices.