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Why This Consumer Wrote A Molekule Review

This js a recap of an actual Molekule review. The consumer was initially skeptical about some of the claims that are made about this brand of air purifiers. They wanted to put it to the test, and here is what they experienced stzrting from when the product arrived at their doorstep.

The customer was curious about two of the top benefits the unit offers. One is the unmatched performance of the advanced PECO air filtration technology that is used in both the full size and the mini size Molekule products. They operate with two air filters and trap many more dust particles and allergens from the air. The larger unit aptly covers 650 square feet (sf), and the smaller one handles rooms up to 250 sf, and both keep the owner’s bedroom air clearer all night. By day, according to their Molekule review, they place the air purifier in other rooms and get equally as superior results. They only need to remove the air filters, clean them and snap them back in because they are reusable.

The app is as easy to use and as functional as the company claims. The air purifiers are not at all heavy or clumsy like the lesser quality, old-fashioned ones. In fact, the Molekule looks nice and is pleasantly light enough to lift up and carry around. The consumer highly recommends this product.

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