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 A Perfect Combination of Water and Land Experiences at SeaWorld

SeaWorld Orlando is an ocean-themed theme park and marine zoological park, at Universal Studios Orlando. It is operated and owned by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Company. When joined with its sister park Discovery Cove and Aquatica, which form a mega-complex, it forms SeaWorld Parks and Resorts Orlando. The theme park offers thrilling rides, shows, and a variety of shows for children and adults. SeaWorld Orlando features several themed restaurants, which have been designed to entertain and meet the needs of all ages.

There has been a long-term trend for theme parks across the United States and, with the success of SeaWorld Orlando, this trend is expected to continue. To maintain their healthy standing in the industry, SeaWorld Orlando has invested substantially in their long-term future through a large number of major construction projects. These include the building of an entirely new expansion, featuring an entirely new Shamu Stadium, as well as the construction of two new theaters, the former Magic Kingdom’s Pleasure Island, and the former Disney’s San Diego Zoo and San Antonio’s Alamo Drafthouse. Other projects include the refurbishment of both the Shamu Stadium and the Aquatica Water Park.

Throughout this expansion, SeaWorld has invested a lot of money in its core area and its close-by neighbor to the south, including a new hotel and multiple new attractions. The opening of these two new attractions will add another layer of excitement to the water world and will help build momentum for the company, particularly as they continue to expand and develop new attractions in the coming years. As long as SeaWorld stays on course with its plan to expand its long-term footprint, it will remain one of the most successful theme parks in the United States. Moreover, the success of SeaWorld Orlando will help set the stage for other theme parks across the country to successfully compete.

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