About Jonas Lauren Norr’s Business Journey

Jonas Lauren Norr is a well-known and well-thought-out member of the Crest board. He is the president of the San Francisco-based firm; Ethos Real Assets. For years, he has been at the center of Silicon Valley’s tech advancements, attempting to leverage the resources made available through enterprise formation and industrial research processes. These have been done to assist innovative solutions that significantly affect societies and propel future entrepreneurship.


Ethos Business Collaborations

Crest has signed an agreement with Ethos to form a strategic partnership to co-develop key technology networks that provide venture-backed products to create and address the heritage of businesses and facilities in industrialized and developing countries.

The joint project will focus on important innovations that tackle the most urgent effectiveness concern regarding critical sectors such as natural assets, food production, power generation, and universal health care. This will be achieved by leveraging cutting-edge remedies from AI technology, industrial automation, chemical engineering, and bio-engineering, among many others.

According to the agreement, preparations began with the first sites and a preliminary batch of possibilities chosen and tested by the beginning of 2021. Outside the most active global innovation hubs, the joint venture intended to provide an inventive approach to conventional financing for essential breakthroughs with significant commercial applicability.

The memo also asserts that Crest will issue 4 million shareholdings to Ethos. This is in exchange for Ethos’ exclusive contribution to supplying and maintaining engineering expertise and maturation tasks. The exchange also includes Ethos’ management of the procurement of community suppliers and sponsors in completing the remedies produced by the alliance on spots Crest expedites.


Norr’s Appointment

Crest Resources confirmed the appointment of Jonas Lauren Norr to its board of directors. Since 2000, Mr. Norr has been participating in early-stage enterprises. Before his election to Crest’s board, he served as a technical expert. He holds five hundred thousand share options redeemable at $0.065 each.

As a co-founder and senior partner of Gravity Ranch Ventures, Norr is committed to assisting profound innovations arising from SRI International to remedy some of the world’s most challenging issues.

The visionary has created and served as president of five companies, two of which made headlines and two bought. Norr’s main fields of focus have been real estate and construction development, solar power, bio-engineering, skills training, and entertainment.

Norr has undertaken infrastructure improvement projects in sustainable power and tangible assets. He has also served as a top consultant to SpaceFund and a prominent speaker on technological and social influence, more information click here.