Alexander Payne is Back in the Saddle Again

Alexander PayneAlexander Payne is an American director and screenwriter with a catalog of successful films to his credit, particularly Downsizing, Nebraska, About Schmidt, Election, The Descendants, and Sideways. Among Payne’s nineteen Oscar nominations, The Descendants and Sideways received nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay, with both films winning. In addition, he received nominations in the Best Director category for The Descendants, Sideways, and Nebraska. In his work, Payne explores human nature within everyday settings in a comedic yet thought-provoking way. He has an exceedingly successful career in the film industry spanning more than three decades and often films in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, the source of his filmmaking inspiration.

Payne’s last production was a sci-fi dramedy titled Downsizing, which was released in 2017. Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, he’s been swamped this past year, directing a new movie and being a jury member at the Tribeca Film Festival. For the upcoming film The Holdovers, Payne will rejoin with his Sideways star Paul Giamatti. In 2004, Payne and Giamatti worked together on the movie Sideways, for which Giamatti received a nomination for Best Actor in that role at the Academy Awards. In the vein of Payne’s previous films, The Holdovers appears to be a dark comedy as well.


Alexander Payne

This year, Payne served as one of the many jury members at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival, serving in the International Narrative Competition jury. The festival presented 35 films during the 20th anniversary. Some of them were delivered digitally, meaning the viewers from all over the country could participate without leaving the relaxation of their own homes. It is undeniable that Alexander Payne is on a roll now, and if his past successes are anything to go by, there will unquestionably be more great movies and awards in his future.