Betsy DeVos Aims For Innovative Solutions

Some people aren’t content to sit still. They want more from life. They want to influence the course of history. One such person is Betsy DeVos. DeVos has spent many years studying the American school system. In the process, she’s learned a great deal about what works and what does not. For her, it’s all about imagining not only what is happening right now but also seeing a better future. This is where she has done so much to help people in the United States. Thanks to her help, many students and parents have more options in life. They are better able to find the kind of schools they like most. This is in part thanks to her advocacy and her willingness to go the extra distance. She has been there to serve as a highly useful ally for all those who enter the world of the American educational system.


Thinking Differently


Thinking differently is what Betsy DeVos does so well. Unlike others who may be stymied by the system, Betsy DeVos has gone full stream ahead. This is where she has managed to make her mark. Her role has been to serve as an advocate for everyone who has been impacted by the American educational system. For example, she offers parents the chance to see what other schools there are that might agree to accept their students. This process is what is known as school choice. That is a process that Betsy DeVos embraces in every way. She wants all students to have the same rights. She wants them to avoid being consigned to local schools that may not be in their interests in the long term. Her real job is to help them figure out what works for them as opposed to the local school district.


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