Bronco Billy – The Musical

Bronco Billy the musical was first Bronco Billy the book and from there it turned into Bronco Billy the film. Both the book and the film were written by Dennis Hackin and the musical was directed by Hunter Bird with Chip Rosenbloom, John Torres, and Michele Brourman providing the music and lyrics.

The core of this musical is living your passion, creating your own family, and making the best of any situation. Clint Eastwood made the name Bronco Billy popular by being a sharpshooter and now the main character, Eric B. Anthony, in the musical is singing his heart out and proving the same point as Clint Eastwood did, that you can be anything you want as long as you can prove it.

The music in this show will leave you singing all the way home. The catchy tunes throughout the show made up about 75% of the musical, Rosenbloom and Torres outdid themselves with this one. Chip Rosenbloom is no stranger to success, he has produced award-winning films and documentaries. He won the Sundance Film Festival Best Documentary Audience Award for Fuel, he also received a Tony nomination for Best Play for his Broadway stage production of Radio Golf. Bronco Billy the musical has a lot to say but the way the story is told in the theatre is outstanding. Bronco Billy the musical will hopefully offer an opportunity for more recognition and spotlight for the cast and director as well as Rosenbloom as a composter of a theatrical musical.


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