David Schmidt’s Products Can Slow the Aging Process

David Schmidt founded his research and development center, LifeWave technology seventeen years ago.

He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

He has made great inventions, and developed amazing products, thanks to his formal education and vast experience of over three decades in the field.

He admits that this work has really changed the conceptions of many people on how to improve life with age.

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David’s research has gotten to a point where people are allowed to age in a way that maintains all their youthful looks and does everything without any limitations by their bodies.

This is made possible by LifeWave technology’s exceptional products.

The newest product invented by David is X39. It has undergone thorough research, thanks to its amazing market reception.

It has successfully undergone 7 clinical trials in the US, and currently undergoing another four.

The research has confirmed that X39 greatly improves metabolism.

The product also slows the aging process by reversing the process of mitochondrial dysfunction.

Mitochondria, being the powerhouse of all the cells contributes to the great success of the X39.

David also invented the awesome product Patch, a great energy enhancer. Patch efficiently works by burning fats faster in our bodies.

The two products help elevate the levels of copper peptide, and GHK, its precursor.

These great molecules help a great deal in resetting genes to a very younger state.

David Schmidt stipulates that there are other ways of impressively increasing the benefits of X39 through changes in lifestyle choices.

Among them is eating a healthy diet, supplementing wisely, and proper exercises to mention but a few.

Dr. Chevalier, who has been working with LifeWave technology for many years spoke at the Las Vegas conference.

He admitted that after researching the role of copper peptides in cognitive function for quite some time, he got impressive results.

He further presented many dramatic ultraviolet brain-mapping of before-and-after photos during the conference.

The photos showed great improvements that occurred in the mental function within a few weeks of changing the copper peptide levels.

David’s unique products, therefore, contribute a great deal in improving healthy living.

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