DFINITY USA Actively Works Toward Blockchain Singularity


The promises of blockchain technology are lofty, and they have not yet been met by existing platforms. The current blockchain platforms in use today are private solutions that have limited capabilities. While they have solid limitations, DFINITY USA is an innovative company that has confidence in its ability to move beyond those limitations and ultimately to achieve blockchain singularity. Blockchain singularity occurs when smart contracts are widely adopted via the same platform. Singularity has the potential to fundamentally change societies in exciting ways. Rather than envisioning a world with numerous private-acccess platforms, the company sees a future with one public-access platform. In fact, it is actively developing that platform, which it calls the Internet Computer.

The Internet Computer has a considerable amount of interest, and interest from crypto investors, blockchain supporters and node providers continues to grow. In addition, DFINITY USA is actively raising funds to promote the Internet Computer’s development. It received in excess of $100 million in funding in 2018 alone.

Dfinity FoundationIn addition to being a public platform, DFINITY USA’s Internet Computer has several standout qualities. For example, it is being developed with decentralized, token-based units known as dapps. These features promote faster and easier improvements. Another exciting feature of the Internet computer is peer-to-peer communications via subnet nodes. This varies from the intermediaries that private-access blockchain platforms use.

The development of the Internet Computer continues at DFINITY USA today. As the technology continues to be refined, the company regularly makes small steps toward its goal of blockchain singularity.