Executive Adviser

Doug Haynes: Business Success Comes from People’s Success

Doug HaynesAccording to Doug Haynes, an executive adviser, the human element is essential in success’ functional and technical underpinnings. He has always focused on enhancing vital relationships with his top clients throughout his management consulting profession. His passion is guiding his fellow workers to become high-performing teams, better leaders, and attain more in their life and work.

Doug Haynes’ Achievements

Doug offers private and public enterprise leader advisory services as the managing partner and president of the Council Advisors. He had excelled well in different high-profile roles before launching The Council.

He recently served as the president of Point72 Assets Management. Before taking up the role, Doug served as McKinsey &Company’s senior partner for twenty-two years. He joined the company in 1992, headed its Northeast region in the United States, and co-founded its technology services. Before that, Doug Haynes served in different software design and development roles.

Doug’s Transition to Consulting Work

Haynes’ technological background inspired his management consulting work. He graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in mechanical engineering. Dough broadened his technical skills right after graduation by taking different software development and engineering positions.

Few years later, Doug gained interest in the business domain. With his interest in business, Haynes received a William M. Shermet Scholarship at the Darden’s Business school at the University of Virginia. He credits this unique educational experience to his management consulting career.

Doug’s Career Shift Brings Focus on Relationships

During Haynes’ twenty-two years of experience in McKinsey &Co, he interacted with different executive clients globally. Through Mckinsey’s culture, Doug became an active member of the company as he focused on enhancing relationships and engaging with top-level clients.

According to Doug, working at McKinsey opened the entire universe to him as he had the opportunity to work and interact with brilliant clients and colleagues on fascinating engagements across the globe. McKinsey was a community that made him fully engaged, and the twenty-two years he worked there were immensely influential.