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Doug Haynes

Doug HaynesDoug Haynes is an entrepreneur and business consultant who specializes in assisting companies in increasing the amount of money that is left over after expenses. He has more than 20 years of experience working in the business world and is aware of how to assist companies in accomplishing their objectives. In addition, Douglas is the author of the book “The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Automation,” which is a manual that instructs owners of companies on how to make use of modern technology to automate their business processes to save both time and money. Talk to Douglas D. Haynes if you want to learn how to increase your company’s profits. He is an expert in this field.

As Chairman of The Council, Doug Haynes is a trusted advisor to the senior managers of both corporate entities. Doug’s greatest recent position was Chairman at Point72 Asset Management, which is widely regarded as among the best equity investment firms in the U. S. Doug was a Senior Associate at McKinsey & Company before he joined Point72. While there, he was in charge of the Operations practice worldwide and in the Northeast Province of the United States. Doug was one of the representatives for McKinsey’s High-Tech industry standard and co-founder of the firm’s profession in innovative solutions. In addition, Doug was a leader in McKinsey’s exercise in the financial services sector. Before earning his master’s degree in business administration, Doug worked as a contractor for the Plastic materials Business Group of GE and as a computer programmer for the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States.

Doug is involved in several causes, including the alleviation of poverty, the support of veterans, and education. In addition to being a newly founded top executive of The Center for International Enterprise, Cohen Veteran’s Network, and Cohen Veteran’s Bioscience, he is also a Cohen Military vet. The Camp South Ground and the Robin Hood Foundation have him serving on their board of directors. He is a consultant to the founders of several new businesses, such as Vega Factor, ChainIQ, FRISQ, and Obsidian Investment Management, among others. Doug received a Shermet Scholarship while attending the Darden Graduate School of Business and earned a mechanical engineering degree from West Virginia University.