Entrepreneur Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is an Australian entrepreneur and owns a consulting company.

He understands it is not easy to start a business.

He subsequently started consulting to assist other business startups.

At twenty-five years of age, Lazarus was already running four companies.

He sold all the companies and made enough profit to retire at thirty-three. However, he believed this was an unrealistic choice.

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Lazarus was determined to apply his success to assist troubled entrepreneurs instead of following a lifetime of leisure after retirement.

Over twenty years ago, the urge to assist others led him to begin and operate in Sydney, Luke Lazarus Consulting Firm.

He was an exemplary student in school and earned a 4.0-grade point average.

Many universities in Australia and the United States looked forward to recruiting him after his graduation.

He settled in Melbourne and studied to earn his Masters of Business Education.

He turned down job offers and pursued his undying love for entrepreneurship.

Being the founder of a consulting company, Lazarus is aware that brand new businesses do not fail because of an absence of effort or passion, but rather the inability to integrate business function.

Time-consuming tasks such as administration can be outsourced to create more hours for entrepreneurs.

To assist his clients in attracting investors who will fund unknown businesses, Lazarus uses an initial public offering or acquisition model to confirm his client organizations’ attainable worth.

He emphasizes branding and the way a business positions its clients.

Lazarus additionally works with existing companies that struggle with success, finds explanations for their failures, and switches the companies around with a proven pan of actions.

Overcoming the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lazarus notes some developments such as Instagram, voice recognition, and mobile payments that can be used to market businesses.

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