Fresh Thinking Group Executive Dave Antrobus Shares the Common Messaging Applications

Dave AtrobusWhile messaging applications offer end to end encryption, there has been growing concern about the security of such apps, especially WhatsApp. However, the Fresh Thinking Group co-founder Dave Antrobus states that before evaluating the messaging applications that suit your needs, it’s essential to scrutinize the security feature they offer. Dave Antrobus examines the common messaging platforms and how they rate in terms of their security and features.


Dave Antrobus points out that WhatsApp grew in popularity globally because of its built-in features like group chat with a capacity of over 256 participants. Users can even send several messages simultaneously to different contacts. The Fresh Thinking Group executive also states that most people love its video and voice call functionality.

WhatsApp even supports sharing videos and photos with a 100 MB document and 16 MB size. The application still features a location sharing application that lets users know their location in real-time.


Dave Antrobus states that Telegram has gained popularity due to its fast delivery of messages and that it doesn’t have any file restrictions on chat and file size, which is the case with WhatsApp. The other notable feature is that the number of users in groups can go past 200,000. Antrobus also notes that it includes different features that boost its entertainment value like sticker sets, bots, quizzes, and polls.

Besides the video and voice calls that What’s App offer, Telegram has integrated a self-destruct messaging feature whereby sensitive data can disappear for the receiver and sender. The Fresh Thinking Group executive states that Telegram only offers end-to-end encryption secret chat features. Still, there hasn’t been any report on the application sharing information with government authorities or other third parties.


Like Telegram and WhatsApp, Signal allows users to create groups, make video and voice calls, and features the option for self-destruct messaging. The Fresh Thinking Group executive states that most people love it because it offers privacy in different ways. For instance, all the photo, audio and text messages are protected by end to end encryption. It also doesn’t keep its user’s information, and its screen information feature is integrated with face-blurring tools, locks and blank pop-ups.