From Starting Small to Becoming an Entrepreneur, Jack Mason’s Story of Success Should Inspire You

Jack MasonJack Mason is the founder of a successful company called Inc & Co. The business, based in London, specializes in retail consultancy and has seen strong growth over recent months. After starting at 16 years old doing odd jobs in his parent’s shop, Jack realized he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Hence, he started small by creating a food delivery service for a local supermarket. He went on to open several businesses, and in 2016, Inc & Co CEO was launched.

Today, the company provides consulting services to retailers looking to expand their business, whether by operating in new markets or opening new outlets. Most recently, Jack Mason’s company has launched a retail division where they will develop products, supply, and support stores looking to enter the high street through either a takeover or refurbishment. Jack is optimistic about his role as an entrepreneur as he feels that there will be opportunities for companies like Inc & Co more so now than ever before. Mr. Mason commented on his success: “Running your own business isn’t easy but it’s very rewarding and I’m glad that there will be more opportunities for companies like Inc & Co in the future.”

This year a report was released stating that retail sales are expected to fall short of expectations, with levels set to decrease by 0.7% from the previous forecast of 1.3%. However, Jack Mason doesn’t feel these figures will affect the company’s potential. Indeed, he is positive that as consumers will spend more online shopping in future years, and that Inc & Co will benefit greatly from this development. They often supply entrepreneurs with advice on making their stores more appealing to those buying things online. After a successful year of growth, Mr. Mason expanded his business to the US by opening an office in New York, and he hopes to continue this positive trajectory throughout 2017.

Jack Mason

Mr Mason has also been advised that Inc & Co should start looking at overseas markets as one of the ways they could further increase their growth potential; however, he is reluctant to do so until it’s needed as he believes “you have to be careful when you expand internationally as it’s always easier to do so than to contract”. Despite this, he is confident that Inc & Co will be able to move into new markets if needed.