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Georgette Mulheir + Defend Haiti´s Democracy

Haiti is undergoing a problematic humanitarian and political situation that the rest of the world is turning a blind eye to. The atrocities being meted on the citizens are untold. Some global advocacy groups have vowed to let the world know what is going on in Haiti as they try to find a lasting solution to this crisis. The Defend Haiti´s Democracy and other global partners are working tirelessly to find a lasting solution to this political cum humanitarian problem. According to global leader Georgette Mulheir, the dire situation getting experienced in the Central American country started boiling down about two years ago when the current political class overstayed in office without following due process. The crisis intensified in the last few months as the ruling class started using too much force on persons against this regime. 


The situation turned worse when the president decided to extend his term against the Haiti Constitution that dictates two terms in office. The president and the executive have a firm grip on Haitian institutions expected to lender justice to its citizens. Each day, the situation is getting worse as the government cracks down on its opponent using excessive force and abusing fundamental human rights. Georgette Mulheir explains that Haiti is a signatory member. Currently, no adequately constituted parliament or elected officials can legitimately run the government in Haiti. The situation gets fueled by the adamant president refusing to hand over power peacefully as per the advice extended to him by the international community and law scholars from Haiti. 


The pressure mounted on the president to step down and allow a transitional government that is democratically elected to step in has fallen on deaf ears. Reports are getting published on the current situation in Haiti, and one such report is from the trusted Harvard law school with partnership from the local human rights advice groups in Haiti. The report detailed the horrific situation in Haiti on the ground and the atrocities committed by the Haitian authoritarian regime. According to Georgette Mulheir, the report further details how human rights are getting violated with planned abduction, rape, and murder getting targeted to the persons opposing this regime. The report recommended suing the perpetrators of these acts at the international criminal court of justice.


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