Community Leader, Dictatorship

Georgette Mulheir´s Advocacy for Haiti´s Democracy

Georgette Mulheir, otherwise known as George, is a social worker and an advocate for the transformation systems of children’s care and protection. Georgette has played a major role in coming up with a worldwide motion to identify the extreme harm experienced by many children living in orphanages across the globe. This has seen several governments alongside world decision-makers bring to an end children institutionalization. Georgette Mulheir has brought about change in the care transforming systems model practiced by many governments globally. As a result, she has been identified among the 30 most influential social workers in the world. Nonetheless, she won an award in Tribeca disruptive Innovation. 


Additionally, Georgette has facilitated several children to reunite with their loved ones through emergency response programs during the US/ Mexico border crisis. In Ethiopia, Georgette Mulheir introduced emergency foster family care to facilitate the release of detained unaccompanied child refugees (Ted). 


In Sudan, Georgette worked with UNICEF by helping to re-interpret Sharia Law that was used to punish single mothers. Her work saw to it that single mothers were not looked down upon. As a result, over ten thousand babies abandoned in the Khartoum streets by single mothers in fear of punishment by the government got rescued. Georgette Mulheir started working in Haiti 6 years ago to enhance a new care system for children and families in marginalized communities. According to Georgette, Haiti has recently neglected child care. 


Cases of child trafficking have escalated due to the political crisis in the country. Through Defend Haiti’s Democracy, abbreviated as DHD, George has been at the forefront of championing Haiti’s Freedom. In 2020, Haiti’s Parliament was dissolved due to stalled elections. As a result, human rights have been violated, leading to rape, murder and kidnap cases. Georgette Mulheir has condemned Haiti’s government for these acts. She has therefore put pressure on the international community to enforce the peaceful transfer of power. George, through DHD, advocates for the restoration of the rule of law in Haiti and the end of violence.