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Greg Aziz Leader in the Shipbuilding Industry

When the railroad industry is not strong, a small, but successful company can make it work for them. But there are outstanding leaders that made the railroad industry grow to huge success. This was true for Greg Aziz who, despite living in a small town in New England, started and ran his own railroad business from the 1940s to 1980s. 


Following his grandfather’s example of starting up an inshore fishing fleet with two boats he had been given by Henry Ford (circa 1930), he started with a single boat that he eventually expanded to five as well as additional side business activities. The Greg Aziz Company began to specialize in the large 3 percent of freight tonnage.


This, mostly lobster and potato that was rail carried. The small shipments needed their own cars, which the company would then rent out to railroads and shippers. Greg Aziz explains that a commonly told story is that after the M.V. Cape Cod, a steamer that had been a fixture on the Boston-New York route since the late 19th century. 


Greg Aziz Leader in the Shipbuilding Industry

He was retired in 1960 and a new Cape Cod negotiated for, with its owners, Aziz obtained the steamer’s number rights for $1.00 as well as her equipment. The Boston to Maine railroad that leased the equipment used it for cars that hauled various New England products such as dairy products and produced goods. Greg Aziz thus became the major player in the specialty car market in this area.


The $1.00 was not all that Aziz bargained for and soon other railroads realized that they could increase their rates by shipping on his cars. The business expert also joined efforts with Boston businessmen to bring a $25,000,000 shipbuilding industry to the Boston area which was approved in 1971 but never built due to a federal spending moratorium imposed during Nixon’s administration. Greg Aziz is an important business figures for the communities he serves at.