Growth and Kindness; Oil and Gas.

Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger is a man whose focus far extends past the exhaustingly plain acquisitive nature of those in the profession of oil and gas. Rather than becoming immovable about growth in the consistently evolving field of energy consumption, he has extensively dedicated himself and the efforts of his company, Gulf Coast Western, to adapt while maintaining culminate success and renewable growth. Born from the sweat and skill of a family enterprise Fleeger has risen to the task of managing an ever-rising oil company. Thus, the values and ethics instilled in him from his past have informed him and transformed the business practices of Gulf Coast Western.

Anyone who decides they wish to become great at something requires the challenges of starting afresh and diversifying their experiences to grow into their true potential. One must give aid in order to receive the benefits of strength. Fleeger both recognized and acted upon this maxim in 1993 when he founded MedSolutions, Inc. For, he was astutely aware of the challenges that were intertwined with the business of medical waste removal. A spark for growth was then ignited in his mind as he saw the opportunity to combine philanthropic-like service and profit into one business. MedSolutions Inc came into the medical waste scene with refreshing energy as Fleeger led the company to develop and maintain efficient and far safer disposal techniques. His time spent doing this noble task allotted him with the confidence in his abilities to lead those working with him into new horizons.

Matthew Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western has only profited under the leadership of Matthew Fleeger. For, while Gas and Oil his trade he has taken on a second vocation of combining kindness, transparency, and adaptability into one mindset. There is far more to come from the ventures of this man’s leadership, and it is a joy to the public to know a genuinely fair and good person can still taste the sweet fruits of their labor in Corporate America.