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Heath Ritenour of IOA Explains the Freedom at The Insurance Company

While addressing Insurance of America (IOA), Heath Ritenour chose his theme very early. He did not know how the topic of “Freedom” could be but a week before the event, he became free from cancer. Heath discovered that freedom had so much in it while he was fighting cancer.

Heath Ritenour began by narrating his cancer journey before delving into the message of the day. He pitied himself by the fact that he could not control his life while he was sick. There was no freedom for himself.

After giving his moving cancer story, Heath Ritenour started to address the freedom that was at IOA. Despite the large number of employees (1200) at IOA, they had not put any corporate rules to control the enormous team. There were no rules on anyone. Further, he explained the freedom at IOA whereby: any employee was at liberty to be an entrepreneur and construct anything freely. There was nobody who the management put to micro-manage the employees because every employee was self-motivated to work.

Instead of watching over the employees, leaders at IOA had an obligation to improve the business every day, make the company better, and ease the operations at the company while making more sales. The feature makes him outstanding and unique against other insurance companies. Heath Ritenour acknowledged that even employees are father, mothers, sisters, brothers, and friends, which is normal. So, they have the freedom to perform other activities when they are not engaged in the office.

Finally, Heath Ritenour feels better and compassionate after successfully fighting cancer: he is a better father, husband, and CEO. His excitement increases when he finds that he will be the CEO at IOA for more years ahead to experience its unmatched growth. Heath compares the success that IOA has held as just a tip on the iceberg since he expects more. His relationship with the IOA community is now robust since they stood by him when he was ailing.