How Caribou has been making it Easier for Customers Delivering Parcels

Caribou Most of the parcel delivery organizations in the industry today have one major depot where their customers have to make sure they have delivered their parcels, and they have collected some heavy parcels. This is a traditional operational strategy that every other organization that has been operating in this industry has been incorporating, and they believe that they have been achieving success in the market by having such strategies in their business operations in the market.

However, it is important to indicate that this is the wrong approach because it means organizations are usually saving money at the expense of their customers. Instead of looking for all the possible ways through which such organizations will help their customers, they are looking for some of the opportunities to exploit the needs of their customers. That is why Caribou seems to have been looking for a different operational approach in the same industry.

Caribou knows that there are very many customers who have been looking to access parcel delivery services from the market. In this case, such customers need an organization that is highly interested in making sure that most of the issues have been addressed within the shortest time possible. This is the main reason why the organization has been using a different approach when it comes to having a major central depot.

When Caribou joined the market, having a single depot for the collection of all the parcels seemed to be the best strategy to meet the needs of the customers. This was an approach that played a very central role in changing the way the organization perceived the market. The entity realized that this was not the best approach for addressing most of the needs of the customers.


This is the time Caribou introduced another operational strategy that was specifically focused on making sure that customers were not moving for long distances when bringing their parcels to the organization. This is the major reason why the organization had to open multiple depots across the United Kingdom where customers could access them without covering some huge distances. This was an innovative strategy of saving money.