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How Hughes Marino Can Help Your Business Relocate Successfully

With over twenty years of experience and knowledge on moving a business from one state to another, our team at Hughes Marino has honed in on the intricacies of this process. The firm wishes to share this valuable knowledge with others to help them feel prepared and informed.


Hughes Marino provides comprehensive services for relocating a business, including site selection, lease negotiation, development, build-out design, and project management. We offer a wide range of expertise to ensure that all potential concerns related to relocating a business are considered before moving day. We are a business-centered firm with a strong commitment to excellence, and we want our clients to be satisfied with what they receive through our proven organization. At Hughes Marino , we aim to ensure that the entire project is completed efficiently and successfully.


We achieve this through.


  1. Planning – At our representation firm, we highly recommend three months to a year before moving day to set up a team, establish a budget and schedule the relocation process. Hughes Marino advises you to take this time also to inform your tenant so that you can go over the existing lease.


  1. Developing a comprehensive team – Due to our experience, we recommend a team that is seasoned in the industry and experienced in relocation needs. Whether you are a biotech company or an IT company, Hughes Marino has the experience to properly and safely move your assets from one location to another (Gnrgc). 


  1. Establishing a communication strategy – Hughes Marino has a follow up process on this matter. Two months before moving, develop a communication plan to inform your clients of your new location. You can do this through social media, email, or press releases. 


  1. Set up security protocols – Based on our own experience, we recommend setting up tours and taking inventory of the current building to ensure that all assets are accounted for. Hughes Marino strongly recommends that security measures be put into place before moving day to prevent any loss or damage. Also, provide your employees with key cards, badges, or biometrics to access your new location.


These steps from Hughes Marino are an oversimplification of the process, but we hope they will allow you to feel prepared and comfortable with your future relocation. If you are considering relocating your business, contact Hughes Marino to find out how we can help you along the way.