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IM Academy Offers Online Lessons On Forex Trading

Are you interested in learning forex trading? The venture is quite profitable. However, you need to be conversant with how to go about everything. Fortunately, IM Academy is offering online classes.

About IM Academy

IM Academy was established in 2013. Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry are forex experts and independent entrepreneurs who came together to form the academy. Their main goal was to ensure people would access forex education through an online platform that is accessible. The training sessions would also be interactive, and as a forex enthusiast, you would develop skills that you would apply when trading.

Currently, the academy has more than 225,000 subscribers. A considerable percentage of the subscribers is active, and they gain significantly from the educational services and products being offered by the academy.

At IM Academy, the employees usually work remotely. As a result, the company usually saves money on corporate real estate and office space expenses. Also, the firm hires top-quality talents. There are no geographical restrictions, which means the firm can focus entirely on its mission to offer quality education to those interested in forex trading. The corporate model has also ensured the academy can operate efficiently. There won’t be any interruptions regardless of the emergency measures that have been put in place to ensure coronavirus won’t spread. Read this article for more information.

Products Being Offered by IM Academy

The academy offers learning modules. There are four programs, and you can access them from the academy’s website. You can easily access everything through a referral. Every video module comprises informational videos, and there are unlimited sessions that are interactive through which students can apply all the concepts that they have learned in real life.

The videos allow you to understand the basics of forex trading. The interactive sessions will allow you to further your knowledge as you try out forex trading. During each interactive “goLive” session, you’ll be in touch with an IM educator.


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