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Industry Leader Author Solutions Offers An Exceptional Gateway For Authors

Self-publishing a book involves a lot of hard work, time, and effort, which can cause the author to feel stressed out and overwhelmed by the entire process. However, there is a company that can alleviate these stressors and create a smooth path for the writer.

Author Solutions has become a cutting-edge global leader in the self-publishing world by offering their authors various unmatchable resources, contacts, and comprehensive knowledge. The company, which is based in Bloomington, Indiana and founded in 1997, has already helped almost 250,000 authors attain their dreams by publishing over 300,000 books.

The rare and unique difference in their approach is that they ensure the authors reserve full and complete autonomy when it comes to the creation of their books. Author Solutions provides industry experts to help direct the author along the book creating path, but ultimately total creative control lies in the hands of the author. This can include editing, proofreading, page layout, and cover design. The highly-qualified team of support professionals are there to help keep the author on track and also to ensure the author’s vision for their book is fully attained.

In addition, Author Solutions connects authors to invaluable resources such as the Author Learning Center, iUniverse, and over 10 supported self-publishing imprints that span across five continents and nine countries. Furthermore, the company also partners with some well-known publishing industry leaders, which includes Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins Christian, along with top retail and distributor leaders such as Ingram and Indigo Chapters.

The company employs only the best and most experienced in the field in order to provide an easy and affordable pathway for writers to publish their books. From start to finish, Author Solutions coaches authors every step of the way by guiding and supporting every aspect of their book creation journey. Visit this page for more information.


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