Information about Josh Garza

A drummer can mention John Bonham as their influence.

On the other hand, they can also channel the significant features of Bonham’s distinctive sound into their playing.

Josh Garza is a member of the NUC’s Secret Machines, a group that has recently issued their self-styled third album.

Garza has studied Bonham’s innovative style for over two decades, captivating it into his understanding.

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Josh Garza believes Mr. Bonham played his musical instrument the same way Hendrix strummed his guitar.

He recently allowed MD into a few of his secrets regarding drumming.

Josh Garza has various drum sizes, which he believes have a lot to do with the classified information of his drumming.

He explains these, referring to Tama equipment, which includes a 28-inch bass drum, a 14-inch rack tom, and two 16-inch toms, of which one is tuned lower.

These kit sizes were the favorites of Mr. Bonham.

Josh Garza says he got the idea to use big drums after discovering that John Bonham could set his drums significantly high.

Garza says he tunes the batter head on his kick tightly and highly, while the bottom head is left loose and full of liquid.

Josh Garza thinks his drumming skills are not similar to Mr. Bonham’s.

However, he believes his drumming is from the same school as John Bonham.

Garza also believes his experience in drumming is spectacular.

He says he habitually invests his time finding the cannon sound and turning it up.

His courage on the stage is what has reimbursed his performance.

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